Prayer for brothers and sisters

by Yesenia (San Juan Capistrano)

oh lord almighty father,

please make my faith stronger and bigger towards you god.
forgive me for the sins i have commited i am a sinner born a sinner god.
please strenghten my weak mentality god im always worried thinking about dum stuff god may you please give me comfort as i write im feeling guilty lord i dont deserve all the god stuff your putting in my life please make me think positive im always thinking negative lord oh jesus christ. forgive me god make me be thankful of the things i have and of my family and friends make me a better person heal me renew my body mind and soul god have mercy on me god many times i fail and you still have love toward me how great are you god. send me god christian people in my life give me wisdom and knowledge my soul is crying for your graet knowledge and wisdom .
when i fall god life me upp. may peace be with in me god and happiness and joy as well.
also bring my family and friends close to you open my heart god my heart is to closed upp renew my mind god please lord. take my sadness and negaitive though and renew my mind and soul and body god make me a humble respectful person nd child that you want me to be god you have a goal for each one of us and im glad you choose me thats a sign like my cousin said please guide me and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one all i ask for brothers and sister to pray for me to repent and for god to renew my mind soul and body and to have faith and to have a relationship with god and jesus christ.

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