God please heal my friend

Send your love the best dose of healing text messages from here. It is just not about sending love messages or happy new week messages when your lover is sick. Different messages for different moments. I have got powerful healing text messages, prayerful healing text messages, spiritual healing text messages, amazing healing text messages, cool healing text messages, nice healing text messages for your use.

The collection of healing text messages will do just fine when he/ she is sick. Let him. her know that you care. After making the check up call, you can then follow it up with the religious get well soon messages, the romantic get well soon messages, or the inspirational get well soon messages.

25 Healing text messages for your love

Check out the collection of healing text messages that I have here. You can share as much as you like or want.

1 This morning I asked God to please send the breeze of complete healing your way. I am sure he is doing that right now. Please get well soon my love. May you be completely healed.

2 Rest well my dear. Sleep well too, because it is when you sleep that God perfects the healing in your body. You will get better I’m sure, and my prayers are with you as well. May you be completely healed and made completely whole again.

3 I am sending you all the comfort you need at this time. Even though I am not there with you. Be rest assured that I am there with you in the spirit. Get well soon my love. May God be with you today and always.

4 I wish you a speedy recovery my love. I do hope you are being taken care of very well over there. I pray everyday that this time soon shall pass and you will be well again. Miss our fun times together.

5 The sky will send amazing showers of blessings, the road will be easy for you to step on. Happiness will always surround you and the affection of the almighty will never leave you. I wish you speedy recovery baby. God be with you.

6 I pray that God’s tight hands will protect you, and the angels will never leave you behind. The blessings of God will never depart from you. I am sending you my best wishes and I sincerely pray that you get well soon.

7  On this lovely day, I pray that the sun shines on you and protects you through the day. I pray that wind carts away all the elements of sickness in your body. I pray that the breeze blows the freshness of a new day on you. Speedy recovery my darling, please get well soon.

8 I know that you are healed already because God told us to prophesy and whatever will say with out mouths will definitely come to pass. I prophesy that all elements of sickness be washed out of your body. Your body is a temple of God and sickness should never have a place to stay in there. You will be fine and well. Sickness is not your portion.

9 Dear Lord, please lay your healing hands on my love. Release her out of this sickness. You are the might God the healer, please help my love.

10 Please have a good rest, use your drugs and drink a lot of water. The Lord will perfect all that is left to be perfected. get well soon my love, may God be with you.

11 You lazy human. You better get well soon. I miss our plays, the fun times and the naughty you. Please don’t stay sick. I love you always.

12 I miss you everyday, and I know it is because you are not feeling too great. I pray the hands of God touch you and you are healed already. God be with you dearie. You will come out stronger and better. I am praying for you everyday.

13 I heard you are not feeling well. So I sent this message to you that God should guide and protect you today and always. I also told him to heal you completely because you are a very strong person who does not deserve to be sick at all. May God be with you. Please get well soon dearie.

14 You mean the whole world to me, so is your happiness and well-being as well. I am sending this healing text message to pray for your complete healing and that God should lay his hands on you. Get well soon baby.

15 I have missed your friendliness, our togetherness. You being ill is like losing the best of me. Please get well soon my dear. May God be with you.

16 In your pains and weakness. In your struggles and sickness. Just know that I will always be here for you. Please get well soon my love. May God be with you.

17 Only if I have the willpower, I would have taken your pain and sickness away myself, but I have God and he will take it all away and heal you totally. Please get well soon.

18 I know and can feel how you feel right now. Please forgive me for my unavailability at this time. I know that God and his angels are there with you. I wish you the quickest recovery.

19 How I wish I was just there staying by your side right now. As it is, I don’t have anything to give but to send prayers to you that God heals you completely.

20 When I heard that you were sick, I could not help but worry because sickness was the last I expected right now.

21 I am praying for your health right now. You mean the whole world to me and I can’t bear seeing you ill and down. I pray for your good health today and always. Please get well soon my love.

22 Right now I am asking God to send an angel to look after you for me. Get well soon dear.

23 I hope that when you see this simple text, you will smile and feel better knowing it’s from your love. Get well soon my honeypie. may God be with you today and always.

24 Just think of me today and always and that will get you better. May God be with you. Speedy recovery my love.

25 Your body is there in the hospital but your heart is with me. Please get well soon my love.

Healing Prayer Messages for your Love

Send a couple of healing prayer messages to the love of your dreams.

