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Blessings for Today, inspiring you

A man was ones getting drown in a river, he called on God do come to his aid by descending down to him to personally rescue him. God quickly put his action to rescue the man together and descended from Heaven in the form of a little child. He extended a long stick from the shore to so that, the man only had to hold it and walk along toward the bank of the river. The drowning man objected to the offer, and asked the little boy, are you God? “Are you God?”, he asked the little boy. “I am your blessings from god today”, the boy answered.

God came again, this time, in the form of a man. Upon arrival, he suggested to the man a try swimming towards the bank of the river (Your personal commitment and effort toward attracting God’s favour and blessing) so he, the man could help him out. The drowning man still ignored and told him he wanted God to do that himself. “I am your blessings from god today”, the man told him.

Finally God sent a Crocodile to scare him (Don’t put the lord your god to test Deuteronomy 6:16)  so he would rush out of the water but he refused and prayed that the crocodile should eat him up so that he would meet God and question him. God allowed his wish. On arrival at the get of heaven, he was stopped by an angel who informed him that he was given three chances to be saved and he rejected all of them.

Every person who came to his rescue was God in different form and that he invited the wrath of God.My friends, God would use someone to bless you today. Do not ignore the goodness of God which will come to you in different forms. He would show his face today through someone, through an event, through an act, a smile from others when you are angry, support from another when you need it, encouragement when you least expect it. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all through the day.His blessing are coming in leaps and bounds, his blessing will overtake you today and frustrate you with unimaginable favour. Never reject the help and blessings of God like this man. Say I am blessed. Shalom, Peace and Life to your dry bones, sad condition and miserable looking faith. Be inspired, ignited and resurrected.  Your blessings for today are here and now. Affirm it by words, believe it in your heart, habour it in your mind and  inspire some one with it. Share the blessing s with another. 

Written by Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond


This will be the first count my blessings post for my newly created Blog. I have listed down the following good things that happened in my life today.

1. I thank God for the peaceful sleep that he provides me every night when I come back home from my Job in Night Shift. There are a lot of colleagues which complain of insomnia. At least for me, the situation is quite better.

2. Its summer time and I thank God for providing me with an Air-Conditioner. I have been to places where people suffer during the summer months. People get Boils and rashes due to excessive heat but cant help is as they cannot afford an Air-conditioner.

3. I thank God that at least I have a job with a decent pay package. There are people who work physically harder than me and earn a meager 100-200 Rs a day.

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