Prayer for family and friends day

For a Blessing on the Families of the Land

Almighty God, our heavenly Father, who sets the solitary person in the comfort of families; I commend to your continual care the homes in which your people dwell. Put far from them, I beseech you, every root of bitterness, the desire of boastful vanity, and the pride of life. Fill them with faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness. Knit together in constant affection those who, in holy wedlock, have been made one flesh; turn the heart of the parents to the children, and the heart of the children to the parents; and fill us all with true love and charity, so that we put aside petty differences and act with kind affection and the sympathy of brotherly love; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


For the Children

Almighty God, heavenly Father, who has blessed us with the joy and care of children; Give us light and strength to train them, that they may love those things that are true and pure and lovely and of good report, following the example of their Jesus Christ.


For the Absent

O  God, whose fatherly care reaches to the uttermost parts of the earth; I humbly beseech you graciously to behold and bless those whom I love, now absent from me. Defend them from all dangers of soul and body; and grant that both they and I, drawing nearer to you, may be bound together by your love in the communion of your Holy Spirit, and in the fellowship of the faithful; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


For Those We Love

Almighty God, I entrust all who are dear to me to your never-failing care and love, for this life and the life to come; knowing that are doing for them better things than I can desire or pray for; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


A Parent’s Prayer (1)

O  God, Maker of all creation, you have made me worthy to be the of a family, and through your goodness have given me to raise. Let me remember that yours, for you have given existence to all of us; and that you have infused with an immortal soul, and have raised to eternal life through baptism. In accordance with your will, you have adopted and received into the congregation of your Church. I pray that you will send down to me your help in raising my . Give me patience and strength to do your will in raising . Remind me to plant in heart the root of all true wisdom — the fear of the Lord — so that all may know and live by your Words. Open to the understanding of your law. Until the end of days let act with the sense that you are present everywhere may venture. Plant in heart aversion to all wrongs, that may be pure in intentions. O righteous judge, in this world children suffer for the sins of their parents; I pray that you will not punish my for my mistakes, but let your grace fall on like the dew of the morning, fresh and new.


A Parent’s Prayer (2)

O  Heavenly Father, give your blessing to the fate of my . Do not deprive of daily bread, send down to in due time all that is necessary for the acquisition of blessings in eternity. Be merciful to , when sins against your holy word; look not upon the sins of youth and ignorance; chastise and have mercy on , but I pray, do not turn your face away from . Let your countenance shine upon in the days of tribulation, that may not fall into temptations beyond strength. Cover with your mercy, that your Holy Spirit may walk with always, to preserve and comfort and instruct . Do not abandon my , O Lord, but give all that is profitable for salvation.


Prayer for Family and Friends

Blessed are You, loving Father, For all your gifts to us. Blessed are You for giving us family and friends To be with us in times of joy and sorrow, To help us in days of need, And to rejoice with us in moments of celebration.

Father, We praise You for Your Son Jesus, Who knew the happiness of family and friends, And in the love of Your Holy Spirit. Blessed are you for ever and ever.


Married Persons

Oh God, who ordained marriage for the comfort of humanity and the continuation of life on earth, I give you thanks for the love you have implanted in my heart for my spouse. I pray that your love will inspire me to be gentle kindness in my words, consideration for the feelings of my spouse, and continual concern for earthly needs and desires.

I pray for your Holy Spirit to guide me and help me in understanding of my spouse’s shortcomings and fill me with forgiveness when may fall short of your glory. Let me see more clearly my own human quirks and faults, so that, in the enjoyment of your forgiveness given to me freely, I may also forgive. May our faith in you always grow stronger and serve to guide us in our lives together. Bless my marriage, I pray, oh loving God, fill it with your peace and joy, and help us in times of difficulty to remember your glory and call upon the powers of your Holy Spirit.


Prayer for One’s Home (by Edgar Guest)

Peace, unto this house, I pray,
Keep terror and despair away;
Shield it from evil and let sin
Never find lodging room within.
May never in these walls be heard
The hateful or accusing word.

Grant that its warm and mellow light
May be to all a beacon bright,
A flaming symbol that shall stir
The beating pulse of him or her
Who finds this door and seems to say,
“Here end the trials of the day.”

Hold us together, gentle Lord,
Who sit about this humble board;
May we be spared the cruel fate
Of those whom hatreds separate;
Here let love bind us fast, that we
May know the joys of unity.

Lord, this humble house we’d keep
Sweet with play and calm with sleep.
Help us so that we may give
Beauty to the lives we live.
Let Thy love and let Thy grace
Shine upon our dwelling place.


Bless This Little Child, Lord

Lord, look down from heaven above

And touch this special child with love.

Protect and guide this little one

‘Till each and every day is done.

Remind us often that it’s true:

This little life is a gift from you.

A miracle You’ve sent our way!

Lord, bless this little child today.

Christmas Day Prayers 2018: Christmas is festival of lights, joy and happiness. Christian community celebrate Christmas day which is help on 25th December. Summon Jesus Christ’s blessing on the propitious event of Christmas with these excellent Christmas Prayers. The keen gathering incorporates petitions for an assortment of circumstances on a Christmas day. You may read so anyone might hear these Prayers for Christmas with relatives or say them noiselessly with genuineness and confidence to encounter true serenity. Here we are sharing short Christmas prayers for kids.

Christmas Day Prayer for Family 2018

Family is one of the best part of our life. Christmas is a festival when all family member com together, share and exchange their feelings, thoughts and love to each other. Here presenting Christmas Prayers for Family Images which you can use it for your family.

prayer for family and friends day
Christmas Prayer for Family

prayer for family and friends day
christmas blessing prayer for family
christmas day prayer for family

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Christmas Day Prayers for Family and Friends

prayer for family and friends day
Christmas Day Prayers for Family and friends

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Christmas Dinner Prayer

prayer for family and friends day
christmas dinner prayer

 Catholic Christmas Prayer

catholic christmas prayer

 Christmas Dinner Prayer Short

prayer for family and friends day
christmas dinner prayers short

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Prayer for Christmas Party

prayer for family and friends day
prayer for christmas party

 Opening Prayer for Christmas Eve Service

Opening Prayer for Christmas Eve Service

 A Prayer for Christmas Morning

prayer for family and friends day
A Prayer for Christmas Morning

 Reflective Christmas Prayer

Reflective Christmas Prayer

 Christmas Prayer for Present opening Time

Christmas Prayer for Present Opening Time

Christmas Prayer for those Who Work on Christmas Day

Christmas Prayer for those who work on Christmas Day

 Prayer Before Christmas Dinner

Prayer before Christmas Dinner

 Christmas Prayer for Children

prayer for family and friends day
christmas prayer for children

 Divine Mercy Prayer

divine mercy prayer

So here is collection of Merry Christmas Prayers 2018. Be Safe and Enjoy the festival!

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