Prayer for financial stability

With God, All things are Possible

When times for me were good I have always helped others often to many times to my own detriment, but always felt family and friends needed it more. In my times of great need like now i have never found any help.

I find myself wondering if I can do better than working three jobs and picking up extra weekend odd jobs toting my four year old everywhere. Last week I found out I was losing my job and my apartment.

 The Lord has grown me enough that the anxiety and fear of this current information has not overcome me. Rather I feel total peace.

We are asking God for a miracle and to him that is nothing big! He really does love and care for each one of his precious sheep. The victory of our life is total surrender to the king! Hallelujah! God bless you all and remember that God sees and understands all… even our Crisis are not too big for him!

Thank you,


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