How to pray for peace

how to pray for peace

I want to ask you: “Do you know what will happen with you today? Do you know what will happen with you tomorrow? Do you know what will happen with you in a week? Do you know what will happen with you in a year? Who knows that? Do you know? ” I don’t know. Maybe someone feels it. But this all is a mystery for us, which is covered with opaque covering. And only God knows this mystery.

We read In the Gospel how Our Lord Jesus Christ healed different people many times. A man suffered for a long time before the healing. The man suffered many-many years. Maybe, the man suffered for his mistakes, or even not for his own mistakes. It is unknown. Maybe, he suffered for his relatives, close people he took care of for a long time. And the Lord came at that time when that person needed that, when the man was ready to be healed.

Today a lot of people ask question: “How to pray in the time of the terrible war aggression, which is happening in Ukraine right now? How long this darkness will last in our country? How long people will suffer in it?” And the answer, I think, can be next: God comes at the time we are ready to accept help. The Lord pulls us out of the conditions we are stuck in; it concerns to one person and to the country in the whole. He helps every person as much as it is possible to help this man in these circumstances. He helps all the time. He takes care of every person, who is opened to Him, who invites Him to the life, to the heart, to the existence on the Earth, to the inner world.

And there must be a prayer if we want that the Lord could act more in our life and in the life of our country. Actions and the prayer. If we can do nothing now, because we are weak, because we do not have power and chance to do something good, there is a prayer. There is a sincere, true prayer, which brings the light on this Earth. The prayer can change the course of war aggression, which is happening in our country. In order to have less bloodbathiness and murders. That all other countries of the world, that look and think now: “Should we interfere? Should we help?” That they will start to act. They have to start helping to save our nation, save our faith, save our people.

But we shouldn’t blame people, who are destroying our country. However, we can’t bear them. At the same time we do not know what will happen with us in the future. They suffer too that they destroy. Maybe they are intoxicated with that evil spirit they are surrounded. We can only pray, that the bloodshed will stop on our land as soon as possible.

And we even have to pray for Russia. We shouldn’t pollute it and blame it. No. There are good, sincere people, who have not woken up jet. But maybe one, two or even ten present of Russian people start to understand what is happening. And the Lord will bless and they will wake up due to our prayers. That they could understand what has happened in our country; we replaced that corrupted government and they can do the same. They have to become free and to stop their sufferings. They have to be full of that mud in which they live.

Do not switch on Russian channels, do not watch their advertising. I accidentally saw their advertising and was shocked. They just confuse facts in every way they can.

That is why we have to pray not only for ourselves, we must pray for them. In order to help the light to come from inside the country – from people. It will not come from the government; it is useless to wait something good out of it. It is deaf to this life, it is deaf to this world, it lives in itself. But we want our Earth to be in Light. We want the Lord be on it; we want Him to be with us, that He could hear our prayers. Because it is our right – to ask. It is our right. So, do not throw it away, but use it. It is the instrument of work and with it you can help that God’s Light and the Kingdom of God will be on the Earth.

Appeal to God with any words. You can read the prayer, any prayer you know – “Our Father in heaven” or “O Heavenly King”. You can read any prayer you want. Everything what brings something good to your soul. Everything what helps your soul to develop and open to God. You can say in your own words: “Oh Lord, help, because the Earth suffers, because the Earth asks and people ask: Oh God, help!” And God’s grace and love will come. Because it depends on our actions, prayers and desires. That is why do not throw it. Pray, ask, act, live!

Prayer is a best source for peace of mind.

It is a priceless and easiest way to attain peace of mind.

Further it doesn’t require heavy advice, skill or practice.

Any one even for the first time can perform it at any time and any place. But doing it at a proper place and at regular time intervals is most effective method of prayer to attain desired level of mental peace.

Even Lord Jesus Christ mentioned that prayer can be done from where you are and no need of going for church or temple etc. Even Mohammedans practice prayer in a peaceful place. The place is clean and pleasant mostly.

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Prayer offers not only mental peace but also other virtues like determination, patience, control of temperament, courage to take up challenges and strong focus towards desired goals.

This may be the reason why Mahatma Gandhi exclaimed “I would have been a lunatic long ago without prayer”.

Even the most violent people like terrorists, smugglers practice prayer for all the above benefits. But what ever path we take in we are responsible for the results. So take up prayer with a good heart and for peace of mind to you and also those around.

How to do prayer for peace of mind

1. Close your eyes with both palms folded or in receiving style.

2. Then with complete heart and mind talk to the almighty or super power (share yourself).

3. You can repent for your mistakes, ask for help or tell him your goals you wish to accomplish.

4. But these talking should be from deep down your heart.

5. There may be occasions like having  tears in your eyes or smile on your face but just go on without hesitating what other think in case you are in a group or public.

6. The prayer can be for few minutes and stop once it is over. Always try to thanks him for whatever possessions or happiness he has given you.

7. Prayer helps heal even depression, so thanking helps develop positivism while bitter weeping for your troubles will relieve your mental anguish or sorrow.

8. Before prayer try to be tidy enough and cheerful enough without tension of work etc.

9. Try to find a silent place but one can do it even in noisy place even.

10. Daily prayer is way to obtain faster and consistent peace of mind.

Regular prayer gives constant enjoyment to the doer. It helps you build character and mental strength in you.

Try to pray at-least twice in a day once in the morning and once before going to bed or in the evening. Pray for peace of mind.

Last month, we first shared this short article with UCB, reflecting on some of the lessons we’ve learned as we’ve sought to be peacemakers on our knees…

2014 marks one hundred years since the war to end all wars began. Memorials; documentaries; new publications… our media this year has been full of the past’s stories. But sadly our headlines have been even more dominated by present conflicts.

At the Sanctuary our year has likewise been dominated by wars and rumours of wars. We have watched and prayed with nation after nation as conflict after conflict has escalated during the last few months. And we have cried out for peace again and again.

There’s no correct way to pray for peace. No formula to learn and no techniques to master. We are simply coming to our all powerful Father to pour out our broken hearts – the hearts he gave us in the first place – on behalf of the children he so loves. And there are no experts in how to pray for peace. But here are some of the thoughts we’re trying to remember as we continue on:

Don’t be scared by the politics: You don’t have to be an expert in the Middle East or anywhere else to pray. Your kingdom come – your will be done is enough. Simply bringing the name of a nation is sufficient. Tears are welcome. Clever words and knowledgeable prayers won’t give God an insight he doesn’t have.

Remember our battle is not against flesh or blood: As we look at the number of conflicts happening at the moment – and how interlinked many of them are – the truth of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 rings louder than ever. Don’t get caught up too much in trying to figure out the human solutions to conflicts that often don’t have a human origin.

Pray for hearts on all sides: Pray for everyone – dictators, oppressors, rebels, terrorists, media professionals, politicians, the public – that we might all have our hearts softened towards God and our neighbour.

Pray with humility: Remember that conflict is within us all and that all of our hearts are quick to harden.

Stand on specific answered prayer: Praying – as God leads – for specific outcomes helps you see what God is doing step-by-step and builds faith to ask for more as you see them answered.

Keep hopeful, keep Jesus-focused and keep going: Remember that God can and does change both circumstances and hearts to overcome them. And that whilst we pray for transformation on earth – one day all war will cease. Spend more time looking at him than at the detail of the darkness. And press on even when you don’t feel like it.

Our hope is certain. He has won. Peace will come.

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