God bless my sister

god bless my sister

We have a strong feeling that the reason you have visited this page is because you are looking for heartfelt and very touching birthday prayers for your sister celebrating her birthday.

If indeed that is what you are searching for, you are in luck because you have found yourself at the right place. Here, we have various types of birthday prayers that can strengthen your sister’s faith while at the same time motivating her in life. Inspire that special sister in your life who is commemorating her Big Day with any of the numerous powerful birthday prayers below.

Birthday Prayers

  • May the good Lord be with you all the days of your life and protect you from the negative plans of the enemy. Celebrate your birthday in the knowledge that God is always with you. Enjoy your day.
  • May the favor of the almighty God be with you all the days of your beautiful life. May He give you the strength to hate what is evil and love what is good. And may you be blessed so abundantly that you run out of rooms to store your blessings. Happy birthday, dear.
  • May the Almighty always hold you in the amazing palm of His mighty hand and keep you safe from your enemies. Happy birthday.
  • Today, I just want to take a moment to thank God for your life and ask Him to protect and guide you all your days on earth. And most importantly, may He bless your heart with happiness as you celebrate your birthday.
  • As you blow out the candles on your cake, I pray for your health and happiness. Happy birthday, dear sister.
  • I thank God for giving you the opportunity to enter this new chapter of your life with such grace. May the Almighty continue to make you shine like a billion diamonds and put your enemies to shame. Happy birthday, my beloved sister. Keep moving from grace to grace.
  • As you celebrate your special day, may God always guide you and show you the way to righteousness and happiness. Happy birthday.
  • On your Big Day, I pray that the Heavens grant you the strength and energy needed to overcome all the hurdles that lie in your way. May you also be kept safe and hidden from the eyes of wicked and evil souls. Happy birthday, dear sister.

As you celebrate your special day, may God always guide you and show you the way to righteousness and happiness. Happy birthday.

  • May you always walk through life believing and trusting in God, for He alone can supply you with all your needs and put a smile on your face. Happy birthday, dear sister.
  • My beloved sister, as you commemorate the day God brought you into this world, I humbly pray that God, in his divine mercies, watch over you today and all the days of your life. Happy birthday.
  • May you be blessed abundantly, and may your skies always be blue. Happy birthday.
  • On your birthday, I pray that God enrich your heart and soul with happiness. May your hear never break in this life. Have a beautiful birthday celebration, my dear sister.
  • May God bless you with one heck of an amazing year! Happy birthday!
  • No matter what manner of evil your enemies plot against you, may God keep you shielded and protected. Happy birthday.
  • Dear sister, no matter the challenges that you face today, know that God will never let you down. May He give you the strength to overcome the adversities and obstacles in your way and keep moving you forward in life. In Jesus name, you will always be more than victorious. Happy birthday.
  • May you be blessed with strength whenever you find yourself weak. May happiness fill your heart when sorrow comes knocking on your door. Happy birthday.
  • May God empower you to achieve remarkable and bigger and greater things in your life. You were born to succeed, and that is exactly what you are going to do.
  • May God direct your every step, so you can live your life worry-free and happy.
  • Sweet sister, may all the miracles you have been waiting for in life find their way to you and enrich your heart with happiness. Happy birthday.
  • Dear God, please be with my sister on her birthday and all the days of her life. Please grant her the desires of her heart and protect her against the evil schemes of the enemy who try to devour and destroy her. Amen.
  • Dear Heavenly Father, as my precious sister celebrates her birthday today, please shine your light on her and always keep her safe and happy. Amen.
  • My beloved sister, may your life be filled with oceans of unexpected blessings and favors. Happy birthday.
  • Mankind’s greatest weakness comes as a result of easily giving up. May you be blessed with the strength to never give up, even when confronted with gargantuan and fierce oppositions. May you press on courageously and boldly forward to achieve your dreams in life. Happy birthday.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to my beloved sister. May God keep bringing to your door opportunities upon opportunities.

Happy Birthday to my beloved sister. May God keep bringing to your door new opportunities and blessings every single day.

  • On this beautiful day, may the almighty God dress you in His divine armor, so you can be protected from all the diabolic schemes of the forces of darkness. Happy birthday.
  • May God bless you today. May He shield you and keep evil far away from you. May He make you fearless in the presence of danger. And most importantly, may He make happiness reign in your life. Happy birthday.
  • Today is your special day, and on this day I pray that whatever your enemies have been using to torture and frustrate you come to an end. No matter what your enemies do, they can never succeed in destroying you because God is with you and He will help you defeat evil and put a smile on your face. You are a winner, and you shall forever defeat your enemies. Happy birthday.
  • I pray that the good Lord never let you down, and may He answer every prayer of yours that brings joy and happiness into your heart. Happy birthday, dearest sister.
  • May your days of disappointments and failures be over starting from today! I pray that the doors that have been shut in your face be opened now. I pray that opportunities that ignored you start stopping and knocking at your door. Happy birthday.
  • May any ailment, problem or complication plaguing your life hear the voice of God and flee from you. May you receive all your blessings in life today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Happy birthday, dear sister.
  • May Christ be by your side, behind you, and in front of you protecting you from anything or dark force that seeks to harm you.
  • May God bless you and keep shining His divine light on your soul.