26 I may not be able to be there to take care of you right now. But I am sending all my love. Get well soon dear.

27 Why do just have to be ill at this time. I miss you my love, please get well soon.

28 I can’t wait for the time when you will get well. I miss you darling. Please get well soon

29 Lord of heaven, I commit (name of the sick) into your hands. I am sure you are the God the healer, because you said this in your word. Please heal the sick completely, that we may come to rejoice in your name.

30 I am trusting in God for you, because he is God the healer. All you need to do is dwell in his embrace and he will heal you completely. Get well soon my love.

31 With just a touch of God’s almighty hand, you will be healed in all totality. By his stripes, you are healed.

32 Oh God, my friends and love is special to me. We have been together for quite sometime and we have been close due to that. Oh Lord, please heal him/ her. Restore him/ her to his/ her full health. Renew his/ her hope and make him/ her whole again. I trust you oh God to heal completely. Thank you for your mighty healing hand.

33 I put my faith and trust in you dear God, as I am sure you will heal my love. I know he/ she is weak right now but you will soon make him trust, because you are the God, the healer.

34 Oh Lord, please let your will be done in the life of my love. If he/ she has sinned that is making this sickness come upon him/ her, please forgive him/ her so that we can rest and dwell in your secret place. Be with him/ her right now and perfect what needs to be perfected, I beg oh Lord my God. Thank you for everything.

35 I ask that you show mercy and compassion to my friend and lover today. Send your nourishing food to his soul and spirit, so that he would be strong physically and spiritually as well. Heal him/ her completely oh Lord. Thank you for answered prayers.

36 Heal my friend oh Lord, so we can come together next week in thanksgiving to your holy name.

37 Dear God, please let your arms be like a cover to this my love and friend. Restore his/ her body and heal him/ her completely. Thank you for everything and more Dear God as I am sure my prayers are answered already.

38 Dear Lord of Heaven and Earth. I commit my friend under your love and care. I am aware that your touch leads to amazing healing and that is why I am here to ask for you to heal the one that makes my heart in love. Please heal him/ her completely. Thank you for your grace. You are an amazing God.

39 I trust in your mercy and goodness, king of glory and I am sure you will heal the love of my life. Thank you for everything.

40 We need your love, love and compassion oh Lord. Please heal the love of my life.

41 I pray for healing and restoration dear God, please help my friend completely. By your stripes, I know he/ she is healed.

42 I believe in your powerful name and you have told me that whenever I call on your name, you will answer my prayer. I pray for complete and total healing for (mention name of the sick person). Please heal him/ her completely. Thank you Jesus.

43 I know you work in natural and supernatural ways. We have started your natural way of healing by visiting the doctors. Now I also want to pray for your supernatural healing of the sick. Please heal completely oh Lord. Thank you for your healing hands.

44 You are the miracle working God, please heal my friend miraculously.

45 Dear God, I have come before you with my need. I need your grace and your healing hands. We need you to restore the health and hope of a dear friend. Please forgive me for trying to go out of my way to fix the sickness forgetting the fact that all healing lie with you. Please heal every broken place today oh Lord. Thank you for your answers.

46 I reach out to you today oh Lord, for your complete healing of my friend. Let us come together tomorrow to celebrate complete and total healing. Thank you for your healing already, oh Lord.

47 I know you dislike the state of the sickness ravaging the body of my friend right now and I pray for your complete healing. Please heal him/ her totally.

48 You are the Lord that heals kings, please heal my friend and make him/ her whole again.

49 I thank you oh Lord because you have healed my love completely. His health tomorrow will be better than today. Amen.

50 Please hear my prayer and see my cry oh Lord. heal my love completely.


Dear GOD, i dont know what to say. if i remember my friend, how he treat me as his friend. i feel hurt and i feel pain. i feel like worthless person, person who can’t stand up for his self. i feel so sad for that. i dont understand why i should meet this guy as my friend. Dear GOD, i am just share my dissapointment and my sadness to You. GOD please forgive me if i hurt somebody and i didnt realize it. forgive me GOD if i m so weak, i am trying become strong person with Your Help. forgive me GOD if i am not ready to stand up for my self, Help me to stand up for my self GOD. GOD, its hurt and pain, if i remember it. its tear drop from my eyes. GOD forgive me for all my sins, forgive me GOD. forgive me GOD, forgive me GOD. please heal my pain GOD, please heal it GOD. i believe with your help, with your bless this pain will be heal amiien. GOD, please help me become strong and i pray to You, GOD; please always surround me with wonderful person, with great friends, with lovable friends, with people who always care to me. GOD, enough become forgotting, ignoring, avoiding, rejecting, and abusing, controlling. enough is enough. GOD, i ask help from You. Please surrounding me with lovable, wonderful, great, caring, people in my life, and please surround me with lovable environment. amiien. amiien . I am pray on You, God. Thank You GOD.


