Birthday prayer for husband and father

To be on this page means your husband is worth being proud of, and your shadow can tell. He has been a friend, brother, great dad and confidant? Then he deserves to have these birthday prayers.

Biblical Birthday Prayers for Husband

birthday prayer for husband and father

Birthday Blessings for My Husband

1. My king, I celebrate your today, being your birthday. May you never lack the wisdom to lead us right. Happy birthday, darling.

2. Since I got married to you, I’ve never had any regrets. May today mark another beginning of good tidings. Happy birthday, my husband.

3. I love you because of your simple nature, and the way you address issues that come your way. May your wisdom never be once upon a time. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday, honey.

4. My husband is simply the best thing that exists. I love you now and forever. May things of surprise never cease in your life. Happy birthday, my Crown.

5. Thank you for all the love and care shown all these years. As you age, may you grow in wisdom and more understanding. On behalf of myself and our children, we say a very big happy birthday to you.


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6. Darling husband, I bless God for sending me a divine and complete man like you. May you look back and remember this year for good. Happy birthday, hubby.

7. Ever since you came my way, true happiness has been mine. My love for you has no end. On this special day, I wish you know more styles in bed than before… Big hugs and kisses. Happy birthday, sex mate.

8. I thought I’d spend my life looking for someone new, but then you showed up like a sun in the morning, turned my life around and made me fall in love again. May this year mark the beginning of greater things in your life. Happy birthday, sweet.

9. Just like the moon you brighten up my life, saved my heart from tearing up. I love the way you help me in nurturing our children. May God never take you away from us. Happy birthday, our father.

10. I feel so blessed to have found true love, years ago. I’m so happy to be alive with you, as a wife in our home. God bless you now and forever. Happy birthday, Sweetheart.

Spiritual Birthday Wishes for My Husband

birthday prayer for husband and father

Birthday Prayers for My Husband

11. To the most handsome husband ever, I say may you continue to age in God’s love and protection. Happy birthday, Sweetness.

12. No gift would ever be enough to express how grateful to God I am, celebrating your special day with you. May you always find favour in the sight of God and men. Happy birthday, loveable.

13. Without you, everything seems incomplete. Thanks for completing me. As you start another year today, may you never stop enjoying God’s blessings. Happy birthday to the best husband and dad.

14. To the man that completes me, makes me happy and excited, I say a happy birthday to you. Continue to prosper and flourish. Happy birthday, love.

15. It’s so hard to go on the journey of love and come out strong as we have. The Lord that has made you the head, will never leave you. Happy birthday, honey.

16. I just can’t imagine what my life would be without having you. May you have the best day of your life today. A joyful birthday to my darling hubby.

17. Hot
That’s who you are in a nutshell. Be happy now and forever. Happy birthday, loving husband.

18. I can’t be any happier than I am to be your wife and the mother of your children. My love, continue to win more contracts. Happy birthday, lover boy.

19. Today, I hope your dreams, desires, and ambitions come true, and you experience God’s favour all through your lifetime. Amen. Happy birthday, sugar.

20. Your birthday reminds me of how lucky I am. Not because of the cars and houses but for the love you do shower on me and our children. May God make you stand out among your contemporaries. Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Blessings for My Husband

birthday prayer for husband and father

Prayer for My Husband on His Birthday

21. Happy birthday, my husband. As you grow in age, may you grow in wealth and in health. Enjoy!

22. Darling, as you celebrate your birthday, I pray that you humbly forgive when you feel wronged. This is my number one prayer for you! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

23. I pray you let go of bitterness, resentment, and unresolved conflicts that burden you, as you celebrate your big day. Happy birthday, darling.

24. I pray that you will be held, healed, and restored in your brokenness and unsettled pain. Amen. Happy birthday.

25. I pray that you will grow spiritually, discover and multiply your gifts and talents, and pursue daily rituals that will help you cultivate your divine nature, purpose, and identity. Amen. Happy birthday, man.

26. I pray that you will increase in knowledge, great wisdom, understanding,
perspective, and insight. Amen! Happy birthday to the best dad and husband ever!

27. As you turn a year older today, I pray that you keep a sober mind so you can make wise decisions that bring you happiness and peace. Amen. God bless you, dear.

28. May you be quick to recognize paths that don’t serve you and be humble and teachable enough to switch to be in alignment with the right course. Amen! Happy birthday, dear.

