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Prayer for healthy pregnancy

Are you believing for a child but have problems with conception or miscarriage? Expect your miracle because God wants to give you one! I know the pain and heartache of losing a baby to miscarriage. This is my testimony and a prayer at the bottom.

About 6 months before my husband and I got together, all of a sudden my hormones began to drastically change. I had a friend who knew of my longing and desire to find a husband and she laughingly said, “God is preparing you to have another baby!” at which I said “that will never happen!” And I meant it. I was closer to 40 than I wanted to be and it just didn’t seem to be in the plans for the future. At least not the way I had thought! 

Lo and behold, guess what happened? My second child was born in 2004. There was 19 years difference between my oldest and my baby. She has always been deeply loved and  blessing from the Lord. A couple years later, we were not thinking of having any more kids. This time, I had a different friend come up to me and tell me I was going to have another baby. Again I laughed. She was serious! A few weeks later we went away to a pastoral conference. During the weekend we were encouraged to listen for the Lord and believe for Him to tell us what exactly we needed to ask for. So I asked. Three times I heard the Lord say, “Ask me for your Joshua.” I about stumbled over that one. I wasn’t sure I wanted to ask, sensing it might mean another child. I didn’t know if I wanted to have another child, but I was willing. My husband and I went back to the room to pray and we asked God if having another child was His will. Then we asked Him to give us the child He had for us if that was what ‘asking for our Joshua’ meant. Two days later, I went home and took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant.

All of a sudden, I was overjoyed at the thought of this pregnancy and it awakened a longing for a child I didn’t even know existed within me. One week after I felt the baby move for the first time, I miscarried. On the way to the hospital, the Lord told me it had been an attack by the enemy. He spoke peace to me. In the E.R., he told me this was my testimony and to trust Him, so I did. No matter what the doctors reported, I believed in faith because of what I had heard from God. During the time I was cramping and bleeding, I heard the Lord ask me if I would surrender my right to be healed. I couldn’t imagine why He would ask me that. I thought maybe it was an Abraham kind of test, you know…like if I said yes to my Isaac he would give him back. I surrendered, and I meant it. After all, I was laying there miscarrying so what could I do to stop it? And He allowed me to lose that baby. I felt cheated. I was so devastated. I felt like God set me up to believe and then yanked it out of my grasp. I was so angry and hurt all I could do was grieve. I was raging with anger towards God and felt like I was losing my mind. The torment was incredible. I finally cried out for God to please fight the enemy for me. Clear as a bell, I heard, “You fight him. And next time, watch your blind spot.”

That was like a slap in the face. I guess I needed that. God wasn’t joking, but neither was the enemy. He meant to take me out of the game permanently. Instantly I stopped crying and repented for my anger. I submitted to God then stood on the principle of James 4:7 and resisted the enemy.He left immediately and I got my peace back, but then I needed to figure out what God meant by telling me to watch my blind spots. I had forgotten that about 6 weeks earlier we had taught a weekend seminar on deliverance and uncovered a lot about the Jezebel assignment of witchcraft. What I did not understand at the time we did that is that the enemy saw an open door through generational sin and had a legal right to strike out in retaliation. That’s another long story but you can find out more by clicking on the link on the home page that deals with generational curses.

After the miscarriage, we went away for a weekend to regroup. We went to a prophetic church and during that weekend my husband told me he heard the Lord say to believe against all odds. The doctors had told me that with advanced age and my hormone deficiencies I would not get pregnant again. At best, all they could recommend was very costly fertility treatments and even then the odds were not in my favor. Talk about against all odds. We had to stand on faith alone and trust God. He put us in a place of having to believe God for the miracle. I went up to get prayed for and told them I was believing for a healthy baby. The prophet told me ‘this time next year’ I would have a baby, and he was right.

I found a website with many prayers against infertility and birth defects and began to declare the word of God over my womb. The first month passed…then the second…I grew impatient and began to plead with God because I felt like it would never happen. Then my husband went to the store and came back with a little blue baby outfit. He said faith without works is dead, and we needed a visual reminder that God was true to His promises. Then we sat down to worship and my husband began to call for his child out of heaven and to be put in my womb. He called him by name (we had decided on Jace, which has almost an identical meaning as Joshua). And so my husband called those things that “were not” as though they were, and the next month I was pregnant. This time around, we went back to the doctor earlier and again we got precautions not to set our hopes on the pregnancy making it. They wanted us to be reasonable but I kept telling the doctor God would provide. By the time I got to 36 weeks, the doctor said, “Well, you made it. I didn’t think you would, but it looks like everything is going to be fine.” No doctor intervention. No fertility treatments. Just God. My son was a whopping 9 lbs. 5 oz. at birth. I was 42 and my husband 49. If you want children, don’t let anything stop you. Sometimes God just waits until a couple are both in agreement; sometimes there are other factors, but my children and proof positive that all things are possible with God. It doesn’t have to take thousands of dollars in fertility treatments if you put your trust in Him. There is nothing stopping you. He just has to get our faith and belief adjusted so that doubts are not hindering our prayers.

