Prayer for broken families

Here is an intercessory prayer for all families struggling with difficulties. May the Lord hear our prayers and heal all families and bring them closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, please intercede for all families here on earth.

Lord, wash all broken families in your precious blood and remove all negative feelings they have for each other and fill them with your constant love.

Lord, take away from them all bitterness, anger and the desire to hurt each other. May they grown strong in your love.

Lord, have mercy on those families where they have no time for Prayer. May they come closer to you through daily family prayer.

Lord, have pity on families where they live only to gratify the flesh. May they grow spiritually.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on all families who believe in black magic, witchcraft and other evil practices. Set them free Lord, from all these bondages and help them to believe only in You – one God forever and ever.

Lord, have mercy on families who live in selfishness and pride, and where there is no real sharing of all that you have given to them generously. May they live their lives for you.

Lord have mercy on families who suffer because of alcoholism or drug addiction. Lord touch them and heal them. Give to all who are affected, strength and the courage to accept their and to wait patiently for deliverance.

Lord have mercy on couples who do not have a child, a good job, a house to live in. Lord bless them in your kindness and mercy.

Lord we pray for all those who are struggling with sickness, financial problems, and other sufferings. Lord, be merciful to them and help them in their needs.

Lord, we pray that all families may give the first place to Jesus in their hearts and thus become your witnesses.

Lord, give us real sorrow for all our sins and give us the strength to live a virtuous life and to always glorify you. Amen.

by Maria (Gainesville, Fl. US)

Oh, Dear Father, Please give me, my husband and children the strenght, patience and love that is needed to repaired, heal and comfort all the pain and tribulations we have been going through, as well as I ask you beloved Father for all the Families that are under trouble circunstances. Please return my Husband to us whole, compassionated, loving and caring, a good an patient father, so my children can feel and find the comfort of his love. Dear Father, please keep the woman who destroy our marriage and family away from our lives, bless her Father and show her another path to continue with her life.

Beloved Father please touch my children heart and mind so they can feel the love and warm of your blessing touch. Give me the strenght physical, mental and spiritual that I need so I can heal. Give my husband the light and wisdom to keep our family together, touch his heart and mind so he can feel the love and light he needs. Please open the door of a job for him. Thank you Lord for always being there for me and help me to get up when I have fell down and when my soul is crying, thank you Dear God!

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prayer for broken families

Prayer to Breaking Family Curses

Jesus Christ I confess and I proclaim that You are my Saviour and Lord over my life. I proclaim that the stripes You bore on the Cross at Calvary, has established You “my Redeemer.” You are my Master, my Shepherd, my Healer and my Deliverer. I proclaim that Jehovah creator of the heavens and the earth is my God and my spiritual Father in whom I trust and in who I am trusting upon this day to set me free from the “iniquities of my fathers,” from “past un-Godly vows that may have been spoken over my family” and from the “generational curses caused by these iniquities” which have been traveling through my ancestral lines.

In Jesus Christ”s name I declare that I am not in agreement to any form of sin, or disobedience that operates in this world and against the throne of God, as I am not in agreement to any person, or family member who deliberately sins, or perverts God’s ways.

In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ I praise You Father God for Your good and righteous ways and I seek to live by Your Spirit and reap the rewards of living by Your righteousness.

I repent for every relative connected to my family ancestry who has deliberately, or without spiritual wisdom sinned against my God Jehovah, or His people. I realize that all sin will be judged one day and that each one of us is accountable for what we have said, or done, but I am repenting for my families sins in that I shall be released from any curse these sins may have produced against me.

I atone for every family member from my heritage who has entered onto sinful paths and who has opened doors never before opened giving satan greater influence over their lives and the lives of their children.

I intercede the Blood of Jesus Christ for those family members in my family line who had a good heart, but who sinned because they were blinded by ignorance, have mercy on them Father God and forgive their ignorance.
I renounce the behaviour of any relative in our family background who has lived more for the world, than for God.

I renounce any ungodly beliefs, traditions, rituals, or customs my people may have followed. I repent of those family members who sought to fulfill the selfishness of their desires, and those who have perverted God’s righteousness for I myself choose to serve God and live by His ways.
In Jesus Christ’s name I ask Your help Father God to sever from me and redeem me of every oppressing sinful influence that has found a way into my life because of a deliberate sin I have committed for I repent of them, and I ask Father in Jesus Christ’s name for every “sin of the fathers” as stated in Exodus 20 4-6 that operates against me to be nullified in the name of Jesus Christ and broken off of me and my children, for I repent of these also. At this place of the prayer “If” there is anything you feel led to speak out about or renounce regarding your family, or it’s heritage do so now before moving on. By my authority in Jesus Christ I command every violation of “family iniquity” perpetrated in my family going back four generations to be uprooted from my family and I command it’s work of oppression and curses to be broken from me and my children this moment.

I declare these curses null and void in Jesus Christ’s name. By the atoning Blood of Jesus Christ I take charge over these sins, curses, and spirits responsible for enforcing these curses and I command them to go to dry and arid places.

I also in the name of Jesus Christ take charge over every un Godly “vow or oath” spoken over, or against my family (whether by a family member, friend or a stranger) to be covered over by the Blood of Jesus Christ and declared null and void in Jesus Christ’s name.

I am a child of the Kings bought and paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ and I command every generational curse and their manifestations of sicknesses, dysfunctional lifestyles, failed marriages, character flaws, financial poverty, spiritual oppression, or however a curse has manifested against our family to be broken off of me and my family now in Jesus Christ’s name.

I intercede the Blood of Jesus Christ, and I command the roots of these curses that have engrafted themselves in against me to be uprooted and destroyed in the same way that Jesus had spoke words against the fig tree in Matthew 21: 19,20, and that tree withered up and died.

Let these curses die now. Authority over satans darkness is ours in Jesus Christ, and Jesus has given us this Authority, (Luke 10:19) and I claim this authority.
In Jesus Christ’s name it is done. “Amen”

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