29. Darling, I pray that you develop your
leadership skills, so you can be a successful man, husband, and father, and can be a source of protection, guidance, and provision for everyone in your stewardship. Happy birthday to you.

30. My husband, I pray you will have the courage to safeguard your heart and honour your wedding vows. Lol… Happy birthday, dear. By the way, I meant all that’s in the message.

Godly Birthday Prayers for My Husband

31. May you be unmovable in your commitment, loyalty, and fidelity to our relationship. Amen! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

32. May you continue to stand for what is right, act with integrity, and stay true to your standards. Amen. Happy birthday, love.

33. As you mark your birthday, I pray that you will always have the strength to speak up, with firmness and clarity, and your words will inspire others to respect your convictions, beliefs, and faith. Amen. Where are you taking us to today?

34. From the depth of your heart, may you serve God, and put your family first in all you do. Happy birthday, my dear.

35. I pray that you are generous, loving, respectful, compassionate, empathetic, and come to each interaction with pure motives. Amen. Happy birthday, sweet.

36. As you progress in the journey of life, I pray that you will be diligent, honest, and enthusiastic in all your responsibilities. Happy birthday, dear.

37. May you be blessed with the skills, knowledge, and attributes that will help you prosper and find enjoyment and fulfilment in each task you perform. Happy birthday to you!

38. I pray that your mind will be illuminated with discernment to priorities in your life. Amen. Keep the fire burning!!!

39. I pray that you have the bravery to forsake any distractions that may be sabotaging your ability to achieve what you desire. Amen! You’re a good man, and deserve the best!

40. I pray that you will be safe and free from harm and danger. May you be watchful at every step he takes. Amen. Happy birthday, darling.

Prayer for Husband on His Birthday

41. I pray that you find physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual strength, as well as perspective on hardships, challenges, and persistent issues you may face. You’re more than a conqueror! Enjoy your day.

42. I pray you have an increased capacity to access your inner power, so you will not be discouraged, not fear, or dismay. Happy birthday, sweetness.

43. I pray that you will actively seek to understand the ways I receive love and to clearly express the ways you want me to love you. Happy birthday, dear.

44. May your birthday be an avenue for us to foster an atmosphere of genuine intimacy and continue to pursue each other with respect, admiration, and the magic of romance. Happy birthday, baby.

45. Henceforth, you will speak words that build yourself and those around you. May you be the reason people believe in God. Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

46. May you strive to purify your thoughts and be able to eloquently and lovingly communicate them. Happy birthday to you.

47. I pray that you will be an example to others who cross your path, and that your life would be a reflection of who the Heavenly Father wants you to be, and that you can impact our posterity in a positive way. Amen! Happy birthday, boo.

48. I pray that you are surrounded by godly men that you can mentor and can mentor you. Amen! God bless your age.

49. I pray that you will be a good influence and be influenced only by goodness. Happy birthday to you.

50. I pray that your friendships are strong and carefully chosen, and they can bring growth and joy into your life. Amen. God bless you today and always.

Powerful Prayer for My Husband on His Birthday

51. I pray that you will choose healthy, holy, and honourable activities that you are passionate about. Amen, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, my King!

52. I pray that you experience freedom, temperance, and self-mastery in all of your personal habits. Happy birthday, and have a blast!

53. I pray that you will be quick to forgive yourself for your mistakes and can reconcile with those you have wronged. Amen. Have a beautiful birthday.

54. I pray that you can humbly learn from each experience, so you can move forward in a positive direction. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

55. I pray that you wake up excited to live a life you love, every day. Happy birthday to you!

56. I pray that you will be blessed with mindfulness, balance, and peace in the Lord. The happiest birthday to you.

57. I pray that you can cultivate a calm attitude, and harness your emotions in a healthy and purposeful way. Have a blast!

58. I pray you feel loved, respected, trusted, honoured, and appreciated, all the days of your life. God bless your beautiful heart.

59. I pray that you are able to see each gesture, each word, and each act of service as a gift to you and to be open to receive it fully and with gratitude. Amen. Happy birthday!!!

60. As you celebrate your day, I pray that you will be clothed with confidence from above. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Prayer Message for My Husband

61. May you smile and laugh each day in this new year. Amen. Happy birthday, sweets.

62. I pray that your light will be contagious so others can be uplifted by your joy. Happy birthday, baby.

63. May you have big dreams, goals, and aspirations for your future. Amen! Fulfilled birthday to you!

64. I pray you feel deserving of life in abundance and that your steps can be directed toward the prosperity God has in store for you. Amen. Happy birthday to you, love.

