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It’s only fitting for the prayer journal girl to share with you her big prayers for a book launch right? Here’s what I’ve been lifting up over the last 18 months or so:

1. I pray the Lord would make me a vessel and empty me of my own words. I pray this before each podcast interview I’ve had the privilege of recording.

2. I pray for God to surprise me and work outside of my box. We always have our own little vision of what would be considered amazing or successful, but I just want to release my grip on what God could do knowing He is all-knowing, cares about me and has the best possible plan.

3. For our sweet launch team members! These gals rallied behind me. I wanted to pray first for their transformation instead of just expecting them to serve me to spread this message.

4. Endorsements. I prayed the Lord would direct us to the right people that would put their stamp of approval on this book. That is no small thing and I take it seriously and am so grateful for how the Lord provided.

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The gift of spiritual motherhood is one of God’s greatest gifts to women. Discover how you can enter more deeply into this charism which supports and strengthens the hearts of countless priests:

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    Motherhood is not only about taking care of the children and the household physically, but also of taking much care of the children spiritually. Here is a prayer for the children’s spiritual growth, still from the booklet

, by The Harrison House Vision.

My Children’s Spiritual Growth

     I speak God’s Word over my children. I proclaim and confess that my children are strong in faith. God’s Word is working in their lives. They have pure hearts, and they could conduct their lives with honesty, purity, and integrity. They love God’s Word and desire to live honorable lives before Him.

     Favor surrounds them like a shield. They are sensitive to the holy Spirit, and they are quick to obey His voice. They are bold in their faith and want to share it with others.

     My children are growing strong spiritually, mentally, and physically. They have wisdom functioning in every area of their lives. They put God’s Word first and accept it as final authority in their lives. They are careful on what influences they allow in their lives. The eyes of their understanding are opened to the truth of God’s Word.

     They have godly discernment concerning the type of people they develop relationships with. They are not easily fooled or deceived and have godly wisdom beyond their years.

     They are individuals of character and principle. They are kind, loving, and giving towards others. They are not selfish or self-serving. They are quick to reach out to help others in need. They will develop into courageous, confident, and determined adults, ready to fulfill the plans that God has for them.


But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

John 14:26

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