Prayer gives us strength

Family Blessing: Don’t pray for easy life, prayer for strength to overcome a difficult one.

prayer gives us strength

Wisdom is Found In Truth 

We all have weaknesses. There are areas of your life in which you need to grow. Your weakness should remind you of your need for God’s power in your life. God will empower those who are weak and admit their weakness.

Think about it for a moment. If God used only perfect people, nothing would get done because there are no perfect people on the planet. God empowers dysfunctional, weak, and ordinary people who loves Him.

3 Strongholds of a Spiritual Life: Adultery, Abuse, & Addiction

The Bible says that David was a man after God’s own heart. However, David had a dysfunctional family. David initiated an adulterous relationship with a married woman and then put a contract on her husband to have him killed to cover it up.

David’s son Absalom put a contract on his brother Amnon to have him killed because Amnon raped his own sister. What a dysfunctional family! And yet, God used David to lead his people. God loved David despite the awful choices he made. God loves you regardless of your performance.

Confession is Good for Your Soul

The first step in developing a healthy relationship with God is to admit your weaknesses. (He already knows anyhow) Try keeping it real and being honest with yourself. Pray for strength to overcome. Victory is in your future.

Pretending that you have it all together will develop a spirit of independence that says, “I don’t need anyone.” God wants to use your weakness not just your strength.  In your weakness, God’s power is made strong.

A Word From God: Though he stumble he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand. Psalm. 37:24

prayer gives us strength

Michael J. Vance is the co-host of a weekly podcast Better Husband Father Man a hub for all things parenting, marriage and self-improvement. He is a senior account executive  with Hundley Batts & Associates  Insurance Agency and the co-founder of  Ardella Vance volunteers her time, talents, and financial resources to causes she is passionate about. She is a gifted educator and a Master Guide in the Pathfinders  Club, a global organization empowered to teach life and leadership skills to young people.  The Vance’s have been married well over 30 years and share their lives with four adult children and seven grandchildren. They currently reside in Huntsville, Alabama and blog from their 30-day spiritual guide ”Family Prayer
prayer gives us strength

“Prayer Gives Us Strength For Great Ideals, For Keeping Up Our Faith, Charity, Purity, Generosity; Prayer Gives Us Strength To Rise Up From Indifference And Guilt, If We Have Had The Misfortune To Give In To Temptation And Weakness. Prayer Gives Us Light By Which To See And To Judge From God’s Perspective And From Eternity. That Is Why You Must Not Give Up On Praying!”
— Pope John Paul II —

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