Heavenly father please aid me Lord because I am fighting a losing battle inside of myself. My mind is unraveling and I am at the breaking point. I feel like I am dying from the inside out, my heart hurts, my chest aches, my head is in chaos, my body feels like it is going to stop any moment.

I don’t want to feel like this. I don’t want to feel weary, and I don’t want to feel this kind of emptiness. You said all those who are weary should come to you. Lord, I am weary, I am weary, I am so weary Lord. I am coming before you Lord and kneeling at your feet, I come before you Lord with my existence bared for you to see.

I come to you with the scars of my physical body and of my soul. I come to you with my fears, failures, sadness, sorrow, pain, anxiety, and my broken self. I come to you Lord will all that is within me. O come to you Lord because these tears won’t stop. This agony is beyond unbearable Lord.

I am standing at the edge of reason, unable to keep myself from falling off and sinking deeper into the abyss. Lord, I don’t want to fall, I don’t want to sink deeper into that darkness. I want Lord to feel and see the light. I want to feel the warmth of your love and mercy upon my soul. I want to feel life a human being and not an empty shell.

I want to stop feeling like my existence in an option. I want to feel like I belong in this world. I want to feel like I have a place that belongs to me. I want to stop feeling like the world in crumbling around me and that I am going to shatter any moment. Lord, I want to stop feeling like my heart will stop beating any moment. I want to stop being in so much pain. Lord, I am hurting so much. I am hurting so unbearably much, so much Lord that I just want it to stop. I am in so much pain and I cannot begin to describe how painful it is Lord. I feel like every step I take, every day I get up, takes all of my energy. All of my strength to keep going. Sometimes Lord, I just don’t want to get up, I just want to lie in bed, close my eyes and let everything fade away as I fall asleep.

I am at my breaking point Lord. I am trying, but I just don’t feel better inside. I am aching desperately for you Lord. Please, please help me Lord! Please, help me to clear my mind of these thoughts. Please help me to feel alive again. Let that energy run through my body, my mind, my soul and let me feel like a human being again.

Lord, the days of happiness seem to have disappeared and everyday I only feel glimpses of happiness before the sorrow takes over. I want to stop feeling chained to this life, to this body, to this existence. I want to feel liberated, soar free, and unbound to this emptiness. Lord, I want to feel, I want to breathe the air in and feel alive. I feel like a zombie Lord, awake but not really knowing anything.

Lord, I want to stress less, think less, criticize less, I just want to find my happiness. I don’t want to fret over the little things, and weep over things that don’t even matter. I want to smile, and feel happiness. I want to laugh with all of my heart. Lord, I don’t want to keep waking up everyday feeling like here we go again, another day to struggle through.

I don’t want to keep struggling to make it through each day. I don’t want to keep standing at the edge unable to keep myself from falling. Lord, I want to leave the weariness, sadness, and pain behind, and find a better life. Lord, I am only twenty years old. I have so much life to live, so many dreams to run after. Lord, I have a life to live, but I feel like living evades me. I am just going through the motions, and unable to feel anything remotely humanlike.

Please, Lord, please don’t leave me to handle this alone. I cannot handle this alone. I will end up doing something horrible to myself if I have to keep trying to make it through all of this pain by myself. All of this sadness Lord is killing me, it is killing me from the inside out. Getting up everyday is a struggle for me Lord. I am so close to giving up, I don’t want to give up, But, I just don’t know how to get through this alone.

I am always alone Lord and I don’t want to be alone anymore. I don’t want to feel this loneliness anymore. I want to be able to lean on someone. I want to be able to cry with someone. I want to be able to share my pain with someone. I want someone to see that I am struggling and that everything isn’t okay.

