Healing prayer for baby

healing prayer for baby

Jen’s Story

Over the years, I have gone through different seasons of healing. Past abuse and sin in my life needed to be delt with. I cried through many hours of counseling sessions, which were helpful, but sometimes, God will use a simple prayer to set us free from the guilt that we hold onto from our past.

Allowing God to heal us and set us free sometimes takes time, but I believe that it is a choice we need to make on our own. As we come before the Lord, we need to believe that He will heal us. We need to have faith that the All Mighty God can and will set us free from that bondage. When Jesus gave His life for us on the cross, it was for our Salvation and for our healing. In Isaiah 53:5 it says, “By His stripes (or wounds), we are healed.” I know that God did not put that in the Bible by accident, but instead, to encourage us that He has overcome the world and He is the author of our lives. He desires us to live a life pleasing to Him.

Some say that everything, both good and bad things happen to us for a reason. Some ugly things happened to me when I was younger and I didn’t understand why. Was being molested at 12 years old, date raped at 15 and having an abortion at 16, God’s plan for my life? I’m not so sure. I made some very poor choices. But I do know that God works all things And we know that God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose(Romans 8:28). He is perfect and wants the best for His children. I made many terrible choices and put my self in situations that were not ideal. I chose not to walk with the Lord and not to obey His commandments. I needed to repent and ask for His forgivness. Continue Reading…

Infertility Prayer

I remember the first time my husband and I were trying to get pregnant; it took months and months for us to conceive. I know how painful it was to have to wait and wait. Each month, I remember hoping and praying that this would be the month that I found out that I was pregnant.
God’s timing is not our timing. I know now that if I got pregnant months and months before, I would not have my Micah or my Malia that I have today. You see, there would have been a completely different set of…Continue Reading

Miscarriage Prayer

Miscarriage can be a devastating time in your life. Maybe you had one recently or maybe it was many years ago. Either way, it hurts and you lost your baby. I am so very sorry for your loss.
I cannot even pretend to understand how you must feel. It is so hard to know why God allows these things to happen to us.
Both my sister and my mom have had two…Continue Reading

Abortion Prayer

When I was just 16 years old, I did the unthinkable and I had an abortion. I didn’t want to do this, and I felt pressured into this decision. (You can read the rest of my story here.) Abortion not only kills babies, but it also affects the mother for the rest of her life. Depression and feelings of suicide are very normal. I know, I almost took my life… Continue Reading

Salvation Prayer

Dear Child of God,

Would  you would like to ask God to forgive you right now and join the family of believers? If you do, please pray this prayer with me now and make sure to send me a note so I can pray for you also! Salvation Prayer.

Please remember, God Forgives You!

No matter what you’ve done in your life, if you asked Him, He just forgive you! Take a look at my past! I was in total bondage, but now,  I am completely set free by the blood of Jesus. This is the only way, NOT by our works or being a good person, but by the free gift that Jesus gave us on the cross.

He loves you more than you can ever imagine. All we need to do is ask Him to forgive us and He will cast all of our sins in the depths of the sea. ( Micah 7:19)

I will be praying for you!

Many Blessings!

Jennifer Polimino


Imagine – for one painful moment – that your doctor said, “Your daughter will never survive.” Just a couple weeks ago, a new father and mother heard these words. Does the prayer for healing work?

They didn’t have enough money to afford an operation for their newborn so they were forced to go to a community hospital in this third world country here in the Philippines. Many times people go to quack doctors because of expenses. Instead, go to a Christian with faith and give your healing prayer requests to God together!

Prayer for Healing for a Dying Baby

The parents were of age, and they had tried for 8 years to have a baby, and neither of them could stop crying. While witnessing to them, God spoke to me, “Their baby girl is going to live”. Then I told them this before I ever knew the baby was dying, nor did I know it was a baby girl. This is a very common situation here in the Philippines for people to die, because they don’t have money for a simple operation. The whole time I had a translator and wasn’t too concerned with the baby’s condition, GOD HEALS ANY SICKNESS! We lead the father and mother to Christ, and then proceeded to pray for their baby…

The baby looked premature, and sitting in a little box with oxygen pouring in. I noticed the entire time we were there that the baby never stopped crying. Though her health may have been bad, JESUS IS ABLE! We prayed and nothing drastic happened, but I had peace that we did exactly what God wanted us to do. Even though the baby was still crying, I knew God was working on her. I told the mother that her baby is going to live and she does not need to worry. She told us that if her baby lives, she would come to our church and give her testimony, as it would be a miracle!

The next Sunday, our team member who translated for me, got a text message saying, “My baby was released from the hospital! Praise God!” That baby is a walking miracle. There is no difference if you’re dying. GOD IS ABLE!

Watch this video of God healing all sorts of sickness, INCLUDING the deaf!


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