Good nite prayer

Good Night Prayer quotes and good night prayer messages are lovely and sweet night prayer before going to bed. These good night prayers will help you relax your mind and heart. These night prayers will help you to realize about the things you did in the whole day, what was good and what was bad. it will help you to get yourself motivated for the coming day and motivate you to carry forward your hard efforts for success in life. We bring you some lovey good night prayer images, good night prayer in Hindi, good night prayer SMS and good night prayer messages for your friends and family.

Good Night Prayer images, Quotes, Messages for friends

good nite prayer

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In My Prayers At The End Of Day,
I Say A Prayer Just For You,
To Give You A Good Night’s Sleep,
To Give You A Bunch Of Good Dreams,
And To Help You Make Your Dreams Come True.
Good Night!

The day is done;

 O God the Son, Look down upon Thy little one!

O Light of Light,

 Keep me this night, And shed round me Thy presence bright.

I need not fear

 If Thou art near; Thou art my Savior Kind and dear.

good nite prayer

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As the darkness draws in, you are the light in my heart
As the air turns colder, you are the warmth in my soul
As the stars are revealed, you renew my spirit
As the moon shines, I know I am held safe in your arms.

An Evening Prayer

When I see the moon in the night sky
I speak my evening prayer:
Praise be to the Being of Life,
For His kindness and His goodness.

Please hold these I love as they sleep. Bless them with peace that surpasses understanding, sow in them hope that can not be put out, grow in them dreams and visions for their future and protect them with your unconditional love.

Short Night Prayer
I am so tired Father.
Help me to sleep now, restore my energy,
Cover my feelings and watch over my mind.
I rest in you tonight.

good nite prayer

Good Night Prayer in hindi

Muskaan aapke honto se kahi jaaye na,
aansoo aapki palko pe kabhi aaye na,
pura ho aapko har khwaab,
jo pura na ho woh khwaab kabhi aaye na.

Kabhi nam na ho yeh maasoom nigaahein,
meri aarzoo hai aap sadaa muskuraayein,
gham ke saaye hum talak hi rahein,
tere aashiyaane mein sadaa bahaarein hi aayein.

Khilty Phoolon Ki Rida Ho Jaye

Itni Hasaas Hawa Ho Jaye

Maangty Hi Haath Par Khushyan Rakh Dy

Itna Meherban Aap Pr KHUDA Ho Jaye.

good nite prayer

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Ho sakey toh mujhe kuch khaas rakhna,

Dosti ka itna toh paas rakhna,

Aapki duaon se mileygi kamyabi mujhe,

Yeh souch kar apni har dua mein yaad rakhna

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The prayer group that meets at Mt. Rock on Friday evenings to pray and intercede for the Myers family and the Thai team will not be meeting this Friday.  Instead we will be attending the Global Awakening service.  Details are as follows…

4:30 –  meet at Shippensburg K-Mart parking lot

5:00 –  stop for dinner at Cracker Barrel at the Hanover St. exit in Carlisle

7:00 –  service begins at Christ Community Church (1201 Slate Hill Road, Camp Hill)

I am not sure who will be speaking that night.  And I do believe there will be a charge of $10 at the door.  For more information or to let us know you are coming (for carpooling) please call Laverne Musser at 532-2189.

We are looking forward to a great evening together!!

Lynn and Amy

and the nite grew cold….and the nightmares returned….
life is what u make it….is what ive heard a milliontimes in mylife….though i never believed it….and never will…i never made this shit happen …i have been taking care of keith daily and the torture is getting chaotic…last nite i was uop till about 5 in the morning takin care of him…his legs were mush last nite and i tried so hard to lift him to differnt spots he neded to be….savannah was soooo much easier ….lighter too….i dunno but im not gonna sit here and pity myself anymore…life is what god throws at u…now thats the truth and no one can tell me differtly….god has done these things sooo many times to me and it just keeps comin and comin…a lil worse each time…well ill be online tmw writing some more probablly alot more…but for now im gonna end this so i can get some sleep …start working again tmw at the schools ….some more chaos to add to my plate…but cant survive without the income….well till tmw…good nite….tata sweets….Bubblez

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