Nite prayer

Hey everyone…

how cool was last nite?? THe worship was just so powerful n the prayer session was great too. Honestly, i’m glad that i prayed wif u gals. Hope you gals felt the same way abt the prayer meeting. I think wat really struck me was the time when we were praying for our direction, and calling on our lives. Here is a little prayer for you guys:

Dear Lord,

i just want to commit every precious gurl in me cell (Joy, Ruth C., Ruth A., Fiona, Lauren, Rebecca). Lord, may you keep their hearts pure before you, may you protect them from all harm. Lord, i just want to pray for your Holy Spirit to be on their lives. THat whateva they do, they will always have u in mind. Lord, i pray for direction upon their lives. Even though they may be young, but u told Timothy to not look down on his youth…in the same way, I pray that they will dare to

dream BIG for you and be bold to step out in faith and do

YOUR WILL . Lord, may you

stir the passion for your name . May they never stop having more of u in their lives. I pray for direction, for a vision, for a revelation of you. Continue to keep them excited for u n yeah….live out loud to shout your fame.

In JC’s name i pray from the bottom of my heart,


Okay, so just want to encourage you guys to really put prayer as something that is important as you walk with the Lord. COmmit anything and everything to Him who listens. Remember, [rayer can bring you closer to Him.

Alrite..having said that, i just want to let u noe that tis friday will be either @ the movies and then coffeeclub, or in the city @ MElbourne High. Lauren cld u e-mail me tt BOOM thingy…n how to get there…fiona, cld u do the same too….hope its not too much of a trouble. Nothing is confirmed yet, so yeah..i’ll confirm everyhting latest by wednesday. Okay!! In the meantime, happy easter….and stay rockin crazy for Him.

Luv, CHeryl
A Nite Prayer – Prayer of the Monk Antiochus

“Now that we are about to lie down to sleep, grant us, O Master, the repose of our soul and body. Preserve us against the dark slumber of sin and against any impure satisfaction that roams around in the darkness of night; quiet the assaults of our passions, arrest the darts that the Evil One insidiously throws at us, stil the commotions of our flesh, and calm all earthly and worldly feelings within us. Grant us, O Lord, a watchful mind, innocent thoughts, a sober heart, a gentle sleep free from evil dreams; at the hour of prayer, arouse us, strong in the practice of your commands and ever-mindful of your desires; give us the grace to sing your glory throughout the night; to praise, bless and glorify your all-honorable and magnificent name, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and always and for ever and ever.” Amen.

(Prayer of the Monk Antiochus to Our Lord, God, and Saviour Jesus Christ – taken from Byzantine Daily Worship)

~ by alwyn on September 26, 2007.

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