Prayer for the company and employees

Prayer for the Company

Father, I pray for ____________________ today. I thank You for this organization and for the opportunity to be a part of it. I am grateful for the chance to earn the income this firm provides for me and my family and for the blessing that it has been to me and all its employees.
Father, I thank You that ____________________ enjoys a good reputation, that it is seen well in the minds of its customers and vendors. Thank You that it prospers and makes a profit, that You give it favor with its clients, that You continue to provide wisdom and insight to those within it who occupy important decision-making positions.
It is my prayer that _____________ will continue to thrive and prosper. Thank You for increased sales and expanded markets.
Thank You, Father, for the creativity that is evident in the different areas of the company—new product ideas and new servicing concepts—innovations and techniques that keep this organization vibrant, alive and thriving.
I ask You, Lord, to bless it and to cause it to be a blessing to the market it serves, as well as to all those whose lives are invested in it on a daily basis.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Scripture References:
1 Timothy 2:1-3 Proverbs 3:21
3 John 2 Psalm 115:14
Joshua 1:8 Proverbs 8:12
Psalm 5:12 Malachi 3:12 AMP
Proverbs 2:7 Hebrews 6:14

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If your boss’s or colleague’s birthday is drawing nearer and you just don’t have the right kind of words for them, these well-written professional birthday wishes are just what you need. Any of the excellently crafted wishes on this page has the power to leave beautiful memories on the minds of the birthday recipient and spice up their celebration in no small way!

Choose any of the birthday wishes below from the various categories to either praise or inspire the birthday celebrant (your boss or colleague) or crack their ribs with laughter. The choice is yours!

Praising Birthday Wishes for your Boss

  • I take a lot of pride in working under an incredible leader like you. You are best at being a boss all year round. Happy birthday.
  • It is not common to have a boss who doubles as a friend. Your nature makes you an outstanding boss, and I respect and admire you for who you are. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the boss who thinks about the welfare of his employees more than what the company should achieve. You are a rare gem.
  • It is not easy being a boss, but you do it real good. Happy birthday.
  • If wishes were flowers I would pluck a thousand for a wonderful boss like you. May your birthday bring you success and prosperity in life.
  • Behind the strict character is a sweet and accommodating personality of a boss. As you celebrate this milestone, I want you to know that you are the best thing that ever happened to my career. Happy birthday.
  • You are a leader of courage and vision. We owe our success to your astute directives. Happy birthday to my wonderful boss.
  • Bosses are supposed to be harsh and arrogant but you are just the opposite of that. You are a true blessing to our profession. Happy birthday.
  • It astounds me how despite all your authority and success, you are still the most down to earth person I have ever known. You never get carried away by the title boss. You are such an inspiration to everyone here at work. Happy birthday, boss. May your amazing life continue to inspire us all.

Happy Birthday to you.

Witty Birthday Wishes for your Boss

  • Today the tables will turn in our favor as we will be the ones giving the orders. How about having a great birthday for a start.
  • Happy birthday, boss. May you experience an increase in everything this year, and that includes our salary.
  • For a boss who always wants the best from employees, I dare not settle for anything less than an awesome birthday wish. Happy birthday.
  • Today you will be relegated to a 5 year old kid eating cakes and singing nursery rhymes. Happy birthday to the best boss ever.
  • Today is a special day, boss, because it is the only day of the year that I can come to work late without reproach. Happy birthday.
  • Even on your birthday, no one around here wants to be late in presenting their gifts. Such is what we get from our punctual boss. Happy birthday.
  • Today, is your Big Day, boss, and by God, you shall dance. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For a Colleague

  • I couldn’t get a single birthday card that was enough to express what I feel about you, so I borrowed the words I received from you on my birthday. Happy birthday.
  • Today, I will spare you from the arguments and hot morning debates. For once you’ve won. Savor this 24 hour victory. Happy birthday.
  • It is your birthday, and I hope we don’t set the workplace ablaze with the many candles on your birthday cake. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I checked my history today and there are a lot of celebrities born on your birthday but unfortunately for you, you are just an ordinary person whom I work with. Happy birthday.
  • The only reason I hate your birthdays is that I always end up the whole day with an empty pocket. Happy birthday to a great colleague of mine.
  • Happy birthday to my dear colleague. If you agree to share your birthday cake and presents with me, I promise not to tell anyone here at work your real age.
  • As you celebrate your birthday, I pray that your birthday cake have enough space to hold the multitude of candles planted on it.