Lord, please acknowledge me. I am desperate for your guidance. I am desperate to be at your side and feel your warmth. Lord, please heal me from the inside out. Please heal this body of mine. Let me find the answer to healing myself. Let me, see how to live again to be feel again, to be human again. Lord, everything is not okay with me. Let someone see that there is more to me than meets the eye.

Everyday, I get closer to falling over the edge into that dark abyss. Lord, give me a hand to help me up, Give me a friend to trust this vulnerability with. Lord, give me something to believe in. I want you Lord, I am seeking you, I am asking for your mercy upon my life. Watch over me and be my guardian angel. Be my healer, my shield, my warmth, my blessing, my father, my friend, my confidante, my strength, my wisdom, my shoulder, my everything.

Lord you said ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the doors will be opened to you. I am asking for you to come into my life with a force, a presence, a sign. Lord, I know you have done so much for me, you have given me hope Lord that life has a greater promise than what I see right now. But, now I need you even more, I need you to be a shield unto me Lord. Be my shield against this sorrow, sadness, pain. Lord be my strength as I am weak. I am so weak Lord. In mind, in body, in spirit, in heart, in soul I am so weak Lord. Everyday, I grow weaker and soon I feel like I won’t even be able to get up. I need you Lord, and I am asking with my soul laid bare, my heart for you to see, on my knees for you to heal me. Help me to heal myself Lord. Be my doctor, be my healer, be my medicine. Come into my body and touch every inch and corner of me with your warmth and heal me physically, mentally, emotionally, and everything in between.

Lord, I am seeking you with all that is within me. I know that I am selfish, but Lord I do not know how to do this alone. I do not have the strength or the wisdom to heal myself. Lord, I am seeking you to be a mediator and a guide unto me. Bring people into my life that will help me get through these trying times. Bring people into my life that will see that I need their help. I need their strength and I need their love. Lord, give me people that can see my vulnerability and acknowledge that I need help, I am only one person Lord, and I cannot do this on my own. Lord, help me to seek that help, to find those that will look beyond my surface and give me room to breathe. Room to existb as a human being with all my imperfections and faults.

Lord I am desperately seeking an end to my emptiness. Lord take away the darkness, the black hole inside of me, let it close and let me find freedom to soar high and free. Lord I am seeking this with everything that is within me, please help me find the answers to making me better, stronger, and human. I do not want to be an empty shell anymore. I don’t want to be blank anymore. Lord, I want to be whole, I want to be alive, and I want to live a good life.

Lord show me the doors to knock on, and let them be open to me. Lord let the doors lead me to places that will give me answers, hope, and the belief that it will get better. I;m so scared to knock on those doors Lord, but give me the courage to seek and find those answers. Lord, help me to let go of my fears so that I can find that meaning that peace inside of my soul.

Lord my tears are overflowing and I don’t know how to stop them from brimming over the edge. Lord, I have lost myself and I am seeking your help to find me, to become a better person. To come to terms with who I am and who I am not. To seek happiness and be content with my life in the present and future.

Lord, these words are not enough to describe to extent of my troubles, my agony, my emptiness. You see all of me Lord, you see everything and Lord please stand in the gap for me. Lord, please be my guardian and help me find the light in this darkness. Lord, I don’t know how much more I can take alone. I am tired Lord, I am so tired. My existence has become nothingness. Lord please take me in your arms and hold me. Lord, please give me your warmth and see me through to better days.

Lord, open my eyes to what I am missing, let me see the path I should walk on. Let me see the road I need to travel on. Let me see what it is I need to do. Let me be led by you Lord and give me a sign I can see, hear, know that will guide me. Lord, I need you to hold me in your arms and be my comfort. There is no one to hold me in my sadness, to acknowledge me. I have realized that the closeness I seek with people is the closeness I need with you.

I am alone in this world Lord, with what I am going through. Only you know, because your the only one I can share this with. I don’t want to burden the people I love with this. I do not have someone I trust to see what I am facing. Lord, help me because without you I do not know how much longer I can hold out from giving up. I am weak Lord, and I am tired, my thoughts are chaos, My mind won’t stop and I cannot take it, I cannot take it Lord. Please, be my shield, my strength, my gaurdian, my medicine.

See me Lord, see my desperation, see my agony and help me Lord. You are the only one that can help me Lord, for I cannot even help myself. There is so much inside of me Lord, so much pain that it feels like a weight upon me. My body is not strong enough to carry it Lord. I am fading away Lord, Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Lord save me. My tears are falling and I have no one to catch them. Lord please help me, heal me, love me.

