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  • ♱ Footprints in the Sand
    A beautiful prayer/poem about faith and perseverance.
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    A cornerstone of Christianity, “Our Father” is a meditation on forgiveness straight from the Bible.
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Your Daily Prayer

“May today be all that I need it to be. May the peace of God and the freshness
of the Holy Spirit rest in my thoughts, rule in my dreams and conquer all my
fears. May God manifest himself today in ways that I have never experienced.

May my joys be fulfilled, my dreams become closer and my prayers be
answered. I pray that my faith enters a new height, that my territory is enlarged
and that I make one step closer to my destiny. I pray for peace, health,
happiness and true and undying love for God.”

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I love You, Jesus. Help.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes
        from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. PSALM 121:1-2 NIV

I love You, Jesus, help was the first  five-word prayer I ever remember praying. I prayed it one night when I was at a loss for words, distressed over my lack of change and growth, struggling over the same things I’ve struggled with for years. Sometimes I loathe the sound of my own voice, praying the same stale prayers for change that aren’t guttural enough for follow-through. I’m a grown woman, for goodness’ sake, but some days I feel like a child. I say things I don’t want to say. I do things I don’t want to do. I behave poorly when I know better. I know all the calorie counts and still struggle to eat the right foods. My flesh is an albatross and daily I yearn to overcome it. So many things in my life have changed since I was a child, yet so many things have not.

We are a shared human race, so I know you feel my plight. We are a people of hoping, trying our best and lamenting our worst. We have great days and weeks and even some months and years…and then the crash comes, and we are left feeling that all the good we experienced was just a massive fluke. We struggle not to slip into skepticism. It’s tempting to worry away our days and fear ourselves into numbness. And in those real moments, it may be that all we can o er to God are five simple words:

I love You, Jesus. Help.
Those words may be small, but I believe that they are just the same as if they were a spoken novel of all the best heart alliterations, He hears them and responds with all fullness and tenderness of a Savior’s love. This simple prayer calls on heaven. It says to God that though our heart is full of love for Him, it is breaking over the frustrations the world is causing us.

This prayer is an abandoned prayer. It is a needy prayer. It is a sweet prayer from a helpless child to a Father fully in control.

Even in this moment as we struggle, we can lift our eyes to the God who loves us. We can lift our face to see Him in the dark, lift our voice to call out to Him for help. He is tender to
our struggle. He is ready to respond to the need.

I love You, Jesus. Help.

prayer help

Four Psalms to Pray for Help

When you don’t know what to pray, Scripture provides the words for you! Use these prayers from Psalms to guide your request for help from God. 

H – “Hear me Lord and answer me for I am poor and needy.” Psalm 86:1
The first step is to let God know that you need him and want His help.

E – “Establish my steps in your word.” Psalm 119:133
Second, ask God for His direction and for strength to stand firm in His promises.

L – “Let your compassion quickly meet our needs because we are on the brink of despair.” Psalm 79:8
We often need help because of our past choices and sin. Ask God to help you focus on his compassion and grace to lift you out of your despair and heart ache.  

P – “Protect me God because I take refuge in You. I say to the Lord, You are my Lord, apart from You I have nothing good.” Psalm 16:1

Whether it’s spiritual protection from Satan’s attacks or physical protection, we can come to God and ask Him to be our protector and provider. Seek refuge and lean on God, not your own strength or abilities. God promises to be your refuge if you will let Him! 

*H.E.L.P acronym excerpt from 4 Psalms to Pray When You Need God’s Help by Jennifer Rothschild

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Excerpted from Lisa’s new book 5-Word Prayers: Where to Start When You Don’t Know What to Say to God (Harvest House, October 3, 2017), author and Bible teacher Lisa Whittle reminds readers the strength of prayers lies in the heart’s intent, not the word count. Each entry in this forty-day devotional will provide a simple five-word prayer, a corresponding Bible verse, and thoughts to encourage.

Lisa Whittle is a leader, author and speaker with a heart and passion to communicate one thing: Jesus is everything. She is the author of six books, including her latest Put Your Warrior Boots On, and a sought out Bible teacher for her wit and bold, bottom line approach.  Her writing has appeared on, Charisma, ForEveryMom, and more. She is a wife and mother of three who currently resides in North Carolina. Visit her at

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Publication date: October 3, 2017

prayer help
Free Prayer Help: 
What is Prayer?
How to have Prayer Power! 

Whatever your goals and dreams are, you can do much more with God than without Him.  Jesus said, “with God all things are possible”.  The power of prayer has improved the lives of millions of people.  Prayer works!  Prayer brings blessings and miracles!

By praying, we are relying on God, and not ourselves.  We are telling God that our source is Him.  Prayer seeks help from God.  Humanism seeks to do things without God.  When we are willing to pray for everything, we are telling God that He is our source for everything.

God answers prayer!  When prayers go up, blessings come down.  Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you.”  God will give you your hopes, your dreams, and your needs – if you ask!  God created us to be able to talk to him.  We do not have to be perfect to pray.  God accepts us where we are at, and will help us move in His direction – teaching us to pray His word and agree with Him!

THE BIBLE – is the resource on prayer.  The Bible reveals God’s will and His promises for us!  The Bible has the solution to all problems.  It is important for us to read the Bible to be sure we are praying God’s will, and God’s solutions!

JESUS – is the teacher on prayer!  Jesus is our greatest example for having great Prayer habits and enormous Faith.  He reveals to us the secrets on how to tap into God’s power and get great results in prayer!  To get Miraculous results we must be connected with the Miraculous God!

The most powerful prayers come when we pray God’s word and His will.  God cannot do anything against His word.  Blessings overflow when we get in unity with God.  That is the secret.


Prayer in a simple definition = to talk to God

Being in UNION with God.  When we are one with Him, all of His power can flow through us, and do the miraculous.

PRAY  = G4336 προσεύχομαι  proseuchomai  (




God, that is, 


 – pray earnestly for, make prayer.  Most frequently used word for Prayer in the N.T.

                                Pros = direction of God

                                Euche = prayer to God with a vow

                                Euchomai = invocation, request, or entreaty

PRAYER  = H8605 תּפלּה    tephillâh  (tef-il-law’)  From H6419; intercession,supplication.  Occurs more than 75 times in the Old Testament (32 in Psalms).

PRAYED  = H6419פּלל           pâlal  (paw-lal’)  to intercede, pray: – intreat, make supplication.  Speaks of asking someone with more power and wisdom to intervene on behalf of the one praying. 

Our Goal is to keep ALL Prayers: 

Simple – Talk with God as a friend.  Nothing complicated or memorized.
Positive – Positive Prayers are faith-filled and line up with the Bible, Negative Prayers are fear-filled and do not line up with God’s Word.
Powerful – Filled with the anointing of God.  Affirm and confess what God says.
Proven – Backed up by God’s word – the most Powerful and Proven force in the Universe.  Learn to speak and pray God’s Bible Promises for your life!  Get Victory in every area of your life!

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