Prayer for baby boy

Dear God,

Thank you for my amazing little boy.  Thank you that you are knitting him together perfectly inside of me.  Pregnancy is an amazing thing that only You could have created and I am so thankful to be experiencing it.  Thank you for Your perfect will and Your perfect timing.

Lord I pray that Andrew and I will be good parents.  I pray that we will love our little boy unconditionally.  I pray that our marraige will grow and become stronger as we raise our family.  I pray that we will set a good example of a healthy, Godly relationship for him.  I pray for calmness in the new challenges coming our way and I pray for peace of mind that we are doing okay.   I pray that we would learn from our mistakes and be joyful and thankful for our successes.

I pray that this little boy feels unconditional love, not only from us as parents but also from You. I pray that You will walk with him through life.  I pray that he will learn to rely on You and turn to You in times of trouble.  I pray that he has a servant’s heart and will learn compassion for others, be quick to listen and slow to judge.  I pray that he is allowed to make mistakes and, if its Your will, fall away from You so he can understand grace and mercy when you pull him back towards You.  I pray that he truly understands forgiveness. 

I pray that he is adventurous and not afraid to fail and that he finds a passion in life to drive him.  Whether it is sports, academics, music, or missions, I pray that as parents we support him and encourage him to follow his dreams.

Lord I pray for his relationships with others.  I pray that he finds Godly men to mentor him and he creates lasting and deep friendships with others.  I pray that he learns to treat women the way his daddy treats his mommy – with respect and love.  I pray for his wife – that she too can grow up knowing You and that their relationship is glorifying to You.  I pray that he will pass on a legacy to his own children and teach them how to love and serve You.

Most of all I pray that he will simply learn to love You with all his heart, mind and soul and that he finds Jesus as his saviour and friend.   I pray that he learns intimacy with You in prayer and quiet time and is able to feel the nudges that You give him.  I pray that his love for You would be evident in his life and his actions.  I pray that he will be able to lead others towards You in whatever unique way that You provide for him.  

God,  You are amazing.  Thank you for your constant grace and mercy.  Protect my little boy over these next 8 weeks.  I can’t wait to meet him.


Congratulations for Baby Boy: Now it is time for you to take ideas from these wishes and plan the best way to wish your near and dear new born baby boys. The birth of a child is always a very happy moment. It is the moment to pray for the baby for a prosperous life, it is the moment to wish congratulations to the proud parents who have given birth to the baby and it is the most perfect time to send wishes for the new born baby. If the child is a boy, then you must consider him to be the hero of the future; the one who will have the power to rule the world. So, to show your love to the new born child you must think of some awesome creative ideas. The best way to show your love and make the family where the child is born happy is to send some fantastic new baby boy wishes. These cute congratulation messages are perfect examples of what to say to the new parents who just welcomed their newborn baby boy.prayer for baby boy

