Our victory

6:22Bauchamp – Panama Evolution3:58Nicola Münster – He Is Our Victory4:28Meyer Davis – College Medley: Notre Dame Victory March /…2:51Illmind – Our Victory0:00Victory In Jesus! 32 Favorite Hymns And Gospel Songs Performers – Grace Greater Than Our Sin /Amazing Grace…5:43True Worshippers – Ku Dibri Kuasa (Live)3:07True Worshippers – Opening (Live)4:53Sandi Patty – A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Rock Of Ages,…4:26My Darkest Hate – Our Sign Is Victory2:54Epic Score – Victory Is in Our Grasp4:32We Are Victory – Lost Our Way4:28Meyer Davis – College Medley: Notre Dame Victory March /…4:46True Worshippers – Be Lifted High (Live)2:52Bella Grace – Our Victory4:47True Worshippers – Raja Pemenang (Live)6:04Grace Vineyard Music – Jesus Our Victory (Live)3:55Bauchamp – Magnolia4:29True Worshippers – Hanya Di Dalam NamaNya (Live)7:38True Worshippers – As Long as Live6:24True Worshippers – Juru Slamatku (Live)4:41BWCC Worship – Christ Our Victory4:28Victory In Praise Music And Arts Seminar Mass Choir – This Is Our House4:42True Worshippers – All Power All Glory (Live)6:28True Worshippers – Jadi SepertiMu (Live)6:32True Worshippers – Tuhan Yang Hidup (Live)4:19The Neverclaim – Man of Sorrows (Jesus Our Victory) 8:46Candy LaFlora – Our God Is Victory (Live)5:19Bauchamp – Cinqo4:28Geraldine Adams, Neville D – Jesus Our Victory0:15Bauchamp – Intro2:54Epic Score – Victory Is in Our Grasp (No Vocals)5:08True Worshippers – God Is Our Victory (Live)6:47True Worshippers – NamaMu Tuhan (Live)3:43Geneda – His Sacrifice, Our Victory5:48Bauchamp – Our Victory over the Dark4:30Geraldine Adams – Jesus Our Victory

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Victory Pins: “By seeing this sign, you will know you are not alone.” The story of V.

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Winged Victory: “At what cost are you willing to protect your victory.” The story of Victory during WWII.

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our victory

I do not believe we should be defined by the things with which we have struggled, or the things with which we struggle still; rather, let us say of ourselves and others: ‘yes, we’ve overcome or are trying to overcome addiction, depression, abuse, illness, or the like–what of it?! We glory in our struggles only inasmuch as they have led us to the gateway of freedom, and in that journey we have found community, peace, love, and joy!”

I do not know why you have had to go through what you have gone through, but I do know you are not alone; I do not really know what the great eternal purpose of suffering is, but I do know we can find purpose in sharing our experiences, and helping others through similar struggles; and I do not know when there will be an end to world-wide suffering, but I do know that there will be an end, a thousand ends, in fact, to a thousand struggles. Those ends, as they makes themselves manifest in our daily lives, are called victories. And above all, I know this: we all have them and they are worth remembering… Read More.

our victory

The Heart of the Matter is a non-denominational Christian documentary film that explores the realities of pornography addiction as seen through the lives of recovering addicts. The shame that stems from pornography addiction is daunting and actually perpetuates unhealthy behaviors. Learn more!


not that i’d actually wanna live in a different time period, thanks very much, but also lately im vibing the idea of being born hundreds years ago when an army trudges through my city and kills all my loved ones and i must assume a male disguise in order to seek revenge in this male-dominated society so i cut my hair short and slick it back and join the army and learn how to use a big heavy broadsword and i soon have a reputation as a great swordsman which is only overpowered by my reputation as a great lover despite the fact i never take all my clothes off but i still manage to get all the women and the other guys in my regiment can’t figure out how i’m so good with them but i just gotta shrug and play up the ladies man thing until one day i meet a princess of the blood and im charged with protecting her on a journey out of the capital but we get separated from the rest of the regiment and i start developing feelings for her because she’s spunky but i know It Can Never Be for a number of reasons and then one night she catches me bathing in the moonlight and i instinctively draw my sword because No One Can Know My Womanly Secret but also she’s the princess and also also now i’m in love with her so i simply hand the sword over but she throws it aside with a clatter and throws herself at me and we make love by the lakeside and the next day i put on my soldiers gear and we keep moving wondering what the future will hold when the enemy horde comes upon us and i defend her but am outnumbered when suddenly our separated guards catch up and we fight the invaders and i kill the man who slaughtered my family because he is conveniently part of this regiment and we’re all happy for our victory but i still look sadly at the princess because It Can Still Never Be and i must take her to the capital to meet her betrothed and we kiss and make love sadly in a tent one last time but then we finally reach the city it turns out her fiance is a huge Gay too and has a huge entourage of gays following him around and brushing lint out of his fur coats and he hires me to be the queen’s bodyguard wink wink nudge nudge and i meet her nightly using a secret passageway under the castle and also i get a really cool new sword and history doesnt remember me as anything more than a friend to the queen until centuries later when a bunch of love letters are found in a secret compartment under the castle by a lesbian librarian who was researching the local history and she falls in love with the lady castle tour guide as they bond over an interest in our love story the end 


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