Prayer for fiance

by Brooke (Auburn, AL)


Please watch over my fianc when he is doing what you have called him to do in Afghanistan. To Keep our eyes fixed on you Lord and offer encouragement of one another to stay strong. To shield us from negative thoughts or behavior when we feel overwhelmed. Remind us to count our blessings every morning & night for you have provided us with several.

Please bring Mike home safe and all the men he is working with. I know the plans you have for us not to harm us but to prosper us. Help us to remember uplifting bible verses to use as a fighting tool against the enemy (fear, doubt, etc). I am thankful all you have given to me in my life, but most of all I am thankful for giving me the love of my life, please protect him.


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prayer for fiance

Prayers For My Fiance And Fiancee


In every relationship, there must be some challenges. And in every courtship, there must be a serious limitation.  Getting married to your fiance or fiancee requires the support of the Almighty God.

Marriage can not be possible without courtship. Courtship opens the desire for seriousness in marriage. There is a quite different between ‘a serious relationship and courtship.”.

A relationship can be serious when both partners are committed in it. When both parties are in courtship, they invariably earned the title of fiance and fiancee. This means that both partners have concluded to marry themselves.

Wikipedia puts it better this way:

Courtship is the period in a couple’s relationship which precedes their engagement and marriage, or establishment of an agreed relationship of a more enduring kind. During courtship, a couple get to know each other and decide if there will be an engagement or other such agreement. 

A fiancé is a man who is engaged to be married; a fiancée is a woman who is engaged to be married. Courtship is very interesting when fiance and fiancee are matured and highly understandably. A woman praying for her fiance is a caring and nice woman.

Marriage is an institution set up by God.  This means that marriage is not for unserious people. The Bible said, it is not good for a man to be alone. It is clear in  Genesis 2:24, ”Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

The season of courtship is a time to know each others and their background. It is a time of prayers. It is a time of seriousness and more commitments. A fiance must take time to study the strength and weakness of her fiancee. Invariable, as a fiancee to your man, you must try as much as possible to study what he likes and dislikes.

prayer for fiance

Fiance & Fiancee Loving Each Other Furthermore, In courtship, It’s a  time to study to know what the fiancee is choosing as a career and what the fiancee is doing for a living. It is a time to study what your fiance or fiancee tolerate. The time of courtship is a time to study temperament, personal goals, and cultural differences of your fiance or fiancee as the case maybe.

In courtship, it is a time of serious planning, not just the wedding thing,  (Aso ebi – is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria for wedding ceremonies) but the home, how your home will look like, planning your career/profession, and aspirations both spiritually and physically, it’s a period of setting goals.

If you are too carried away by the wedding thing as a woman without observing things spiritually or physically, you may receive the gift of early disappointments and confusions.

To marry, it entails serious homework and hardwork. It calls for investigation and examination. As against the backdrop of many that says someone can marry a person without having to know everything about your fiance or fiancee. It is a big lie from the pit of hell.

If you choose not to ask your fiance or fiancee some questions, you may be too shock to hear some scary news when in marriage.  Another point here is that, courtship is a period of discussing your financial status, in-laws, responsibilities and more emphasis on long term plans.

Sex before marriage is another revealing topic!

A man will not have any problem with the woman and the woman will not have any serious challenges with the man until when they are closer to their marriage.

Trouble started when their marriage is coming very soon. It is either there is serious problem between the fiance and the fiancee or the verbal attack is coming from in-laws.

Various degrees of spiritual attacks begin to manifest in the side of the man or woman. It is either the devil play with the pocket or bank account of the man or a mysterious death happens just as the edge of their marriage. It’s  a serious case!

If you are reading this sermon and you discover that your fiance or fiancee is cheating on you, stand up on your feet and take this prayer by holding your head: ”Arrows of marital bad luck fired into my life, back fire, in the name of Jesus.”

The strength of courtship is known when there are challenges. No matter how much a fiance loves his partner, if there is no understanding and effective communication in prayers, a very little mistake or problem between them will scatter the courtship.

It is a strange thing when you claim that your fiance or fiancee is your future partner yet you are turning yourself to fighters in the courtship.