    Singing “Happy Birthday” to you is the most work I’ve done all week.

    • Our bond is so strong that not even a divisive expert like Donald Trump can separate us. Happy birthday, my dearest colleague and friend.
    • I can’t believe it’s your birthday again! My attempts to keep you young have been nothing but a total lost cause. I give up. By the way, where is the birthday jamboree taking place?
    • Happy birthday! May God make your life GREAT AGAIN!
    • Another birthday, another reason to hate the mirror. Happy birthday.
    • Wishing you a fabulous birthday celebration. May you focus more on counting the blessings in your life instead of your body wrinkles.
    • Happy birthday to a person who has been blessed with a wonderful colleague like me.
    • In commemoration of your birthday, I bought you a very useful gift – a nice set of false teeth.
    • If ever you find yourself feeling down about your new age, you should take solace in the fact that most people your age are dead. Happy birthday.
    • As you mourn the loss of your youthful and energetic years, don’t worry, for walking sticks are still available for sale on the market. Have a great one, Old Timer.
    • Some colleagues bring joy to the office with their presence, whereas others bring joy with their absence. Thank you for not being that colleague who brings joy to the office when they leave. Happy birthday.
    • In addition to pay day and closing time, you are one of the few things that are bearable about work. Happy birthday.
    • May your wages keep getting fatter and your body thinner. Enjoy your Big Day.
    • You are my favorite colleague. Shh! Don’t tell anyone in the office I said that! Happy birthday.
    • May your career keep developing faster than North Korea’s nuclear development. I hope you have a big blast on your Big Day!

    Formal Birthday Wishes For a Colleague

    • In all my days at work, you were a source of motivation to every success I chalked. Thank you very much. Happy birthday.
    • Not many people are lucky to have a helpful and selfless colleague like you. You have been of immense support towards what I have become in my career. Happy birthday.
    • I love my work not because of the salary but because I get to share great ideas with an incredible colleague like you. To success and prosperity. Happy birthday to you.
    • I thank my lucky stars for bringing me to this company. How else would I have met a wonderful colleague like you?! I am so privileged to be called your colleague. Have a wonderful birthday.
    • It is my wish that you receive double of whatever you have lost for the company and me. God bless you for your selfless heart. Happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday to a great colleague. Your knack for success is one of the most admirable traits of yours that set you apart from peers. It is a privilege working with you.
    • You are a wonderful colleague, my dear. As you celebrate a new age, I pray that you live a long and exciting life. Happy birthday.

    Happy Birthday.

    • Happy birthday to a remarkable colleague who has an incredible way of making the office an exciting place for everyone. I hope every day of your life is as beautiful as your heart.
    • Happiness is working with a wonderful colleague like you. Happy birthday.
    • You are an awesome colleague, who not only inspires me, but also makes work an enjoyable experience for me. I ask for God’s blessings in your life today and forever. Happy birthday.
    • Today is a perfect day to let you know how much of a blessing working with you is to me. On your special day, may your life be shaped in accordance with your wishes. Happy birthday.
    • Having a colleague like you makes coming to work worth it. May you leave a rich, healthy, rewarding and happy life. Happy birthday.
    • May your special day mark the beginning of a life filled with good health, peace and serenity. Happy birthday.
    • Wishing a wonderful birthday celebration to a dear colleague who is very close to my heart. May you live a life of contentment and fulfillment.
    • Monday morning blues are now a thing of the past because I have a wonderful colleague like you at work. Happy birthday.
    • Happy birthday, dear colleague. My wish for you on this special day of yours is that you enjoy an infinitely happy and successful life.
    • Thank you for being just a wonderful co-worker and an awesome friend who I can confide in. Enjoy your birthday to max, my dear!
    • Dear colleague, I hope this year is one of your most rewarding and successful years ever. Happy birthday.

