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July 2018

Many, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done… too many to declare. From Psalm 40:5 (NIV)

We thank God for you and your prayers that move His hand… our new Moms in Prayer Podcast launched far and wide for Christ! Over 2,500 registered for our new online Stand Unshaken Bible Study. Women are also excited to use the fun activities in our new Girls in Prayer Program plus New Prayer Cards for moms of children with special needs were recently developed.

Cuba… the Lord gave Kim, a group leader from Mississippi, a great trip there in March. She trained two seminary students in the Four Steps; one attends a church in downtown Havana and the other is a pastor’s wife at a church in Old Havana. The group in Old Havana started meeting and praying the next week!

Kenya… we asked for much fruit from International Leadership Developer (ILD) Martha sharing at a church and asking God to call many to intercede there. He answered in so many ways including an unplanned meeting that resulted in a new group starting. Martha and our Kenya Country Coordinator (CC) Caroline met with 30 women from her rural church to share the Four Steps. They also met with two other Kenyan leaders at a large church in Nakuru. God is building a network to help Caroline in Kenya.

Mexico… thanks to our Heavenly Father, ILD Kay’s trip to Hermosillo, Mexico resulted in ten new groups! Plus Sandra at headquarters is now taking a leader through the contact person (CP) leadership process.

Uganda… praise the Lord for a NorCal group leader trip to Uganda in April. Shannon prayed with several students at a school and with our Uganda CC Jessica. Booklets were given and the Four Steps of Prayer taught to a woman from a church in Jinja and to a children’s ministry director in Kampala.

USA… Thank You, LORD, for a surge of group information forms since Sally spoke at American Heritage Girls National Leadership Conference – a powerful, impactful outreach! God graciously gave USA  Language Group Team Leaders opportunities to encourage and equip in churches. Southern California has an increase of trained Spanish leaders and a bilingual team member was added in Nebraska plus a South Texas event brought 13 Spanish-speaking praying moms. Twenty ladies attended the Alaska Getaway and a young mom is starting a group. The Holy Spirit moved mightily during the N. California Getaway with a new prison ministry liaison and Russian and Korean Team Leaders added to the state team. Fern’s anointing reached many at the Unshaken Russian Retreat. Ohio has a new Prison Liaison and a prison Chaplain in South Carolina is approved for an Igniting a Passion to Pray class. God made a way into Idaho women’s correctional center and prompted a radio host pastor to read through topics and resources from our website during an interview with Area Coordinator (AC) Ellen! At Unshaken Colorado, 500 women joined together including at least one woman from every Mountain Division state. At the Indiana getaway, Jennifer responded to the call for a roster manager. Montana has a new Regional Coordinator, Barb Hicks. New  ACs and a growing New England Division Team were answers to prayer from Division Coordinator Pat’s trip to New Hampshire and Connecticut! We also thank the Lord for new Alaska State Coordinator Jenn Hanson as of June 1 and new Pacific Division Coordinator Sheila Ringor as of June 15.

In sincere gratitude for your faithful daily prayers,

Moms in Prayer Staff

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For some new mothers prayer is the only way to make it through those first few weeks of parenthood. Sleep deprivation and worry combine to create an environment where many mothers struggle to make it through the day. Prayer becomes a useful coping mechanism for new moms. When saying prayers around the new baby, it lays a foundation for prayer that the child may take into adulthood.

Prayer For a Baby

“Lord let me walk with You although my steps are small stay beside, hold my hand and never let me fall. Amen.” This lovely prayer from speaks to the simplicity of babies and their straightforward needs. A prayer like this one transitions well from a parent saying it for a new baby to a child learning it as one of his first prayers.

Prayer For a Mom

Stephanie Howard in “Hugs for New Moms” recommends: “When life gets tough, I am your hiding place. I’m near when you call upon Me in truth. I’ll protect you from trouble, surrounding you with songs of deliverance. Give Me all your worries and watch Me sustain you and your family. No matter how bleak things may seem, I’ll never let the righteous fall. And never doubt that your earnest prayers as a righteous mom are powerful and effective. Victoriously, Your Eternal God of Refuge.” Sometimes a new mom has trouble finding the strength to complete even the basic tasks for her baby. Fatigue makes everything seem more difficult, but this prayer offers a glimpse of hope for those occasions.

Prayer to Saint Nicholas of Tolentino

Several patron saints of babies exist, including Brigid of Ireland, the Holy Innocents and Nicholas of Tolentino. A prayer to Saint Nicholas for a new baby may be a comfort. recommends: “O God, source of strength and courage, you gave your beloved preacher, Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, the conviction of faith to the very end. Grace us with the ability to translate your teaching into action, remain patient amid hardship, serve the poor and those who suffer and live as your true and faithful servants. Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, pray for us.”

Prayer to Saint Anne

Saint Anne, one of the patron saints of mothers, was the mother of the Virgin Mary. A prayer to her, the grandmother of Jesus, seems appropriate for difficult times. offers: “Good Saint Anne, you were especially favoured by God to be the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, and thus grandmother of our Savior Jesus Christ. By your intimacy with your most pure daughter and her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the graces that we seek. Secure for us the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.”

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