Grateful prayer

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We should be grateful with everything in our life… And this is my grateful prayer.. ^.^

Grateful Prayers

Before I go to bed..
To end my day, my tiring day..
I close my eyes..

I go inside my room..

I take my mobile phone..
then, I text God..
I text Lord..


I wanna thank You for the sunshine that I saw this morning..
I wanna thank You for letting me see that beautiful sunshine..
I wanna thank You for letting me breathe the fresh air today..


Though, I pass difficulties through days..
I wanna thank You that I am still able to pass those days..
I wanna thank You for the angels and the devils You sent me..
To accompany me through my life path..


I wanna thank You for the wonderful parents You gave me..
They might not be the best..
However, without them.. I am an orphan..
Thank You for every little thing You gave me..

Last but not least, Lord..

I wanna pray for the unwanted in this whole world..
I wanna pray for all the children..
I wanna pray for all the oldies..
Who do not have anyone on their sides..

Thank You Lord..

For the love You gave..
Bless all the unwanted, children and oldies..
So they got all the love in the world..
So they don’t feel unwanted..

Then, I press “send” button..

I go to bed..

Close my eyes..
And hope tomorrow..
I can see the sun shines again..
And hope tomorrow..
I am able to breathe the fresh air again..

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