Lord please help me prayer

by Danielella (Usa)

Dear Lord, I come to you just as I am today, I am a sinner, I repent of my sins,Please forgive me for my sins,as I forgive others who have done wrong to me.

Please take control of my life, I give you my entire being. I thank you Lord for all that youve brought me through,my many blessings and miracles those Ive seen and the
blessings and miracles to come. Yesterday wasnt a very good day for me, I realized Im still afraid. Ive been afraid of everything all my life, the feeling of fear never goes away.

Im now 55 years old. Help me Lord, to be free of this fear. Ive been afraid of everything,never really travelled, afraid of animals, never had a pet. etc.

I realized that my life always seem to be gray because of it. Ive prayed,study,I really do believe every word in the bible. I need your help Lord. Ive made a mess of my life. I need your
strength, your guidance, your peace. Help me to obey your words Do not be afraid Thank you lord in your Holy name. Amen

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by Lakisha (Chicago Il)

Dear God,

I come to you in prayer this morning with a Humble and Open mind lord I am coming to you in despair which I need your assistance; Before I stat this prayer I want to say thank you for being there for me when I didnt even deserve it and I know Ive been the best person in the last year or so due to all of the trauma Ive been through lord and I would like to ask you for forgiveness lord Im not perfect and I allowed my fears to take over and it still not easy I still have days wondering if I can go on with life but you always give me a reason to keep living. Lord please help me I am crying out to you Lord I need blessings and help in all areas of life lord. From Fear, Health, Finances, My two boys they also needs healing as well and my small business lord please help me abundantly and I also have a special request for a young man whom I am so in love with lord and I only know if its in your will this could only happen and I also know that I cant make any one love me or make me whole which Im not looking for that. I am truly in love with ceric with all of my heart and soul he is the most beautiful man I have ever met yes he has some rough spots and rough around the edges but his heart is always true lord I come to you and asked if you could bring us together as one only if its in your will lord please bless us with a respectful, supportive, loving and faithful relationship please give each of us the strength we need in order to make this a long lasting relationship and that we will always reach out to you for guidance lord. I pray with conviction lord that I will never hurt him or forsake him lord he deserve and I deserve the best lord and if its not in your will lord please help me through the process of heartbreak amen.

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By Derek Dill

A prayer based on Psalm 6, for all those who are hurting. In the generation that we live, crying out to God is a necessity. May these words inspire you to talk to your heavenly Father. He is always ready and willing to hear and help you. Give God your problems, there is no need to carry the burdens of life when the Lord can do it for you.


I come to You with a repentant heart. Please forgive me for the things I have done. Please hear when I call out to You. Lord, You are my righteous God. You can make my life right and You alone can free me from my grief. I know that You can relieve my distress.

Father, have mercy on me. Please hear my prayer. I am weak from battling the sins that come at me and the thoughts of my own mind. My body aches to be freed from the troubles that this world brings.

Lord, I will pray often and I know that You will hear my voice, even when I speak to You in my silent thoughts. To You, I am crying out and my prayers are now before You. Father, I give to You my problems, I do not want them.

Father, please restore myself to You. Save me from this world and from myself. I know that You have compassion for Your children, so please save me. Those who do not seek Your free gift of salvation do not know You, but I do and I thank You. Father, I thank You for Your patience.

Father, I am weary from worry and my sadness never seems to cease. I will put my trust in You, for I know that You will stop the overwhelming grief that I feel and not allow it to consume my life.

Leave me alone, evils of this world, for the Lord has heard my cry. Father, show me Your ways and teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me. You are the God of my salvation and on You I will wait. Teach me Your way, O Lord, and make my path smooth. Protect me from the evils of this life and guide me through all my days.

Father, thank You for hearing my plea. I know You will receive my prayer. Father, consider and have compassion on all who read these words, and all who hurt, in this troubled generation we live. Keep them in the center of Your love, as You have done for me.

In Jesus’ Name,


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This woman she knows The story of heartbreak Beneath the weight of day She`s seen the hate On people`s faces Dark skin her only disgrace She cries help me please Lord help me please Her children she taught them How to be proud in the face Of adversity She gave them the love, respect and understanding Showing them The way to be free Lord help her please Lord help her please Lord, please She stands tall High as a mountain Her heart as deep as the sea She`s known hardship and sorrow That brought her down on her knees Lord help her please Lord help her please Lord help her please Lord please

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