Prayer for son in jail

by Martha Salazar (Florida)

With faith, I pray to you my Lord Jesus Christ please help Luis Jovany Severino get out of jail and release him of all his legal issues but most importantly God please lead him to the right path. Please help him be released for the better! Always bless and protect him so he will never be in this situation again. I know you love him and forgive him so I pray that all those mistakes are over and never repeated. Please Father God I pray that he seeks and desire you and only you my Lord and put you above everything. The bible says ask and you shall receive so I Pray that Luis Jovany Severino be set free, released from jail and defeats each and every case formed against him. May Luis Jovany Severino come to acknowledge you, Jesus as his Lord and Savior so he can start a new prosperous life and to always seek you Lord and put you first and above everything. Father God, I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ.

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by Marge (Phila Ps)

Dear Lord, In the name of Jesus, Please keep my son covered and please hear his cry to come home. Please forgive those who have caused this pain and help him to forgive himself. Keep thoughts of peace flowing through his mind and give him strength to endure each day that he is in jail. Let him know that he is loved and wanted and has not been forgotten. Grant him mercy and show him your loving kindness. Let him know Lord that you are there for him and that he just has to call on you for your help and guidance. And lastly Lord let justice be done and served to those who caused this pain. Let the truth be exposed and those who are not guilty be set free. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer in the precious name of Jesus.


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