Numbers prayer

numbers prayer

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Numbers.1 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.2 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.3 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.4 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.5 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.5.24 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Numbers.5.24 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.5.27 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Numbers.5.27 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.6 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.7 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.8 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.9 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.9.13 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Numbers.9.13 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.10 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.10.11-12 God Led Israel From A Cloud
Numbers.11 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.11.2 Israel Asked Moses To Pray For Relief From God’s Fire
Numbers.11.2 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.11.4 REF-Egyptians Traveling With Israel Longed For Home
Numbers.11.16a God Gave Instructions To Moses
Numbers.11.16b God Wants Leaders People Follow
Numbers.11.16c Leaders Must Be Recognized By Peers
Numbers.11.16d Tabernacle Was A Place To Meet God
Numbers.11.17a Tabernacle Was A Place To Meet God
Numbers.11.17b God’s Holy Spirit Was On Moses
Numbers.11.17c There Are Different Levels Of Holy Spirit
Numbers.11.17d The Holy Spirit Helps Us Bear Burdens
Numbers.11.25a God Lives In A Cloud
Numbers.11.25b God Gave Instructions To Moses
Numbers.11.25c There Are Different Levels Of Spirit
Numbers.11.25d God Put Some Of His Spirit On Leaders
Numbers.11.25e Prophecies Come By The Holy Spirit
Numbers.12 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.12.1 Attack From Moses’s Family
Numbers.13 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.14 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.14.21 Somehow, God’s Glory Fills The Earth
Numbers.14.21 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.14.33 Faithlessness Has A Cost
Numbers.14.33 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.14.34 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Numbers.14.34 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.15 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.15.31 Some Suffering Is Self-Inflicted
Numbers.15.31 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.16 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.17 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.18 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.19 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.20 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.21 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.21.17 Israel Asked Moses To Pray For Relief From God’s Snakes
Numbers.21.17 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.22 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.23 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.24 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.24.17 Star To Signify A King Prophecy Literal
Numbers.24.23-24a God Controls Storms
Numbers.24.23-24b Prophecy: Storms Will Destroy Enemy Ships
Numbers.24.23-24 Surgical Prayer
Numbers.25 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.26 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.27 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.28 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.29 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.30 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.31 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.32 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.33 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.33.4 REF-God Defeated All The gods Of Egypt
Numbers.34 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.35 Chapter Title Slide
Numbers.35.33 Murder Pollutes The Land
Numbers.36  Chapter Title Slide
Nine Prayers in Numbers:

11. Aaron for the blessing of God upon the people (32 words in the form of benediction;Num 6:24-26). Answered because of God’s promise (Num 6:27).

12. Moses for God to bless on the journey (27 words; Num 10:35-36). Answered when Israel lived free from sin, but unanswered when they sinned, which was according to God’s word (Ex 32:32-33).

13. Moses in complaining to God because the burden was too heavy (136 words; Num 11:10-15). Answered because of God’s words (Num 11:16-20,25-30).

14. Moses for God to show him what to do to give the people flesh (56 words; Num 11:21-22). Answered because of God’s word (Num 11:21) and to show His power (Num 11:23).

15. Moses for the healing of Miriam (8 words; Num 12:13). Answered because of God’s love for Moses (Num 12:14-16).

16. Moses for God to spare Israel and uphold His own honor (208 words; Num 14:13-19). Answered because of Moses’ prayer (Num 14:20).

17. Moses for judgment on sin (20 words; Num 16:15). Answered because of sin (Num 16:23-34).

18. Israel for forgiveness of sin (25 words; Num 21:7). Answered because of Moses’ prayer and by type of Christ on the cross (Num 21:7-9; 3:14-16).

19. Moses for a new leader of Israel (56 words; Num 27:16-17). Answered because of God’s plan for Israel (Num 27:18-23).

References to prayer (Num 11:2; 21:7).

by Kerry Bachmann (Rock Springs WY)

Heavenly Father, I seek your ear to listen, to offer your power an mercy an holy grace, that you might save our sister from the clutches of death. For she has not yet seen with her eyes nor heard with her ears, your divine power an exisistence. I pray that you seek this child an bring her to the righteous path that she may me be lovingly guided an walk with you in your glorified light an loving protection. I pray that the angels an soldiers of your All Mighty Kingdom come to battle for her soul, for spiritual weakness binds her to desparity an death is close at hand. I pray that she is wrapped in the peace an comfort an loving warmth of the wings of the Holy Spirit . Forgive her sins for she knows not of your Holy Kingdom an not of our savior Jesus Christ. I pray that the blood of Jesus bathes an cleanses an renews her spirit an gives her faith in the All Mighty. In the name of our Savior I pray to God that you seek this spiritually blind an helpless child for she cannot find her way, bless her with the Holy Spirit an open her eyes, touch her heart. I pray that you heal her young 27 yr old body, from the scars an damage of drinking, give her the will to live according to your will that she might live to embrace an witness your miracles an divine power, love an existence. Let it be your will that she accepts an recieves the love an forgiveness of Jesus Christ. I pray forgiveness an love an strength be rained upon

Our sister in Christ. Please, heal her pain an discomfort, dry her tears an relieve her fears with your Fatherly love. I pray that her life is preserved an a second chance mercifully given to her, through your loving grace, so that she may find peace an hope an the meaning of life, and eternal life, that she may seek your divine grace an Holy righteousness an be reborn in the body an blood of Jesus Christ. In my small an imperfect existence I pray that you hear my plea an let it be your will to let lift up her soul an let her shine as your child of your perfect creation. In the name of Our Father, Son, an Holy Spirit I pray for a miracle to be blessed upon this child as she lies in her bed with the fear of the darkness of death

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