Healing prayer for my grandmother

by Serena (Malaysia)

Please help to pray for my grandmother who is very ill. Her abdomen, legs and feet are swollen. There is blood in her urine and deep yellow. She is unable to eat alot and her eyes turned yellow. Her skin and tongue are yellowish and she gets confused easily. Her moods change unexpectedly.

She has a deep fear of hospitals and I have been trying to persuade her to go with me for a checkup. After much encouragement, she has agreed to go with me to the hospital tomorrow.
Please pray for her healing, strength and recovery, and for her not to worry or be anxious and fearful.

She feels herself a burden to others to which I always state that she is not. I pray that she will keep her spirits up and stay optimistic. Please also help pray for the doctors, nurses and hospital staff during the course of diagnostic tests, treatment and care for my beloved grandmother.
Thank you.


Lord, i trust in you. this is why i come before you and request to restore my grandmother’s health. it is you who gives and take. Lord, nothing is impossible to you, it is human beings that make you far and impossible.

Forgive our sins Lord. Touch my grandmother who is in the hospital bed. send your angels to guide her. heal her lord, as i trust that your the healer among all the doctors in the world. Help the doctors to medicate my grandmother.

Give us the opportunity to live with Grandmother for few years. I know death is the universal truth of mankind. But, all am asking is few years of life in my Grandmother’s life. Grant this opportunity Lord. Forgive all our sins and Hear my prayer. I trust in you Lord.


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