Joys and concerns prayer examples

Welcome to our prayer wall – where we share the joys and concerns of our community and the world. Our minister prays for each and every person here. Our caring team helps everyone in our community on their path of healing. 

Please pray and surround our community with loving thoughts as we share our joys and concerns in our lives. If you have a joy or concern or are in need of prayers, please contact our Minister:

For Laurie who is trying to make ends meet

Proud of Seth for offering his first meditation class

For John Barbee who passed away. We love the Barbee family!

For anyone who felt alone during the solstice

Glad Jim is doing ok after his fall

Love and light to everyone having a hard time this holiday season

For Liz as her family deals with a genetic heart condition

Joy for all the kids in the Nutcracker!

For Barb who lost her sweet kitty

Thankful Maura and her family are safe after their car slid off the road!

Proud of Ashley staying strong in her recovery

For Emma and her recent cancer diagnosis

Praying for Rev. Shawna and her family and all the other water protectors at Standing Rock.

Tough week for all of us who voted. Patience. And hope. Love.

All I can say after the election is “let’s pray’.

Thank you world for standing rock!

For John Barbee, who is in hospice – our thoughts and prayers.

Joy for the unconditional opportunity to GROW!

So grateful for our TRUU community and for Shawna’s sermon today! I went away feeling better!

Jim is headed to Mayo clinic in November for a second opinion – he is a liver transplant recipient – thinking healing thoughts for him – love this community and the open spirit of the UUs.

Love and prayers for John and Nancy Barbee.

Sadness for our local boy who died by suicide.

I am concerned for our country and for the future of the planet and for my children. Will the earth be a place they will be able to find nourishment, safety, peace?

Joy for being part of a loving community.

TRUU and Carbondale!!

Concerned about the country. … Continue reading →

Joyful for our Minister, Rev. Shawna Foster … Continue reading →

Returned recently from my 18 year old nephew’s funeral, who was murdered. Dealing with family and friends back there. Also praying about an estranged relationship.

Sadness. Difficulty fighting prescriptions addiction and the depression that follows. Joyous of the support from my community and the opportunity to start over. Thankful for the fact I chose to get better before it consumed me.

So sad that during my get out of the vote calls someone said “I hope someone shoots Hillary. Have a nice day.”

Love having my daughter in the same town – joy being in Carbondale.


Prayers for Rev. Connie Stone’s daughter Abby will be going to Mayo Clinic in Rochester at the end of this month for seven days of intensive testing. The neurology team there looked at her symptoms, and said that though they are booked up for several months, they felt it would not be prudent to put her on a waiting list. Please pray that they are able to find the tumor and treat it successfully. Also, her current
insurance is not accepted by Mayo. They said she has to have a better
insurance policy before they can do anything, or we have to pay $5,000 to
$7,000 up front. Please pray that she can get a better insurance quickly.
Her appointment date is the 27th.


Prayers for Chris Burger and family on the loss of Sue (Burger) Mitchell (Chris’s Mother). She turned 99 last December.  She will be cremated according to her wishes. The plan is to have a Celebration of Life Service at the United Presbyterian Church of Binghamton, NY where she was a member. There will be an Interment Service at the Community Presbyterian Church’s Memorial Garden in Englewood, Fl. when her ashes are laid to rest along with my Dad’s (died 2001) and her second husband (of six years), Ed Mitchell (died 2009).

Both services will take place this spring, sometime after Easter. We’ll let everyone know the dates, when the actual arrangements have been made. Condolences can be sent to 110 Walters Road, Whitney Point, NY 13862

Please contact Committee on Ministry co-chairs, Marsha Muller and Lisa Ruth Mays if you have a pastoral care concern or need.


Our law enforcement officers and first responders as they work
to protect us; and, God’s protection for all Christians. All our
travelers. Safety for those impacted by Hurricane Florence.

 Kayley Anderson – multiple surgeries (close friend of Kara &; Charlie)
Lou Hendershott – heart problems (sister of Ken Smyers)
Teresa Jean-Pierre – seeking employment (member & friend of Michele Panici)
Javier Alegre – foot surgeries (brother of Elena Smyers)
Coot & Dianne Johnson and family (parents of Tani Godfrey)
John & Dot Eichelberger – Dot had heart attack and fell
Chris Reed & family – Chris has cancer (grandson of Bob Hartley)
Ed Sheftz – under Hospice care (brother of Michael Sheftz)
Lynn Davis – relief from cancer treatments (sister of Louise Baker)
Theo Brown – stomach issues (infant son of Tevin & Jessica)
Junior Decker – (brother-in-law, Ken Smyers)
Henry Lambeth – recovering from a fall (father of Diane Stephenson)
Lynne Vanderhoff – freedom from pain
Terry Lewis – relief from chemo (brother of Connie Giles)
Scott – healing after surgery
Bob Hartley – healing after chemo
Harley, Colleen & Richard Olsen – new & continuing health issues
Karen & Holly – cancer (daughters of the Holcomb & Heckman friend Joyce)
Robin Roberts – cancer treatments

David McClendon
Jim Kelly
Jack & Franziska Templeton
Cary & Sara Reeves
Marina Hinojosa
Rufus Blue
Betty Kellar
Rev. Tom Stephenson
Catherine Butera
John McDonald
Carol & Regina Ingram
Mary Helen Neely

Tanya Ogletree is now in rehab

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