Please god help me find a job

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Please merciful God, help me find a job. I have graduated with a degree, but am having trouble finding a job. I am sending out many applications each day, but am hardly able to secure an interview! Most of my classmates have found jobs, and I don’t know what I am lacking in. Please God, I want a fulfilling job related to my field of study. I hope it’s not too much to ask for! Please forgive me if I have committed any sin(s). Please remove all obstacles from my path! I offer all my skills and talents, including hard work and full dedication, to potential employers.

Please dear God, answer my prayer ASAP. Amen.

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Hello everybody,

My name is Alex, and I would like to tell you about the exciting experience of having prayers answered by God, and how I have learned to pray effectively – and to have God moving mountains in my life!

In 1999 I met some people on the street who spoke to me about the Bible, and told me that it is the truth. I did not really trust them, as I thought that I already knew everything about the Bible. But I was interested and dared to try trusting the Bible instead of my own thoughts, just as it says in PROVERBS 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own undestanding.” It is written in MARK 10:15 “Verily I say unto you, whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein”. After considering this verse I started to listen with an open heart. Afterwards I was amazed when I got proof again and again that the Bible really is the Word of God! So I became a Christian (by repentance, baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit according to ACTS 2:38), and joined the church called Christian Assemblies International.

In those days I was a student and had financial problems – like most students here in Russia I was always painfully short of money. I did not even have enough to invite a friend out to a cafe, let alone rent a flat and live independently. Such luxuries as traveling abroad were absolutely out of the question.

in this family of God, every one cares for each other

Other people in the church often “treated” me if we went out for a snack and my costs were often paid for me when we did something together, going to cinema. On a couple of occasions I was invited to attend Annual General Meeting of the Assemblies in Cornwall, England, where I received a lot of teaching and instruction from the Bible as well as enjoying memorable times of lively Christian fellowship. All my costs were paid, and I was also provided with some pocket money to be able to relax a bit, buy an occasional ice cream, and even take some souvenirs home! I still really appreciate this help and support, and thank God for it all. It showed me once again that in this family of God, every one cares for each other as it is written in the Bible: JOHN 13:34 “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another”.

It was always on my heart to have enough money to pay for myself, not only for everyday needs, but also for any future travels abroad. Now I also felt a burden to be able to help others. My first objective was to finish my studies, but I also needed to be able to work for good money while studying. It was not really possible when I thought about it, but I prayed about it and then the Lord helped me greatly; I was able to study without going to the institute for lessons, and so I had time in the day to work and start earning at the same time! I really praise God for this miracle, which was only one of many…

During my hard time of studying I read a book called The Fourth Dimension by Dr. Yonggi Cho. This book teaches how to pray specifically in order to get the perfect answers, as we are instructed by the Bible to pray according to our needs. The author writes about his own stories, and tells how he was praying for many things. For example, he needed a bike to get to work; he prayed for a long time, but did not get any answers. Then, after a while, God told him that He could supply him with any bicycle, but in his prayers he was not making it clear exactly which one he needed. So from that moment on Yonggi Cho started to pray specifically for a certain bike, and very soon he got a bike – exactly the one he asked for!

Having this story in mind, and following the pattern of Yonggi Cho and also taking advice given to me by my friend, I started to pray for a new job. I was in a difficult financial situation, and urgently needed a good job with a higher salary. In my prayers I prayed specifically about the salary, and asked God to provide me with a new job, with a salary of 10,000 Russian Roubles (this was in 2003). My salary at that time was less than half-as-much, and this request seemed impossible for me at first, when I started to pray.

Next, I decided to take a day off from work to look for a new job. I bought a magazine which listed job vacancies and started to phone up different plants and firms. Almost immediately I found a really interesting advertisement. I called the company straight away and was given an appointment the same day. The boss showed me around and explained what my duties would be. When he mentioned the salary I got really excited, as he told me that I would get 10,000 roubles! That was exactly the salary I was praying for! It was really amazing, and a miracle for me!

I still pray as specifically as I can, and the Lord always provides my needs!

As the Bible tell us: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (HEBREWS 11:1).

Praise the Lord!

Is chanting “please God help me find a job” part of your daily routine? If it is you might need to move on to Plan B of your job search. You’re going to have to take action quickly so you don’t drive yourself crazy.

I was talking to a coaching client of mine yesterday who said he was not getting calls from employers. He sent his resumes to more than ten employers and only got one interview. Hmmm. . .  it sounds like a problem with his resume. So, I sent him a link to Document Pros as a resource so he could see that I was not wrong in assuming that his documents were sub par. I asked him a couple of questions about his resumes and how he was sending it out.

I discovered that my client did not realize he should:

#1) Avoid sending out the exact same resumes to all ten employers.

#2) Always send a cover letter with the resume.

#3) Create a text version of the resume and tailor it to each job site’s requirements.

#4) Modify keywords to ensure the resume is relevant to the position.

#5) Add relevant keywords to the properties section of the document.

#6) Test the document’s appearance by distributing to friends/family.

He can increase the success of his job search simply by employing the above. He should:

#1) Tailor the resume to each position for which he applies. Each employer is not looking for the same level of expertise, experience, technical skills, or qualities so one resume will not work. Remember there is no such thing as an effective general resume. The resume is much more effective if it is fine tuned to meet the needs of each employer.

#2) Always send a cover letter. It is a MUST because it is a courtesy and an introduction. Don’t overlook this one EVER. About a third of job seekers don’t send a cover letter – gain a competitive edge by sending one.

#3) Never use a cut and paste version of a Word document  to post resumes in job sites. The formatting shifts and the resumes can become a mess for the reader to try and sift through. Create a text version of the resume and tailor it to each job site’s requirements.

#4) Always modify the keywords within the resume so that they are relevant to the position.

#5) Fill in the properties section within the document with additional relevant keywords for even greater impact.

#6) Distribute the text resume to friends/family to ensure it is legible and properly formatted.

By taking some quick steps (Plan B), my client will increase his chances at getting interviews. Please God help me find a job will be a thing of the past. By changing up your current approach, you should quickly see career-changing results!

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