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god bless my sister

April 12, 2012

My sister, Ann who was also my business partner came to town this day. I was so excited to have her here and talk about what’s going on in my head. She has been such a blessing in my life and knows everything about me and my history.

We went to the same coffee shop that Jade and I went to a week ago and I told her that I “came out to Jade”. She looked very confused and asked what I meant. I repeated, “I CAME OUT to Jade.” She asked again what I meant. I told her that I had told Jade everything and then explained what was going on in my life. Of course she wasn’t all that surprised and was extremely helpful in talking through all of it. But she was wondering what all of this meant and kept feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought of what it could all mean. I believe she was holding her head a few times during the conversation and the words “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!” could be heard many times over.  🙂

We had a good laugh at the fact we were at the same place as I had been a week ago. We were joking that people were saying, “Oh there’s that lady from last week. Let’s move our seats closer. Do you think that’s the woman, Mary? This should be good!” It has been such a heavy “burden” that it felt so good to actually laugh about it. God bless my sister!


To the sweetest sister in the entire world, I waited for a year to wish you a very happy birthday. I love you so much, my teddy bear. May God bless you with the brightest smile for a lifetime.

                                                                                               Birthday Wishes for sister

The best things about birthdays are they never stop coming and pouring wishes on our beloved family members. And the best thing about you is you can never stop being my sister. Wish you a happy birthday my sweet kitty.

                                                                                             Bday Wishes Images For Sister

Your affection and care for others will always be the greatest blessing to your life. Let your heart be kind and helpful. Wish you a great year on this auspicious day my dear sister. Happy Birthday to the best woman.

May the celebration and fun you enjoy today last forever in your life. With the best wishes to your entire life from your loving brother. Many happy returns of the day my little sister. Let the world shine on you.

Since you’re ready to fight with me for the TV remote, you’ve been my best friend. And your presence is a blessing to me. May God bless my sister with happiness and cheers on her birthday and her entire life.

Moments in our lives are memories that we spend happily remembering for our life. May your birthday be such memory every year and let you stay happy ever, for your entire life. Happy birthday to my sweet and naughty sister.

Birthday Quotes for Sister

I was very much excited to celebrate your birthday with the best wishes carried to you from all of our family and friends. Having a wonderful sister like you is a blessing. May God bless you and happy birthday dear.

Every day, I got many reasons to be ecstatic to get a sister like you. I love every little thing about you. And the moments we share fighting and caring each other are our best memories. Many more happy birthdays, sissy.

Sister, talking to you every day may not be possible, but thinking about you every day is something that I never take out of my schedule. Today, I may not be with you, but my best wishes are always yours. Happy Birthday.

As my sister, you always fight with me, plays with me, cares for me, encourage me and be my best friend every time. Being the cute member of our family, may your birthday bring the best of everything to you.

                                                                             Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister You’re the best person in my life that I admire more than I show it to you. Love you so much and may god bless you on this day. Happy Birthday and may the guardian angel be with you always.

The whole world can be a better place if everyone has a beautiful, amazing sister like you. Let me remember you on this birthday of yours that you are always the best person in my life and happy birthday sister.

You’re my sister by chance, but we became best friends by choice. Happy birthday to my best sister and my best friend for life. May the spark never leave your smile and your days be bright as this wonderful day.

My Childhood’s favorite friend is always you. I know our days had become a youth, but you’re always the best person in my life. Happy birthday to my sweet sister who showed that friendship can be built between family members too.

I could learn to be happy just by living with you. You’re one greatest person to be inspired, in our family. Although you’re my sister, you’re my greatest blessing. Happy birthday, sissy. May your love and caring remain with us.

During my failure, you had supported me hard, with your soft hand. You’re a strong person and a good influencer. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons from you. Let me remind you that we love you, Happy Birthday, Sister.

Wish you this day with lots of laughter, love, fun, happiness. I wait to shower you wishes every year on this day as this is very special to us. My dear sweetest sister, many more happy returns of the day.

                                                                                 happy-birthday-Quotes-for-sister Whatever we face in our lives, a brother and sister relation never fails. On your birthday just remembering our sweetest memories, with all the love and affection, let me wish you a very very happy birthday, my loving sweet sister.

Every dream of yours should come true and every wish makes you stay happy and cheering for your entire life. Like the twinkling stars, my sister shall be smiling always and make every day special like today. Many more happy birthdays.

Wishing my sister a very happy birthday, who never knew that she was the reason for a stretch in my lips and joy in my heart. Let’s be together like this forever for a lifetime. Love you a lot, sister.

So many dreams waiting ahead to become true. This day is a new beginning of a new year in your life. With the best wishes from your brother, start the year with joy and happiness be with you forever then.

Remembering all the silly moments that we had during our childhood. Today, on your birthday take my special wish that you always stay cheering and happy with all the blessings that shower on you. Many more happy returns of joys.

To get a lifetime companion to share joys and sorrows is to get a sister like you. Wishing you many more happy birthdays ahead, with lots of love from your loving brother. May God bless you and keep you happy.

The lucky I feel for having a sister like you cannot be expressed without fighting you daily and playing with you. Warm birthday wishes for my darling sister. May God bless you with happiness and joy for the whole year.

                                                                       happy-birthday Sister Wishing my very special sister, a very happy birthday. All my loving wishes to you may break the bounds of joy and keep you smiling always. For every candle on your cake, let your blessings count more every year ahead.


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