Healing prayer for my mother

by Shannon Roberts (Age 13 (Scotland)

Lord look upon my mother as she gets old and weak

Lay your hands on me to do my very best to help her, she knows just how to make me smile when i feel down and little, she means every thing to me and my family so i ask you my lord to give her all the strenth she needs .

My mother is like no other. she would do any thing to help you even if she was un-well. she prays alot to saints and of course your self so please answer her prayers.

Every thing she dose is for someone else not for her she dose not care what she looks like as long as she see’s her family strong, happy and wealthy.

So, please my lord help my mother as best as you can help her to gain weight and to to give her strength.

Thank you lord amen x

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by Edith (Bowie, Maryland, USA)

I come to you my brothers and sisters to go to The Lord in prayers with me that through the interception of the blessed St Jude, the Almighty God will will render his tender healing mercy on my mother Margaret who is both physically and emotionally sick.

She is old in age, her eye sight has failed her and she is sad, lonely and depressed. I beg of you and of our beloved St Jude to intercede on her behalf that Almighty God have mercy on her, forgive her sins, heal her from all sickness, fears, anxiety and worries and protect her from all evils and prayers for all the sick people of this world .

This I give you thanks and glory. Praises be thine. Amen

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by Serena Ng (Malaysia)

Please pray to heal my mother’s stage 4 brain tumour and stop her internal bleeding also. It is very serious and her survival rate is very low. Doctor say he cannot do anything already. The tumour is too deep inside the brain and surgery cannot be done as it is too risky.

Besides that, doctor find that she got internal bleeding but cannot detect where the bleeding came from. My whole family is now physically and mentally ill seeing my mother suffering in the hospital right now.

Dear Lord, You are the Just judge, Holy and True. You are the Most High God. You give us life. You hold all power in your hands. Please completely heal my mother and give her a second chance to continue her normal life. My mother has a very pure heart, she does not deserves all this sufferings. Dear Lord Jesus, please remove all those sickness from her body. Let her continue to enjoy her golden years.

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by Sharon (Trinidad)

I offer up this prayer daily for my Mother’s ongoing healing and request that she be blessed with a Miracle. I pray for the restoration of her health and for the removal of all anxious thoughts and feelings. I pray for the deepening of her faith. I pray that my Mother will not despair and for her to hold on to the belief that with God nothing is impossible and for her to know that the entire family is praying for her always. I sincerely believe that through his miraculous power, the Lord our God is healing her right now. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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