What to Write in a Newborn Baby Boy Card

  • There is nothing more beautiful than the birth of a child. Cheers to a loving mommy, eager daddy and the prettiest baby boy in the whole world!
  • Congratulation for the birth of your son. May your heart swell with joy every time he smiles at you or reaches for your finger with his beautiful tiny hand!
  • You’ve got future filled with many surprises. Part of it is because of the bundle of joy that you are holding close to your heart.
  • Sending loads of wishes to the little prince born among us and that has made us all overjoyed.
  • If the sun shines for a thousand years, it could never outshine the warmth and ecstatic joy I feel as I congratulate you for the birth of your son.
  • The arrival of your new baby is the just the start of many good things. I would make a list for you, but part of the fun is discovering the little surprises that baby boy has in store for you.
  • I hereby congratulate the proud parents of the new born prince and hope the best future for him.
  • Congratulations for the newest member of your family! I hope this boy brings you more joy than you have ever imagine. Can’t wait to pinch its cute little baby cheeks when I see it! Congratulations!
  • As you watch your newborn son resting in your lap, may joy, peace, happiness and tranquility be your constant companion. Congratulation, may your family be blessed!
  • I can only imagine the happiness you must be feeling right now! I’m pretty sure, knowing you both, that you will be great parents, and that when that baby smiles, that moment will be the pinnacle of your day. Congratulations!
  • Nine months have whizzed by, and today, you welcome a prince into your life and home. I share in your joy, and wish you and your family joy and happiness as you celebrate this wonderful addition to your family.
  • Poets talk of the joy of holding a newborn baby in your arms. I am sure the joy they talk of is nothing compared to the joy you are feeling as you hold your new baby boy in your arms. May this joy be an ever-present force in your life!
  • I am certain that you already know what parenthood will mean for you two. So, I wish to congratulate you and to ask you a very simple question. Are you up for an adventure?
  • Raising a boy is always a tough challenge. Amongst many other things, they can be quite noisy and troublesome, so forget your peace and quiet for a very long time. But, when you see your little boy grow on to become a strong and independent man, then all of your worries will be gone. Congratulations!
  • Every story deserves a charming prince to save the day. So I am very happy to see yours got the prince it deserves. Congratulations!
  • No matter how cold someone’s heart is, it can’t-do anything else than melt at the sight of your beautiful little man, I truly can’t wait to see him all grown up ready to conquer the world. Congratulations!
  • After 9 really tough months, the time has finally come! Get ready for your beautiful house to be filled with ninjas, dinosaurs, and knights! But at least it’ll be living in a fantasy world, for your little magical boy. Congratulations!
  • The challenges you will now face, are not only limited to the normal struggles of raising a child but as this little man grows, you will have to constantly run around chasing him, since little boys have a constant need of exploring what’s around them. But that’s a good thing! Since he will be ready to conquer the world from such a young age! Congratulations!
  • I’d like to wish for this fine young boy you now have as a part of your family, to grow up and become the man of his dreams. May luck be on his side. Congratulations!
  • I really want to ask you. How does it feel to have the future man of the year crying in your arms? Because with parents like you, he is definitely becoming someone great! Congratulations!

Adorable Newborn Baby Boy Congratulation Messages

  • Let the God shower all His power upon the little baby boy so that he can make all his near and dear ones feel proud of him.
  • New babies herald new beginnings. May you find love, happiness and lots of laughter as you step into this next stage of your life. Kisses for your new baby boy.
  • Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy! May your son fill your life with joy and love!
  • Congratulations on the angel added to your family! That’s going to be one lucky boy.
  • Goodbye tummy. Hello yummy mommy! Hello Baby Boy.  Looking forward to our first playdate.
  • It time to rejoice and get mad with happiness as the hero of the future was born today.
  • So happy for you two! Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy!
  • If joy and happiness were commodities, I would send you “ferry loads” as you celebrate the birth of your son. I wish you well and hope that every time you listen to his laughter, your family’s happiness will multiply tenfold.
  • A newborn son is like the sun after a long period of rain: a sign of a new chapter. I take this chance to wish you good tidings as you embark on this new and exciting chapter of your life.
  • Congratulation on your little bundle of joy! Now that your precious son is born, you need to brush up on stories about little monsters and super heroes.
  • I pray to the Almighty to shower all the blessings upon the little prince born in this world.
  • Prayers and good wishes for you and your family on the birth of your baby boy.
  • Hope this day will be memorable to all the ones who are waiting for the little prince to grow up quickly and have a tremendous future.
  • Sending oceans of love for the new born baby boy who is the little hero.
  • Wish the best of the best future for the new born baby boy.
  • Sending tons of love to the little prince and congratulations to the new parents.
  • I wish this little new born baby boy to have wonderful dreams and may the Almighty  always  be with him to fulfill his dreams on the walk of his life.

Images with Cute Congratulations for Baby Boy

prayer for baby boy

prayer for baby boy

prayer for baby boy

The most precious jewels, you’ll ever have around your neck, are the arms of your children.

prayer for baby boy

prayer for baby boy

prayer for baby boy

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Children usually ask mall Santas for toys and games, but 4-year-old Prestyn Barnette hoped his Santa would help deliver something much more profound.

