Prayer for mending a broken relationship

by Sj (Dallas, Texas)

Father, God I come to you tonight whole heartedly. Firstly to thank you for all you have done this far. I thank you for the oppurtunity to meet this man ive fell in love with. Especially after all ive been thru. But things are0have changed between him and i, no more smiles, and the time we spend together is cold and lonley. Father I ask you to mend what was ruined today 11/11/12.

Mend both of our hearts and guve us full understanding of each other. Let him feel and know that I am what he needs and wants. God I want to thank you for that in advance. I ask you to place me in his heart. Place me in his mind. And place it in his soul.. Soften his heart so where i wont be so cold. Place it is his heart unconditional love for me. Let him call and fill this empty void that i have.

Father the argument we had, take that from his heart. Any feeliof negetivity that he holds towards me right now I pray that you soften his heart towards me. Allow him to fogivee for the things i said, as they were only said out of anger. Dear God, please let things be okay between him and i. Let him miss me lime i miss him. Bless us to unite.

And bless and heal every relationship on this prayer community that are going thr with that love. I just thank you God.. Your so worthy tobe praised. I also want to thank you for this journey with him and please allow it to become a forever journey with jp..

Thank You Heavenly Father,
You will will be done, Thank you

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