Pray before you go to bed

pray before you go to bed

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pray before you go to bed

 Today’s PRACTICALLY SPEAKING is all about developing a healthy nighttime routine. I’m writing this as much for me as for you! There are many evening I fall into bed exhausted after a long day of work or just too much late night tv watching. And there are lots mornings I get up at 3:00 am and can’t fall back to sleep! Not good! So, I’m changing my ways and setting myself up for a great night’s sleep and a successful morning! Here are 8 things I’m doing every night before I go to bed!


pray before you go to bed

Send just a few minutes tidying up the downstairs before bed. Put everything back in place. Fluff the pillows, clean off table surfaces, put away magazines and books. Put all things that need to go upstairs in a laundry basket and carry them up with you when you go to bed!

I’t so nice to come down to a tidy home the next am!


pray before you go to bed

Take a look at your schedule for the following day. Make a list of the top 3 things to get done! Note all scheduled appointments. 


pray before you go to bed


Sort 1 load of laundry and put it by the your bedroom door. In the morning take it with you when you go to get a cup of coffee or tea! Throw that load in as soon as you get down stairs! When I consistently do this I have no laundry pile up! And I love the feeling of a closet of clean ready to wear clothes!


pray before you go to bed

My biggest pet peeve is facing dirty dishes in the sink from the night before. Make a point to clean you sink with a fabulous smelling organic cleanser every evening and you will be happy to meet your sink the next am!

Here’s a recipe for a wonderful smelling organic sink cleanser! I found this recipe on CLEAN MAMA. You will love this site!

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 10 drops lemon essential oil (or any other essential oil)
  • 10 drops “purification” essential oil (or any other essential oil)
  • Castile Soap
  • shaker top jar.

Combine the baking soda and essential oils. Put the scrub in a mason jar. Instead of a lid cut out a piece of cardstock to fit as a lid and punch 4 holes in the top. Sprinkle the scrub in the sink along with a tiny squirt of Castile soap or dish detergent and scrub it with a sink scrubber. Rinse well. You sink will be clean and fresh smelling. And so will your kitchen!


pray before you go to bed

Brush your teeth, floss, wash and hydrate your face. Use lotion on your body and pay attention to your hands neck and feet. Go to bed feeling pampered and smelling pretty. Spray your bed pillow with a little lavender spray for sweet dreams!


Don’t forget to take care of the inside of your body too! Take nightly meds and any vitamins or supplements that work better at night. I take my multivitamins at night because they are a little too rough on my stomach in the morning.


pray before you go to bed

Read something relaxing. Try to unplug from all electronic devices though. The light in them stimulates the brain and can disturb your sleep. Save your magazines till bedtime! 


Don’t forget to be thankful for the day and talk to your Father in heaven before you go to bed! Praying brings me such peace!

I bet there is something you do every night before you go to bed that might not be on this list… please share! Why don’t you join in the effort to set up a nightly routine that is healthy and smart!

pray before you go to bed

pray before you go to bed

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