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What’s Your Spiritual Type?

The quiz is meant to help you learn about yourself, see how you compare with others, and have a little fun. Select the answer that is most nearly true for you.

  1. At the beach, you’d be more likely to:

    rent a surfboard and take surfing lessons from a probuy an inexpensive boogie board at the surf shop and invite all your friends to play in the waves with youround up a bunch of kids and teach them how to body surfswim out beyond the breakers and float in the gentle, just-forming waves

  2. Your idea of a good meeting is one that:

    includes plenty of time for networking with other people therethere are no good meetingsstarts on time and covers everything on the publicized agendaends with a concrete plan of action

  3. Which best describes what you like most about school?

    learning about people who have made a difference in the worldthe interaction with teachers and other studentsa chance to understand yourself more clearlythe intellectual challenge

  4. Your ideal day with friends would include:

    time to sit quietly and talka full schedule of planned activitiesworking together on a community projectspontaneously deciding on something fun to do

  5. Which of these careers appeal most to you?

    college professorcommunity activistcruise ship social directorweb page designer

  6. If lost in a jungle, your first impulse would be to:

    be still until you sensed which way to goyell for othersstudy the maptake out your machete and start hacking

  7. Which comes most naturally to you?


  8. During a storm, a huge tree is blown over and smashes down onto your car. You:

    warn your neighbors to move their cars away from other large trees in the neighborhoodthink of how you could have known the tree was weakenedenvision what your new car will look likehug your family or friends and cry

  9. You’re in the 10-items-or-less express lane at the grocery store, when you notice the person ahead of you has at least 50 items in his cart. You are most likely to:

    tap him on the shoulder and gently suggest he move to another lanesee it as an opportunity to browse the magazines in the checkout rackturn to the person in line behind you and start a conversationcheck the other lanes and mentally calculate if it will be quicker to move to one of them

  10. The song title that best describes you is:

    Oh Happy DayAlone Again (Naturally)Ain’t Misbehavin’If I Had a Hammer

  11. You got a new job and you need some wheels pronto. The most important feature you’ll look for in a car is:

    reliabilitycolordesignfuel efficiency

  12. You’ve just met the love of your life. To show them how you feel about them, you surprise him or her with:

    a balloon bouquettickets to a concert that benefits a worthy causea long handwritten letterhomemade dinner by candlelight

  13. Your favorite spot to eat out is most likely:

    an inexpensive natural foods cafea quiet and cozy little bistroan award-winning international cuisine restauranta trendy and crowded bar & grill

  14. The best part of a church service for you is the:

    quietministry reports from the fieldsermonmusic

  15. The Peanuts character you most identify with is:

    joyful Snoopychange-agent Lucysearching Charlie Brownanalytical Linus


Do not fill in this field

Praying before and during a test can help overcome test anxiety. Test anxiety affects everyone depending on how much pressure is felt to make a good grade. Test anxiety can range from mild to severe. When test anxiety is severe, studies show that students receive scores lower than those of other students who do not feel nervous, physically ill or distracted during a test. Test anxiety can occur in school, in college or in the work place.

Here is a prayer for you that can be prayed before the test and also has short, one-sentence prayers that can be prayed during the test to help you feel calmer and more focused.

Test Anxiety Prayer Using Scriptures  

Repeat the following Scripture to begin the prayer:

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Psalm 139:23 NIV

Lord, I thank you that you know my heart and my thoughts. I thank you that you are the Good Teacher and that You do not need to test me in high pressure situations where I’m nervous about whether I’ll be able to perform well. Instead you know my true talents, my character and my capabilities. You know the hours of study I have put in and you know how well I understand the material for the upcoming test. It comforts me that you know my anxious thoughts and take them into account. I open myself up to you and your complete knowledge of everything I think and worry about.

I pray that during the test if I begin to feel anxious that you will remind me to pray, “Lord, you know my thoughts and my true capabilities.”

As I pray this with confidence, I will do it based on the truth you tell me in the Bible about how well you know my thoughts:

“You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.” Psalm 139:2

I pray that if during the test of my mind seems to go blank that you will remind me to pray: “Lord, remind me of everything I need to remember.”

As I pray this with confidence, I will do it based on the truth you tell me in the Bible about your ability to remind me of all things:

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” John 14:26 NIV

I pray that if during the test I begin experiencing physical symptoms of nerves like a headache or feeling sweaty and anxious that you will remind me to pray: “Lord, heal all of my diseases.”

As I pray this with confidence, I will do it based on the truth you tell me in the Bible about your ability to heal my body.

“God forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.” Psalm 103:3 NIV

I pray that if during the test I become so wrapped up in distractions either inside my head or outside as I watch the clock or compare myself to other students who seem to be breezing through the test that you will remind me to pray, “Lord, keep my mind on track.”

As I pray this with confidence, I will do it based on the truth you tell me in the Bible about your ability to help us keep our minds focused.

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3

I pray that if I get a test result back where test anxiety caused me to make a grade that doesn’t reflect my mastery and knowledge of the subject, I pray that you will give me the courage and wisdom as to whether to speak with my teacher, professor or supervisor about the problems I experienced. Please guide me whether to ask for advice on earning extra credit or getting help on study habits or test taking skills and strategies. I will pray, “Lord, show me how to recover and be restored.”

As I pray this with confidence, I do it based on the truth that you are a God of second chances, based on what the Bible says about your ability to redeem and restore.

“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” I Peter 5:10

Most of all, I thank you that no matter what my hopes, dreams, challenges and fears are, the closer I become to you and the more I learn to depend on you, the more confident I will become that you are there with me in all stressful situations of my life.


Research on Test Anxiety behind this Prayer

This prayer covers what researchers term the 3 dimensions of test anxiety:

Worrying about failing the test

The actual physical sensations you might feel during the test that are symptoms of your anxiety (examples heart beating faster, palms sweating)

Distractions during the test that are often nervous habits that cause you to lose focus

Useful treatments include therapy that helps you overcome negative thought patterns that are interfering with your ability to perform well on tests. Also, there are classes and groups to help you become more confident in your study skills and testing skills.

Experts are currently looking into the problem of test anxiety and its causes. For instance, studies on the topic of math anxiety show nearly half of all Americans suffer from a feeling that they are not “good” at math. According to Jo Boaler, professor of mathematics education at Stanford University, this probably originates from the timed test drills in elementary school where you must quickly write down the answers to addition or multiplication problems. Educators are now discovering that this causes students to simply memorize facts without really understanding the concept of the mathematical principles. Understanding and appreciating these principles is crucial later on in higher math which is conceptual in nature. Making matters worse, brain researchers have also found that under pressure, memorized facts become blocked by the testing worries, causing the students to lose confidence in their abilities.

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