Prayer prior to surgery

Natalie Grant Asks for Prayer Prior to Unexpected Surgery

Grant will be canceling shows and appearances in late October and November   

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Sept. 21, 2017) – Natalie Grant will undergo surgery on October 10th to remove half of her thyroid, where two tumors have been found. As a result of the surgery, she will be canceling her shows and special appearances from mid October through the end of November to focus on recovery. Long known for her openness and transparency with her fans, Grant posted a personal video on social media, asking for prayer.

“These are more than just fans to me. I have an army of prayer warriors around the world who have rallied with me many times through the years, and I know this time will be no different,” says Grant.

The Celebrate Christmas tour with Danny Gokey is still planned to launch on November 30th and she is looking forward to performing on the 12 city tour after a full recovery.

Source: GMA


Prayer is an important part of many patients’ and physicians’ lives. There is little data in the literature regarding patients’ perception of prayer from or with their doctors.


To assess in a masked fashion patients’ impression of prayer’s role in a medical setting, and their perception of being offered and receiving prayer from their physician.


Confidential survey of 567 consecutive patients who were offered prayer by their physician before elective eye surgery.


Proportion of patients favoring physician-initiated prayer and weighted Likert responses to various positive and negative sentiments regarding their experience.


Survey response rate was 53% (300 patients). Ninety-six percent of patients identified themselves as Christian. At least 90% of Christian patients responded favorably toward their prayer experience to each Likert question. Among the non-Christian patients, the proportion of negative impressions to the prayer experience ranged from 0 to 25%.


Physician-initiated Christian-based prayer before surgery is well-received by a strong majority of Christian patients. Although the data are few, only a minority of non-Christians felt negatively regarding this experience.
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The rare disease has caused narrowing to her brain’s blood vessels, causing her to have these intense strokes, as well as leaving her partly paralyzed. Huckabee Sanders, the White House Press Secretary, expressed her support through prayer during this stressful time.

Sanders shared Sophia’s story by acknowledging her strength during this time and the need for prayers around the world as she went into her surgery. She also reported back to Sophia, words directly from President Trump, who gave his prayers and inspiration to the young lady. He encouraged her to keep fighting, keep her faith and always know that with God, all things are indeed possible.

Sanders also expressed a cute story from the little girl, saying Sophia mentioned she would like to receive 10,000 prayers from people, which is her concept of how many people there are out there. The story touched so many. Sanders was happy to share with Sophia that not just 10,000 people were praying for her, but millions!

Sophia had the successful surgery at the Boston Children’s Hospital with intent to manage her condition.

U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington was overwhelmed by the response of commenters on a webpage he made for prayers for the young girl. He wanted people to know that a response like this, full of love, is a true testament to what God can do and the degree of power that prayer has.

Are you joining in prayer and support for Sophia? Share your stories, thoughts, and hopes, with the Patient Worthy community!

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