Prayer for my son to get a job

by Veronica (San Antonio,Texas)

God, please help my son find a job! My son just got out of jail, and having a hard time getting a job with felony and on probation. He only 20 years and accused of something that happen when he was 14, that he didn’t do, but we has parents and to make the right decision for him.

He could of did prison time, i couldn’t put my son life in the hand the court. When the system is very unfair, esp. when their no evident just hear say. please God hear my prayer, help him not to give up on life. Especially when his father punch him four time in the face and kick him out of the house, knowing the situation our son in at this time.Guide him in the right direction,not to lose faith in the lord of mighty,Easy him pain, rest him mind, and to think positive.

Thank you for always being their to listen to me!!!!!

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