I cannot keep going through each day pretending everything is wonderful, when inside I am crumbling and breaking.


~ by tsunamiblues on March 13, 2008.


“The LORD is close to brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” Psalm 34:18

Lord I know that you have put me through this painful situation to help me grow. I am missing him and you know how much I love him. I know you may have someone better for me on the horizon but PLEASE, give me a sign. Please let me know if he will be coming back or that someone better is coming my way. Please God, I don’t think I can take this pain much longer. So easy to tell those who really care and love me like my family that I am okay now but I’m still hurting. Sometimes I just want to be alone and cry… sometimes I want to scream so the pain inside my heart can all be released. I am so ashamed to face the people I know like my friends and officemates. I pity myself, I even pity my mother who is really so hurt also when she learned of what happened to me. I have given her so much pain already but a mother will always be there for her children. This is the very first time I have shared to my family so much about my lovelife as I thought it is for keeps already. In my downfall right now, I cannot really just handle this heartache by myself… I thank you God for my loving family. I am really sad to see how worried they are for me even my dad. He asked my mum why I am always sad and just inside my room. Lord, please take care of my family. We have our problems right now in our business and I have added an additional burden again to them. Hope we could all overcome these trials in our life. I ask you now oh God to heal my heart and my mind. I will release myself from any resentment that is holding me. I forgive the one that I am holding resentment also. I feel that I will no longer have a strength to live for the next day. I confess that I am afraid to try on new things and meet a new guy again. I confess that I am intimidated with anything new. I confess that I get envy with those in a happy relationship. Please touch my heart Lord and make it better. Please stop the pain. Please help me to get back on my feet and keep the negative thoughts out of my mind. I will continue to come to you until my broken heart is fully healed. I love you Jesus… I love you Mama Mary. Amen

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

“The LORD is close to brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” Psalm 34:18. This is a really powerful message to me because it is like saying that no matter what you did, the LORD our God will always be with us. Another bible verse I love and has meaning is “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6. So to me even if you are really hurt or confuse about God then don’t worry. Just trust in him, and everything will be alright. God understands this experience because he himself has lived through a broken heart. God has been a jilted lover. Through his love for us, he has endured unfaithfulness and desertion. God understands our loneliness and identifies with us. We can talk to him about this experience and ask him for help at our deepest point of despair – because he’s been there himself!

Heal My Broken Heart


Lord I need some time alone

Just to spend with You.

I’m overwhelmed cause I can’t find

The strength to get me through.

I know I need to trust in You

When sadness covers me.

But I feel numb and so confused,

Please help me Lord I plea.

Each day I ask that You would please

Heal my broken heart.

But Lord it just seems to get worse

My world is torn apart.

I don’t know what I’m doing Lord

I don’t know what to say.

All I know is that I’m sad

And the pain won’t go away.

So much pain and sorrow Lord,

Makes me feel sick inside.

Out of control is how life feels

And it makes me want to hide.

But there’s no place where I can go,

Where I feel safe from harm.

So please dear Jesus let me hide

Inside Your loving arms.

When I’m inside Your loving arms

I feel safe and warm.

I feel like I can cope again.

And forget about the storm.

But I know when I leave this place

I’ll surely fall apart.

So please take all my cares and fears

And the pain that fills my heart.

Please teach me how to live my life

Where You are in control.

And show me how to trust in You

So my life can be whole.

Sometimes I just can’t see the path

That’s right in front of me.

So be my guide and help me see

I pray down on my knee.

Start Here: 15 Healing Stepsby AMELIE CHANCE

god please heal my friend

How long will it be before you can get through your daily routine without feeling the wave of pain sweep over you, without sensing that knot in the pit of your stomach, and without dwelling on what went wrong? If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself, you are not alone. 

A broken heart can cause such an intense reaction that you may feel your life has been completely stripped of meaning. Jobs, hobbies, and friends may no longer hold any joy. In fact, some of us even experience physical pain with a tight chest, nervous stomach, or terrible insomnia. “Time heals all wounds” is something we have all heard over the years, but do you really have to wait for time to heal these wounds? Absolutely not. There are steps you can take to alleviate the pain you feel. These steps were developed by people who have endured the pain of a difficult break-up and sought a better way to heal.