Oh…and by the way…that “Joshua” the Lord told us to ask for was also granted. God gave us a double blessing. The meaning behind asking for “Joshua” was strategies to outwit the enemy. Joshua in the Bible was a military strategist, and that is what God gave me. I had to be broken in order to be filled with more of Him, and though I didn’t understand it all at the time, God gave me the most awesome gift. Immediately after the miscarriage I started to have dreams where I could see and understand the enemy’s plans and know exactly what his intentions were. Pretty cool, huh? Revenge is sweet!

Father God,
I thank you that children are a blessing from the Lord. I stand before You today and declare YOU are faithful. I will enjoy the blessing of children for you have given me your promises.

Your word declares in Psalm 127:3 that the fruit of the womb is a reward and Psalm 128:3 also promises that I will have children that flourish like young olive plants in my home. I declare the blessing of Prov. 31 over myself and my womb, that the day will come when my husband and my children will rise up and call me blessed.

I declare according to Your promise in Exodus 23:26 that because I love you and serve You and worship You, O God, You will bless my provision; you will take sickness away from me and I will NOT suffer miscarriage or be barren. I will fulfill the number of my days, in Jesus name.

Father, I remind You of Your promise in Malachi chapter 3. I tithe and am a giver, Lord, and because of that, You have promised to rebuke the devourer for my sake. You promised that the devourer would not destroy the fruit of my ground and You said my vine would not fail to bear fruit in the field (vs. 11) so I thank You for fruitfulness to come forth from my womb and that the devourer is rebuked in Jesus name.

Lord, You also said in Job 22:28 that I would declare a thing and it would be established for me so that light would shine on my ways. I make this declaration now and ask You to establish this for me.

I declare the decree that I will not miscarry according to Your promise in Exodus 23:26.

I declare that my body is now and will continue to produce abundant levels of all hormones necessary to maintain a normal, healthy birth. I declare my progesterone levels are increasing exponentially daily and will continue to do so throughout my pregnancy.

I declare that I will bring forth a healthy child out of my womb. I call for my children to come forth out of heaven and into my womb. I speak life into my uterus. I break the power of every negative word over my body, my family, my future, and children yet to come.  I declare I will not experience placenta previa, leaking of amniotic fluid, premature miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, abnormal bleeding or any other complications. I declare that you have an appointed time for childbirth and I will not give birth before that appointed time. I declare that the placenta will adhere normally and be of correct size and in the right position to support a healthy pregnancy. I declare the fetus will implant in the right place and be securely attached to the uterine wall. I declare that all cells will divide normally and each cell will produce healing and perfect soundness as it forms new life inside of me.  I will not experience ectopic pregnancy, congenital defects, inherited disease or other abnormalities. If it is not allowed in heaven, I do not receive it. There is no disease in heaven, Father. I resist those things and declare all possible inherited generational curses broken now in Jesus name. Father, please forgive anyone in our family line that may have neglected to ask Your forgiveness for their sins. Forgive, I pray, sins of broken covenants, broken trust, idolatry, rebellion and any ungodly covenants that may have been made. Let them be broken now in Jesus name. Please forgive any inherited generational iniquitous sin and let the blood of Jesus be applied to those sins. I declare that I am a new creation in Christ and there is life in the blood. I thank You, Lord Jesus, that Your DNA flows through me to make me whole and complete in every way. I thank You for your Holy Spirit that is full of life, strength and power. Let the perfect soundness and wholeness that is in Your Spirit flow through me and release healing throughout my body. I declare no curse will pass through the blood of Christ. I submit to Your Lordship in my life and I resist the power of evil. I refuse it and declare it will not come near me. Father, I ask for a double portion of restoration. I thank You Father for continuing to show me how to pray specifically as I believe for a healthy pregnancy. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Pregnancy prayers, Hindu prayers, mantras and slokas to conceive a child and for safe pregnancy.

Muslim pregnancy prayers prayer infertile couple, Infertility can be the most frustrating thing for a couple.

Daily prayers – warfare prayers, Daily prayers from scriptures use the scriptures as prayer, it is truth that will set you free!!! Muslim pregnancy prayers – prayer for the infertile couple – Infertility can be the most frustrating thing for a couple.

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Ever since my little brother was born when I was 8 years old, I knew I wanted to be a mother.

Reflection: Studies have shown that those who aborted their first pregnancy were four times more likely to engage in subsequent drug or alcohol abuse than those who never had an abortion.

16 samskaras ( rites ) that Rishi Veda Vyas propounded are considered the most important rites of passage in a Hindu’s life are as follows.

Punswana is the fertilization ritual performed on the third month of pregnancy asking for life and safety of the fetus. Seemantonnayana ritual is observed in the penultimate month of pregnancy for safe and assured delivery of the baby.

