God please help my family

by Ann Margaret (Vancouver, BC)

Dear God, my family is in trouble. Please give us continued strength; we are living in poverty. My partner and I argue; please help my partner to see your light, your love and your way. We are ever humbling, always helping others that are in worse positions then ourselves.

Please be ever present, when my partner loses patience; teach him how to show mercy rather then fly into a fit of rage. Please shield our son’s eyes, heart and spirit, and that he may not bare witness to acts of satan or sin, by his father. Please help me to continue to have faith in you in the most difficult moment(s) – and to be strong in defending myself from vicious words or physical anger from my partner.

Help me to believe that this shall pass, that my family will be able to look forward to blessings you’ll bestow upon us and that we shall remain together. Forgiveness. Hope. Faith. Respect. Trust. Love. Patience. Kindness. Passion. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen

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