    Birthday Messages For Your Secretary

    • Your birthday is an excellent opportunity for me to let you know that you are treasured and appreciated. May this special day launch the beginning of happiness and dreams come true in your life. Have a great one.
    • Thank you for being an invaluable companion to me in the office. Without your presence, I don’t think I would be able to successfully run this business. Happy birthday.
    • As your boss, I always get the credit for holding this office together, but in actual fact you, my secretary, are primary responsible for that. I can’t think of a better time to say thank you than on your birthday.
    • Your professionalism and organization abilities are impeccable.  Thank you for being a miracle worker in this establishment. Without you everything around here would crumble. Happy birthday, my dear.
    • You are loyal, trustworthy, efficient, dedicated and competent, to name but a few. I’m so blessed to have such an outstanding secretary like you. To me, you are the most priceless asset of this establishment. Happy birthday.
    • There a number of things that put a smile on my face at work, and you, my wonderful secretary, happen to be one of them. God bless you.
    • You are worth a fortune to me and I appreciate everything you do for me and this business at large. Happy birthday.

    Warm and Praising Greetings For an Employee of Yours

    • This is to tell you that every good thing you have done since your arrival in the company hasn’t gone unseen. I am proud to have a one in a million employee like you. Happy birthday.
    • Thank you for your dedication at work. You have taken the company as your own and placed its interest above yours. People like you are as rare to come across like priceless jewels are. Happy birthday.
    • You are a dedicated employee and a very hardworking person who deserves much more than a salary increment and a promotion. I am so privileged to have gotten the opportunity to be your employer. Your legacy will forever live on in this company. Happy birthday.
    • Everyone here at work speaks well of you thanks to your positive attitude towards work. I really admire that a lot. Keep up the good work. Happy birthday.
    • I am always humbled by your extraordinary dedication towards work. Keep up the good job, and I can assure you that success shall always come knocking on your door. Happy birthday.
    • Wherever the company’s success is mentioned, your name will be on the lips of many who are witnesses to the role you play in this company. Happy birthday.
    • Over the years, you have proven to be one of the pillars of this company. It survives through your ingenuity, and I have no regrets ever choosing to work with you. Happy birthday.

    Happy Birthday. May this day bring success and prosperity in your life.

    • Happy birthday to a valued employee whose hard work has contributed in bringing this business the success it is enjoying today. May your life know only happiness and prosperity. Have a great one.
    • On behalf of the company, I want to use your birthday as an opportunity to thank you for your massive contribution towards the financial independence of this business. I wish you a happy and exciting life.
    • You are the kind of employee that every company wants, which is why we are so fortunate to have you with us. Happy birthday.
    • One of the major reasons why this company keeps achieving its goals on a regular basis is because of the selflessness and dedication of an amazing employee like you. Happy birthday.
    • You are one of the most efficient and competent employees I have ever had. I hope that someday I’d be able to repay you for your outstanding efforts in transforming this business into its current enviable status. Happy birthday, and God bless you.
    • This company would have been in shambles had it not been for your presence. We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us.  On your special day, we want you to know how much of a great honor it has been working with you all these years. Happy birthday.
    • This is definitely a special day as it is the birthday of one of our most distinguished employees. May your Big Day bring you more happiness than your heart can contain.
    • We hope and pray that we never have to part ways with an employee like you because you are very special to us. You are one of the most important assets this company has ever had. Happy birthday.
    • You are not just an ordinary employee, you are one of the pillars that this company stands on. In your absence, the business will collapse. Wishing you a very happy and memorable birthday.

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