Pray for healing from sickness

Through prayers, we are able to communicate to our living God. Human beings face many challenges and one of them is sickness. We believe that when we tell God our grievances he usually answers. When you are praying you should have faith that God will answer your prayers.

pray for healing from sickness

Prayer for Healing the Sick

Prayer for healing is away of asking the Lord your God to heal your loved ones or even people you do not know. Did you know it is always good to remember to pray for others in your prayers? Well, as Catholics we have a powerful prayer that you can use when praying for healing and strength.

Prayer for Healing of Sickness

This article will help you have a powerful prayer for healing from sickness. Maybe you’re the one who is sick, your loved one or you want to dedicate the prayer to heal those who are suffering with sickness. Take the prayers seriously, have faith and God will do wonders.

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pray for healing from sickness

Prayers for Healing

Our heavenly and everlasting father, we humble ourselves before you. You are the eternal salvation for those who have faith in you. We know that when we cry onto you, believing, and trusting you shall surely answer us. Here are the sick and on their behalf, we pray for healing from above. May you heal them so that they can live to give testimonies of your miracle healing.

God you are the giver of Life and we also know you are able to take it back. May your will be done in their lives. We need you Lord and we shall glorify and magnify your name forever. We know you are the healer of the sick and we don’t look up on any human being for healing. The earthly doctors may be unable to recognize their sickness or even say there is no treatment for them, but you are our almighty heavenly physician for all the sick.

You are God of healing filled with love and kindness. We pray that you have mercy on us. Thank you because we know you shall answer our prayers and we will spread your word forever. Amen.

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