Prayer for a sister in christ

The Best Collection of Religious Happy Birthday Prayers for Sister in Christ

Would you love to send some happy birthday prayers to a religious sister? Then a cute collection of Happy Birthday Prayers for a sister in Christ is all you need.

See some…

1. I pray that the grace of God that has brought you this far will never depart from you. Happy birthday sister.

2. It’s another birthday of God’s grace and mercy. May it be pleasing to God.

3. God gives, God takes and He has given you another year in His endless grace but takes away all that will ever bring sorrow.
Happy birthday to you, sister.

4. I pray that you will have more and more of this day in the Lord. Enjoy it to the fullest, sister.

5. If the Lord tarries, your days shall be full. You will live to be all the Lord has purposed you to be. Happy birthday, sister.

prayer for a sister in christ

Apr. 02, 2014 | Pakistan

Pray for Asia Bibi’s Upcoming Appeal Hearing

prayers in nations have been posted for Asia Bibi.

Asia Bibi’s death-sentence appeal has again been delayed, this time because a prosecutor failed to appear for the March 26 hearing. A new appeal hearing has been scheduled for April 14. This is the third court hearing that has been delayed because of an absence. Hearings scheduled for Feb. 14 and March 17 were postponed because one of two presiding judges was absent each day. Pakistani law requires that two judges be present for all court proceedings in death penalty cases. Asia Bibi was arrested in June 2009 as a result of an argument with Muslim co-workers in which she defended her Christian faith. She was subsequently convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death. Her lawyers filed an immediate appeal, but a variety of political and religious pressures have prevented the courts from hearing her case. Sign the petition to release Asia Bibi at

prayer for a sister in christ

Saddened by the news

of a sister in Christ,

who’s been snared by the wiles

of the Father of Lies –

by a thief who desires

to destroy God’s plan for her life,

her marriage, her family,

her husband, her child,

but Satan is a liar

and no sin is too great

that the precious blood of Jesus Christ

can’t totally erase

if we come to Him in sorrow,

never wanting to do it again . . .

His mercies are new every morning

and He is ready to forgive.

Yes, Satan is a liar

and no bondage is too tight

that freedom can’t be found once more

through the blood of Jesus Christ,

so I’m praying the Holy Spirit

will convict my friend of sin

and woo her back to that precious place

where she falls in love again . . .

with Jesus. 

–Cheri Henderson,

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