Prayer for an unborn child poem

(Brighton, MI, USA)

Dear Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit,

Please watch over my unborn child. May she continue to grow inside of me, healthy, strong and beautiful. I ask that you help me not to worry about her. That I continue to be strong and healthy. I know that one day she will be a beacon of your light – that she is going to be a shining example of your love and your being. I will teach her, even now while she is still inside of me, about you and about how we are all called to live as you want us to. Thank you Jesus, God and Holy Spirit for allowing me to be the vessel for this new child. I will do my very best to take care of her and love her and teach her all about you. Thank you again and please continue to watch over her and me. I love you.

(Boynton Beach, Florida )

Lord, I look to you for strength and guidance. This pregnancy has been difficult, I ask that you give our child a chance to grow up beautiful, healthy and bathed in your love. I know you are gracious and all powerful and only through you Lord can miraculous things happen. So I beg you heavenly Father, please heal my baby, seal the amniotic sac so that the baby can produce and hold more fluid. Help me Lord not to lose faith, I believe in you Lord and I know this has been the biggest obstacle I’ve ever had to face, so I ask for continued strength and a glorious miracle that in which only you God Almighty can perform. In Jesus name I pray.

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Mother; Before you do it-  Won’t you give me an ear?  I know I wasn’t part of the plan  And uncertainty is all I bring-  To a being who’s too young to take on steeper responsibilities  To a being who had set this plan for another time  To a being whose life holds no stability of any kind    Mother;Before you do it-  Won’t you give me an ear?  My intention isn’t to cause wrinkles to form in your heart  The myriad questions straining your mind  Or to see you with that far-away gaze  For our lives are intertwined -what pains you pains me also    Mother;Before you do it-  Won’t you give me an ear?  I know you are under a lot of pressure  From my father who seems to see this the only way out  Your parents, how to narrate a tale that will break their hearts  The society, how to face their piercing watch and talk  Or the pain of the inhumane ordeal that you went through    Mother;Before you do it-  Won’t you give me an ear?  I would jump out of the haven of your womb-  If only to fill your loneliness with my little embrace  And wipe the sorrow in your eyes with my little fingers  If only to fill your mind with hopeful pictures of what I could be:  Maybe a doctor, a pilot, a teacher, a scientist, a famous artist  Or a leader from a young age who you’d be proud of-  I know this would surely make your heart smile    Mother;Before you do it  I know you’re not a big fan of me now  But like you, God also chose me  And He chose you to carry me  And if He’s been faithful in sustaining you this far  His faithfulness will never depart from our live  So before you do it mother, rethink  And hear this prayer of your unborn-  Give me a chance to live       ©GraceM Composition 

Copyright © Grace Mutindi | Year Posted 2014

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Satish Verma is ferociously original. You feel resentment, outrage and violence, cannot pin it down but wonderfully spin your brain. Satish has the greatest sensibility which sweetly exploits the delicacies of human conflicts. You are taken aback. This is magic, profoundly soulful. In a lone, long journey Satish Verma is still discovering himself. Beaten, betrayed, felled, he comes back with fierce velocity. His childhood was traumatized by India’s partition. Terror, violence and death were witnessed which built the morals of poet. Becoming defiantly recluse Satish Verma pursued his value based life on the path of truth. Teaching Botany for 35 years he was writing poetry, privately and solemnly and published twelve collections. Worked silently with social causes. His scions, doctors and engineers are living in USA. He chose to live back in his beloved country and resides in Ajmer (INDIA) with his spouse Kanta running the Charitable Holistic Institute of SEWA MANDIR FOUNDATION. He can also be reached at

[email protected]

. 5-A ii, Mayoor Colony, Alwar Gate, Ajmer – 305007 INDIA Mobile +91 9829071468

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