Niskramana is the act of taking the four-month-old child out for the first time into the open to sunbathe. Annaprashana is the elaborate ceremony conducted when the child is fed cereal for the first time at the age of six months. Chudakarma or Keshanta karma is the ceremonious tonsuring of the head and Lord Brahma or Prajapati is prayed and offerings made to him. Upanayana aka thread ceremony is the investiture ceremony of the sacred thread where Brahmin boys are adorned with a sacred thread hung from one shoulder and passed around their front and back. Awasthyadhana or Vivahagni Parigraha is a ceremony where the marrying couple encircles the sacred fire seven times. Antyeshti is the final rite of passage or Hindu funeral rites that is performed after death. There are many priest ( pandit ) in mathura, who are well versed in performing the above ritual and rites according to vedic customs.

prayer for healthy pregnancy

Dear Saint Gerard Majella, I want to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to God for the safe delivery of my twin babies, a girl and a boy, and for good health for my babies and me all through the period of my pregnancy and even after delivery. My deepest gratitude to Saint Gerard, for my daughter just celebrated her first birthday on October 19th.

God is so great and gave us Baby Gerard Castiel (named after Saint Gerard Majella) who was born on December 3, 2015 at exactly 3:13 pm, with a healthy weight of almost 8 lbs. I am happy to announce that I have already given birth to my daughter named Maria Georgina Antonette via normal delivery, with just a little less than one hour of labor. We seek your blessing, especially for all mothers, mothers-to-be and those longing to be mothers.

Sometimes this behavior is aimed at dulling the pain abortion brings, or it is done because the mother feels unworthy of living any more, unworthy of being protected, safe, and healthy.

They mark the important stages of one’s life and enable one to live a fulfilling life complete with happiness and contentment. In ancient times, boys were sent to live with their gurus in a ‘gurugriha’ or hermitage to study. After marriage, the individual enters the life of a ‘grihastha’ or conjugal life – the life of a householder. Now, I just want to offer a thanksgiving because I gave birth to healthy baby girl last October 20th.

Gerard for my safe delivery last October and for my son’s good health after being diagnosed with pneumonia when I gave birth to him. Here are pictures of my baby, Zachary (his name means God Remembered), whom I delivered last September 27th. Our baby was born early on October 22, 2015 at 37 weeks, 4 days, but she is happy and healthy! Gerard Majella, for your intercession and the safe delivery of our first great grandchild, Killian Liam.

Gerard, on this day when we recall how you ultimately surrendered your entire life completely to God and commemorate your entrance into our heavenly home, we celebrate your feast, your definitive passage through death to the fullness of life.

Please intercede and obtain for all mothers the graces they most need at this moment, to persevere in living their motherly vocation, with loving arms and hearts, patient love, quiet joy and undying hope. We want to share a sample of these messages here because they inspire three things we all desperately need: faith, hope and love.

We found out we conceived on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, after praying a Novena to St. As a woman who took seven years to conceive, I continuously pray for those who seek to have a baby. It was very painful for my husband and me to leave our son in NICU because he needed to be monitored closely and for his pediatrician to help treat his pneumonia.

Thank you for supporting my pregnancy with your prayers and kind words whenever I asked for your help and prayers. Gerard Majella and the other saints I prayed with, I would like to give thanks to you for being able to deliver safely a healthy, full-term baby girl. I had a rough pregnancy because I had a low lying placenta, so I prayed for you to help me. I pray that God who has blessed me with these bundles of joy will also bless all those who seek the fruit of the womb with healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries. Thank you Saint Gerard Majella for praying for us and, indeed in Jesus’ name and will, everything is possible. When I had my last ultrasound, my doctor told me my placenta had migrated upward and that I would have a normal delivery.

Prayers are always a wonderful thing and our little pumpkin will greatly appreciate everyone’s well wishes. But as long as I live, together with my family, we will be a living testimony to the power of prayers. His newborn screening test returned positive for CAH, but repeat tests proved it negative afterwards.

I believe it was God affirming to me that my baby would be safe when I received my certificate of membership in the League of St. I joined this Facebook group when I miscarried with my first baby and it has brought me comfort and strength, and now I have little Zachary with me!


*may be triggering*

I have been away for some time to process the recent events of this pregnancy. We have been diagnosed as a Threatened Miscarriage for hemorrhaging, passing large clots of tissue and blood, as well as an “unstable fetal heart rate”. We found out at 13 weeks 5 days that 1. baby has a 1:47 chance of Down Syndrome (of course we will love baby no matter what!) 2. we are having a BOY!

Unfortunetely, on 2/5 and 2/14 I was in the E.R both times with SEVERE dehydration, loss of blood, low potassium, a really bad UTI.. and (we are naming our baby Noah) Noah’s hb has gone from 168, 152, 120, 105, and with a lot of prayers and fasting (my husband did the fasting) as of 2/14 Noah’s hb went UP to 138, so that is good news. Though the ER Dr said I have an “unusually short cervix as well as a lump that is often times associated with cervical cancer”. Praying it is not that serious and my OB can give some answers.I am on permanent bed rest til Noah gets here, no exceptions except the restroom! No matter how much of a boring pain (literally painful to lay/sit all day) I will do whatever it takes within my power to make sure Noah gets here safely.*currently 16w today* YEAAA BOOII


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