Prayer for a sister in need

Dear heavenly father, I come to you weak, confused, and my heart aches with tears running down my face. This is because my sister has been really ill lately her heart is in pain, her sides hurt possibly her kidneys and I wish and pray that I could do something for my sister to make the pain she endures disappear.

For she is hurting badly my lord and her flesh is weak and I pray that you may lift her up and give unto her great strength and hope and cast all thoughts of fear, doubts, and hopelessness from her spirit and mind. I know my lord Jesus that you are the creator of all things and your heart is grand and your hands are those that heal.

I pray that you may take my sister and place your hands upon her and give unto her the gift of healing that will make all her pain disappear lord so that she can continue to praise you and worship all your goodness lord that her health will be renewed. I ask of you this because I love her with all of my heart and soul and it hurts me so, to see her in such pain I just want to see the smile on her face again and hear her laughter and speak of you the way she always does not caring what others think when she shouts your name with love.

My father I know your here, I knew you know what is going on lord and In your timing lord i know your will shall be done. I humbly ask that you give to her comfort; overwhelming peace and hope and that her pain be gone. I also wish for her protection from all evil and those that wish to cause harm unto her flesh or soul.

For the wicked lurks and I know Jesus that you will protect her all the days of her life for she is yours.Jesus I love you so… I always have and I always will. In Jesus name I pray,

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Dear God,

Many years ago, when you brought this little princess into my life, I saw her as anything but a princess. She was always drooling, ate food that looked like vomit, cried during the best parts of Barney, and took away some of the attention that I was getting from my parents. It took me a long time to see why you brought her into my life, because I thought that everything was pretty great before. As I grew up, I now know that my life would be very empty without her, and I have comfort knowing that if I ever have problems with one of my kidneys she could just give me one of hers! As her big sister, I feel that there is a lot that I need to protect her from, a lot that I need to teach her, and a lot that I need to show her.

prayer for a sister in need

But God, I cannot protect her from everything, I may not always be around to show her all that she needs to see, and also she does this annoying thing where she does not want to listen to me; so I need your help.

Please, guide her in the right direction when she is choosing the right color of foundation, because the last thing she wants is for her to look like she has a turtleneck tan line. Please guide her to the right boy when two are fighting over her, because she is a hottie and boys will fight over her; or to make my dad happy guide her to choosing a life of celibacy and devoting her life to prayer in the convent. Please guide her when she is stuck between choosing between going to the football game or staying in and studying for a huge test on Monday. I ask for you to guide her when she has to pick a collage so she does not go too far away, or better yet she goes to the same school as me so I can keep a close eye on her.

prayer for a sister in need

God, Please protect her from friends that want to pressure her to do things that she does not want to do, because I will not always be there to tell her and her friends that they do not have to drink to be cool; also that they need to rise above drinking Natty Light. Protect her from spending way too much money on trends that will only last a month or two and to have her invest her money on clothes that will last her awhile, towards something that she has wanted for awhile, on a nice birthday gift for a friend or to give it to charity– please just protect her from buying Ugg boots. God, I hope that she has learned from the mistakes I have made, please protect her from making the same mistakes as I have, including but not limited to: filling in my eyebrows way too much, being overly involved in school activities that I wanted no part in just to get into the same college as my boyfriend, wanting to go to a college just to be with my boyfriend in general, taking honors physics, taking physics in general, dying my hair blonde, over decorating my locker, wearing heels way too much, trying any internet challenge (cinnamon challenge, gallon challenge, saltine challenge, you get the picture), attempting to practice tweaking in the shower, and just dancing in the shower in general. Protect her please from allowing anyone to make her feel inferior, weird, not good enough, weak, and anything but the incredible, beautiful, strong, boss lady that she is.

prayer for a sister in need

God I ask of you to make her a good future maid of honor at my wedding some day. Please let her know that at my bachelorette party must be lit. Let her be the coolest aunt to my future children, and give them some junk food, but not too much. Allow my future children to turn to her when they need advice and they do not wan to tell me because they do not want to get in trouble. Also, give her the common sense to call me as soon as she can to let me know what the hell is going on with my kid. Allow us to stay together through life’s trials, to always keep our family traditions, and to make our future husbands dread getting us together because they will know that we are our craziest when we are together.

prayer for a sister in need

God please bring success and love her way. Allow her to fall in love with something, someone or some place and maybe all three at once. Give her passion and give her light that has the ability to shine from within her. Guide her to only the best people, let her be at the right place at the right time. Show the world what an amazing person she is, and how she got it all from her big sister. God, never let her fall astray from you and let her know that you are always the key to everything. When people disappoint her, motivate her to pray for them, but also to give her the strength to walk away from people she does not need in her life. Please never make her have to choose between something and her family, and if she must give her the guidance to always choose family. Give her opportunities to show those that doubt her how incredible and strong she is. Let her never know how dark and cruel the world can be, and let her only see the world for how it could be.

prayer for a sister in need

Finally God, I ask of you to help me be the best older sister I can for her. Allow me to tell her what she needs to know in a way that she will want to listen and will understand, allow me to be there when there is something that she needs to be shown, and allow me to protect her from everything that I can. Help me to be right where she needs me to be when she needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen. Let her know that I am always there for her and that she can always count on me.

In your name,


The Best Collection of Religious Happy Birthday Prayers for Sister in Christ

Would you love to send some happy birthday prayers to a religious sister? Then a cute collection of Happy Birthday Prayers for a sister in Christ is all you need.

See some…

1. I pray that the grace of God that has brought you this far will never depart from you. Happy birthday sister.

2. It’s another birthday of God’s grace and mercy. May it be pleasing to God.

3. God gives, God takes and He has given you another year in His endless grace but takes away all that will ever bring sorrow.
Happy birthday to you, sister.

4. I pray that you will have more and more of this day in the Lord. Enjoy it to the fullest, sister.

5. If the Lord tarries, your days shall be full. You will live to be all the Lord has purposed you to be. Happy birthday, sister.

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