For the love of god let me sleep

Bloody mosquitoes, trying to suck my blood, why won’t you just let me get a good night’s sleep?

So here’s the thing: The more the weather warms up, the more I wake up in the middle of the night with burning red bumps on my hands, arms, feet, and it takes a while to fall back asleep. Even when the nasty little fuckers don’t bite me, sometimes I’ll be awakened at 4 in the a.m. by that awful wheeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnn noise in my ear. I’ve started sleeping as much under the comfortor as possible, with only my eyes and mouth exposed, but too often I get hot (sleep hot, you know?) and kick off the covers. Please, somebody, help me get a good night’s sleep. It’s only going to get worse in the next couple of months. Here’s what you need to know:

1) I find it almost impossible to sleep without a window open, so shutting them out isn’t a good option. (It’s a fresh, cool air thing, ya dig?)

2) I’m not sure a mosquito net will be a good option, as I have very high ceilings and a chandelier directly where a net would have to hang.

3) The people I’m subletting from left behind something made by Raid, a clear bottle of liquid that screws into an electrical device that one then plugs into a power outlet. Not sure what the stuff is, but the idea of airborne poison as I’m sleeping kind of freaks me out. Does the stuff work, and is it safe?

More details, to help you help me: I’m living in Mexico City, moved here about 5 months ago. Altitude is about 7,400 feet, so I’m not in the tropics. Hottest season is apparently around late April to mid-June; then the rainy season begins, when apparently I can expect daily thunderstorms and downpours until, say, August. My apartment is three floors up, with French doors in the bedroom opening onto a small balcony. There are no nearby parks or ponds, but I do have some potted plants on the terrace. Could they be breeding grounds for the skeeters, and should I get rid of them?

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If I could speak with tongues of angels

If I could write the future in the sky

If I could know the wisdom of the ages

But have no love what would it mean

For the love of God

Let this be my motivation

For the love of God

In this love I’m recreated

For the love of God

It’s the reason for giving love away

For the love of God

If I have faith, faith to move a mountain

If I give all I own to the poor

If I surrender my body to the flames

But have no love I have nothing

When I’m gone let it be said

That I loved You more than anything

While I’m here let all men see

Если бы я мог говорить на языках ангелов

Если бы я мог написать будущее в небе

Если бы я мог знать мудрость веков

Но нет любви , что бы это значило

За любовь к Богу

Пусть это будет моя мотивация

За любовь к Богу

В этой любви я воссоздал

За любовь к Богу

Это причина для придания любовь далеко

За любовь к Богу

Если у меня есть вера, вера, чтобы сдвинуть гору

Если я даю все у меня есть для бедных

Если я отдам тело мое на сожжение

Но нет любви я ничего не имею

Когда я уйду надо сказать

То, что я любил тебя больше всего на свете

В то время как я здесь пусть все люди видят

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