Pray for my baby cousin

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to ask for a few extra prayers for my baby cousin. She was born just over a week ago and was just diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. She’s already receiving chemo treatments and the doctors are hopeful. Just after she was born my cousin (her mom) was life flighted to Salt lake City due to internal bleeding they couldn’t get a hold on at the small town hospital where she delivered. The baby seemed healthy at the time but a few days later they realized something wasnt right. They then had to life flight the baby to Salt Lake as well. After a few days of tests and not knowing what was wrong they have figured it out and are attacking it best they can. Anyhow, prayers appreciated and if you feel so inclined, I know times are tough for everyone, so take care of you first but if you have a couple extra bucks they will certainly be helpful. Thanks guys.

    This is the fundraising campaign for Emery Rose’s Fight:

  2. Good thoughts and prayers sent!
  3. Thanks bud, appreciate that.
  4. Prayed for the Lords will. For His mercy and grace on the family.
  5. Thank you guys. I appreciate it.
  6. Prayers sent for your family.
  7. Prayers TJ.

    We went to St. Jude for our stem cell x-plant for a different disease. But and for the benefit of others who may not be familiar, I’ve included a link off St. Jude with some basics on Neuroblastoma.

  8. Ill be praying from them tonight
  9. Thanks for posting that Joe. And thank you everyone else.
  10. Keep us updated and we will pray
  11. Positive thoughts for Emery Rose from my family! Good Luck!
  12. This is the fundraising campaign for Emery Rose’s Fight:

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    Bump for a good cause.
  13. Thanks for posting that Joe. And thank you everyone else.

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    Any updates on Emery TJ?
  14. She’s doing much better. Her blood counts are back up so they were able to take her off oxygen. They are going to do an ultrasound this Friday, but they are thinking and hoping the first round of chemo licked it and she won’t need another round. Appreciate the prayers guys! Keep it up!

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