It is a strange thing when you say your fiance is your future husband when he does not love you. It is rather frustrating when your fiance begin to ask you some strange questions just at the close of your marriage. If all of a sudden, your fiance tells you that he is no more interested in the affair just because of what people or pastor said, it means the devil has stolen your virtues.

If you discover that your fiance is dating another woman with or without your notice, it shows that there is a curse of marital barrier working against you.

Just as the close of your marriage, your fiance came up with this negative attitude!!!

prayer for fiance

He’s Acting Up


  1. Love is the aroma of a good courtship. True love is what you need to protect each other’s love and desire. When in courtship, the man should be able to know what makes the woman happy. The woman should be to know what makes the happy. No matter the challenges, a destiny husband  will not end his marital plans with you, yet, he will convert the moment of his pains into prayers. However, if you discover that your fiance or fiancee does not love you as it should to be, don’t keep silent, engage him or her in talks. Let love be the ingredient of your courtship!
  2. Forgiveness is another point that a finace and fiancee should take seriously. No matter the offence, as a child of God, you must have the spirit to easily forgive  your partners. You must learn to forgive each other form your spirit. Unforgiveness can block your marital plans.
  3. Trust is the reason for marriage. if you cannot trust each other there is no point moving along. Without trust there will be gross suspicion capable of destroying the relationship. The fact that you discover that your fiance or fiancee is cheating on you is a sign to back out from the affair! If you are having trusting issues with your partner, is it when you married you will trust him him or her more?
  4. Understanding, communication and prayers are also formidable keys couples should practice no matter how difficult it may look. Without understanding, there can be effective and enjoyable communication. If you cannot talk about your plans again, the affair is about to be folded up.


  • Call his favourite pet name.
  • Do not challenge when he is hurt
  • Be silent when he is angry or unhappy
  • Be quick to say ”I am sorry dear.” Whenever you offend him, ask for his forgiveness and kiss him emotionally when he does.
  • Honour his mother and respect his family
  • Surprise him with the thing he likes
  • Do not ask too much questions about his private life with women
  • Smile when you look at him and give him occasional perks when you are out socially.
  • Pray for him without ceasing
  • Phone and tell him that you miss him
  • Tell him how lucky you are to have him as your fiance.
  • Praise him before your friends
  • Be open to him and tell him with love what he like and don’t like about him
  • Whatever he ask you to do and it’s godly do it without picking any offence


  1. Father reveal my partner to me, in the name of Jesus.
  2. O God, strengthen and uphold us together as we make arrangements for our wedding day, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Father, let Your love be planted in our courtship, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, if it is Your will for me to marry this man or woman, let your will be done, but if it is not, reveal the reasons to me,  in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every evil covenant operating in my life or transferred to me from my parents and in the life of my partner be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.
  6. Every satanic agent working against our lives, our future, our relationship, lose your power in Jesus name, we render your power useless by the blood of Jesus.
  7. Every power that wants to destroy our Joy is consumed by fire in Jesus name.
  8. Every evil foundation, family and generational curses in my life and the life of my partner, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  9. Father, let your love and peace reign in our life and guide us through our marital preparation, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Spirit of disappointment at the edge of getting married! Disappear from my life and never come back again in Jesus name.
  11. Any power that want me to lose my fiance in any form or way in my marriage! I declare, you have failed in Jesus name.
  12. Everything programmed to scatter our courtship, Blood of Jesus arrest it now, in the name of Jesus.
  13. Words of the enemy, spoken against my affair, be nullified by fire in the name of Jesus.
  14. Every evil decision and conclusion of evil powers against my courtship, assigned to multiply my sorrow, die in the name of Jesus.
  15. Every evil ancestral spirit husband saying no to God’s yes for my life, die, in Jesus name.
  16. Every power assigned to naked me in the presence of my helpers, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.
  17. Every power occupying my rightful position, be unseated by fire, in Jesus name.
  18. I shall succeed in this relationship and no demon shall separate us, in Jesus name.
  19. Whether the enemies like it or not, I shall possess my possessions, in Jesus name.
  20. Everything planted in my life to monitor my courtship, be uprooted and die, in Jesus name.

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