Whether you are 22 or 62, the first step is to determine from which type of broken heart you currently suffer. That’s right – there are actually 4 different types of broken hearts. Several factors determine the type of broken heart you may be enduring right now including your relationship history, the type of relationship and the reasons for the break-up, among others. Once you know where your heart stands, you will receive customized healing advice.

Okay, so where should you start? Start with the first healing step – the survey – to see where you stand. Get an instant, on screen evaluation. The survey contains 16-questions and can be completed in about 2 minutes. If you’re ready to see which of the 4 types of broken heart you suffer from, then let’s go.

So here’s the result on me from Ms. Amelie Chance, a Psychologist

Hi Maria,

As promised, here is the extended analysis of your survey results and an important healing lesson. 

You fall into a pretty high category of pain. I understand this is an extremely difficult time, but there is still hope for you to feel better – and soon. Below is a quick summary of your results followed by a custom healing lesson which will start your healing today.

1 – You are suffering from Emptiness -Your mind, body, and heart are basically saying to you, “Hey, what’s the point of any of this without him or her?” The reason it is so painful is that more than loneliness, you are feeling emptiness.

2 – You are experiencing the Reminder Syndrome – You may not be able to get your ex, the break up or the pain out of your mind for more than a few minutes at a time. There are subconscious triggers of your ex everywhere including songs, smells, objects, and much more.

3 – Negative thoughts – you can’t seem to shake them. Why did this happen (again)? I’m never going to meet anyone. The thought of dating again makes me want to vomit. Don’t worry, you are not alone and there is a simple and powerful method to combat these thoughts.

4 – Loss of a possible Soulmate – It seems that you believe that you have lost the person that was the one for you. The one you had been waiting for, the person that made you whole, the one that made you who you are and want to be. I want to tell you that even in this situation, it is possible to heal, to have hope, and to live a vibrant life again.

Ok, so what’s your next step? First, make a pact with yourself to set aside any current thoughts you have about never getting over this pain. Open your mind to the possibility that you can feel better and soon. Agreed?

Next, read mini-lesson 1 below:

Lesson 1:

The day after a break up or the year after (if you haven’t found a way to heal) may seem like you are waking up to a nightmare. The space beside you in bed is vacant and that vacancy is sending you a blaring message – you are alone. It seems unbearable.

The reason it is so painful is that more than loneliness, you are feeling emptiness. Being lonely is manageable, but feeling empty is different. Emptiness can strip the meaning from everything from which you once derived enjoyment including your job, friends, family, and hobbies.

Your mind, body, and heart are basically saying to you, “Hey, what is the point of any of this without him or 

her?” Well, there is a point. When you quiet your mind and look deep within, you know this to be true – your life has meaning and though it seems impossible, these feelings will pass. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to allow time to do the magic. You can relieve the pain and bring meaning back into your life by practicing some of the following tips.

The first tip to overcome the emptiness is to identify the triggers (times, places, and things) that cause you the 

most pain. Triggers can cause fits of sadness, grief, and loneliness. 

For example, common triggers are the moment you come home from work or when you get into bed at night. Once you’ve made the list, you need to have a pre-planned adjustment to counteract each trigger. Your adjustment for these triggers can be to go out for dinner if you normally cooked with your ex and to listen to music while falling asleep. These are just examples.

The main point is that you must make yourself aware of the recurring pain triggers and have a plan to make adjustments to these routines. This will help – a lot.

The second tip is to engage your support network. Most of us crawl into a hole and have a tendency to withdraw after a break-up. After my divorce, had I seen a crack in the earth, I would have gladly jumped in. Withdrawal is part of our flight or fight response. Choose to fight. 

Find your friends and family or co-workers and make plans with them. The last thing in the world you may want is to have company, but it is imperative that you socialize at least 2x a week – it accelerates the healing process. Try to hang out with some people who didn’t know you and your ex as a couple to bring back your individuality and avoid that trigger.

To help you further, watch my powerful video on core beliefs. In 6 minutes it provides healing in a form I couldn’t provide via email. It gets good at 2 minutes, but you have to watch the whole video in order to gain benefit. =>

See you tomorrow for Lesson 2: Flip Your Thoughts

Love & Light, 

Amelie Chance 

Certified Coach of Positive Psychology

Heal My Broken Heart

P.S. I’m a real person. I look forward to getting to know you better.

P.P.S. Healing takes action. Your homework is to spare 6 minutes right now in order to watch the core beliefs video =>


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