His aunt, Rebekah Sharpe, posted an Instagram photo Sunday of the boy lowering his head and kneeling beside a Santa at the Dutch Square Mall in Columbia, South Carolina. Sharpe says the boy asked the gift-giver to pray for the health of a sick baby named Knox Stine, a 2-month-old boy who’s been fighting for his life at Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas.

Within hours of its posting, Sharpe’s photo of Presytn’s genuflect warmed hearts and prompted shares on social media. “It’s amazing to see the response,” Sharpe told via email Tuesday. “It was completely unexpected. And it is such a blessing to see so many people praying for baby Knox!”

According to NBC News’ affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina, Prestyn also asked for a Lionel train set, and had learned about Knox through his grandmother, who’s part of a prayer group on Facebook.

Knox’s mother, Mindi Stine, told on Tuesday she and her husband, Carl, have been moved by Presytn’s gesture ever since they saw Sharpe’s photo Sunday on the Stines’ public Facebook page for Knox.

prayer for baby boy

Courtesy of Mindi Stine

The Stine family has been praying for the recovery of newborn Knox, center, who was found “unresponsive” by his father, Carl, on Nov. 30.

“I never met them,” Mindi said. “I don’t know them. I don’t know how they know of us or heard of us or anything, but I recognized their names, and I knew that they had said that they were praying for baby Knox, and for a miracle for us. … I showed my husband , and we both just smiled at each other, like, ‘Something amazing is happening.’ It was just beautiful.”

Mindi said that on Nov. 30, her husband Carl found Knox unresponsive and not breathing, and revived the newborn via CPR while speaking with a 911 operator. Knox was airlifted 100 miles from their home in Kingman, Arizona, to Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas, where they’ve remained ever since to monitor the health of their fourth child.

prayer for baby boy

Courtesy of Mindi Stine

The inspiration for a 4-year-old boy’s prayer beside a mall Santa, 2-month-old Knox Stine has been fighting for his life in a Las Vegas hospital.

Despite being “declared brain dead” on the first exam, Knox has been fighting to stay alive, his mom said. “When removed life-support, and were just staring at him, he started to take breaths on his own,” she said. That breathing, however, was not “life-sustaining” or consistent, she said, so the family continues to hope for a miracle.

“At that point, they told us we have two choices: We can take him off life-support and let nature take its course, or we could choose to help him,” Mindi added. “I prayed afterward for wisdom, and searched through the scriptures in our Bible and we knew that God wanted us to choose life for Knox and go forward with surgery.”

Knox received a tracheotomy and a feeding tube Friday. Two days later, Prestyn would ask Santa to pray for the newborn, 2,200 miles away.

Mindi believes every prayer counts. “We don’t even have words to express how we feel, and how thankful we are,” she added. “We have confidence and we have faith that God is going to work a miracle for Knox. He has so many people asking him for that.”

In addition to the prayers and kind words the Stine family has received, Mindi expressed thanks to friends and strangers who donated to a GoFundMe fundraising page established by one of Carl’s coworkers. Mindi said Carl took three months of unpaid leave while the family deals with their medical emergency. Launched Dec. 3, the page had collected more than 200 donations totaling over $11,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re just in awe in everyone’s giving spirit,” Mindi added. “We’ve been here since the 30th, and we just don’t know what that means on the financial end of things. It’s the last thing on my mind, to be honest, but it is reality. … But I’ve had so many people reach out to us, ‘I want to send Christmas gifts.’ People have been bringing us food here in the hospital. It’s just been amazing.”

Although Knox’s recovery remains the Stine family’s primary focus, they were so touched by Prestyn’s gesture that they decided to take care of his other request to Santa.

“My dad just bought that train for him,” Mindi said. “I was like, ‘Oh, Dad, that’s sweet. Thanks for thinking of that.’ … We just appreciate the prayers of God’s people, the way they’ve offered them up to God, begging God for a miracle for our baby boy.”

Hopefully, both of Prestyn’s prayers will come true.

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