Prayers for focus

Struggling to focus can be a result of all different factors. Stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation are just some of the factors that come to mind. I’m sure that you can think of your own list and perhaps you even have it nailed down to the details.
Last night I worked late as I’m trying to meet a book editing deadline. I’ve found that the later it gets, the harder it is for me to stay focused. It’s a new day today and I desperately need to stay on task and knock out my to-do list. Today I wanted to share my prayer for focus with you.

A Prayer for Focus

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the gift of thought processes.
Today I praise you for human minds.
To understand the magnitude of your power
Is beyond my comprehension,
Yet every detail of the world is under your care.
Lord, sometimes my mind grows cloudy
With the cares of this world.
The fog sets in and I can’t think clearly.
I need you, the Light of the World,
Because my eyes grow so dim in the dark.
Would you help me stay focused on your light?
Would you provide clarity and make it bright?
For when I get a tiny glimpse
Of a life led by your shine,
I realize with each beaming ray
I want that life to be mine.
In Jesus’ name,

prayers for focus

Have a terrific Tuesday!!

by Liziwe (Birmingham. UK)

God grant me the strength to focus in the things that are important in my life: family; my education; work and being the parent you created me to be. Dear God, help me to get a better home for myself and my children. Unto you I give all my troubles, worries, fears and tribulation.

I am finding it so hard lord to manage on my own, send me a spouse who will be my friend, love and a shoulder to cry on in these lonely dark nights and days. Guide my tongue and footsteps so I can Spk the words that heal others, walk in your way where I know I will be fully protected from the evil spirits of this world and spare me the company of negative friendships for this is my downfall.

I thank you for each day that I breath, walk, see, hear and carry out day by day activities without having someone to support me. Thank u for my being able bodied and thank you for enabling me to afford food and warmth for my entire family. I pray for widows, orphans, the homeless and the elderly.

Please give them peace and keep them warm tonight. Amen

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