65. I pray that you will be a loving, caring, and affectionate father who will guide his kids and teach them with light and truth. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetie.

66. I pray that you can discipline our kids with gentleness, boldness, and in unity with me. Amen. Happy birthday to the best dad and husband in the world.

67. I pray that you manage finances with discernment and wisdom. Happy birthday to God’s own son.

68. I pray that you will be a self-reliant steward and a visionary partner with regard to money and that you will keep an eternal perspective in temporal matters. Happy birthday, wise man.

69. I pray that you will be focused on unity and will be relentless in your pursuit of oneness with me and our kids. Happy birthday, superman!

70. I pray for agreement, clarity, and compromise in all our family meetings. Happy birthday to my head!

Christian Birthday Prayer Wishes for Husband

71. Darling, I pray that you will be strengthened in your fears, doubts, inadequacies, worries, and insecurities. Happy birthday, Superman!

72. As you climb the next ladder of your life, I pray that you are empowered and enabled to withstand pressure and that you are equipped to be mentally stable during struggling, overwhelming or stressful times. Amen! Happy happy birthday.

73. I pray that you are diligent in taking care of your body, and in maintaining your own welfare, wellbeing, and holistic health. Amen. Have fun, cos it’s your birthday!

74. I pray that you treat every live being with empathy, kindness and respect. And I also pray that you can see each person as a son or daughter of the Heavenly Father, and embrace and celebrate their uniqueness. Amen. God bless you, and happy birthday.

75. I pray that my husband has faith that everything will work together for his good and to acknowledge God’s Hand in everything that happens in his life. Happy birthday to my humble husband.

76. Father, I pray that my husband will be alert and on guard; standing firm in his faith and conviction in You. Amen! Bless him today and forever. Happy birthday, my soul mate.

77. I pray that you would be the man God has called you to be and that you would be courageous and grow in strength, in Jesus’ Name. Happiest birthday to you.

78. On my husband’s birthday, Father I pray, that my husband conforms to Your will in every purpose, thought and action. I pray that he will follow Your plan for him and habitually practice what is pleasing to You, in Jesus’ Name. Happy birthday to my darling husband.

79. Father, I ask You to give my husband spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that he may grow in his knowledge of You. Amen. Bless him on his birthday.

80. I pray that my husband’s heart will be flooded with light so that he can understand the wonderful future God has promised him. Amen. Happy birthday to the most loving husband on earth.

Birthday Prayer for Husband With Love

81. I pray that you are filled with the full knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and in understanding, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

82. Father, I pray that my husband will allow the Word of God to dwell in him richly and work in him mightily, in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday to my ever loving husband.

83. Father Lord, I pray that Christ may live in my husband’s heart and that he would trust in You all the days of his life. Happy birthday to my sweetheart.

84. I pray that your roots will go down deep into the soil of God’s marvellous love. And that you will have the power to understand how deep God’s love really is. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetie.

85. Father, I pray that my husband will be the head of our marriage just as Christ is the Head of the Church and that he would love me, nourishing and cherishing me, just as Christ loves the Church. I also ask that he would honour and delight in me as his wife so that his prayers will not be hindered, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Happy birthday to my head.

86. Father, help me to maintain a submissive heart towards my husband. Help me to honour him, esteem him, regard him, appreciate him, adore him, admire him, be devoted to him and deeply love and enjoy him, in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday to the father of my kids.

87. Father, I pray that my husband would reflect Your love to our children. Help him to raise our children in the tender nurture and training, discipline, counsel, and admonition of You, Lord. Amen. Happy birthday to the husband of my youth.

88. I pray that you pay attention to what God says and that you listen carefully. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

89. I pray that you allow God’s words to penetrate deep into your heart, for they will bring life and health to you. Happy birthday, my love.

90. God, I ask You to help my husband guard his heart above all else, for it affects everything he does. In Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, love.

Birthday Prayer Quotes for My Husband

91. Father, I pray that my husband will always be able to provide for our family and that he would look to You as his Source of provision because You will supply all of our needs according to Your riches in glory. Amen. Happy birthday to my hubby.

92. Lord, I ask for your divine protection over my husband, his job, and our home. Amen. Happy birthday to my husband.

93. May God’s characteristics manifest in you as you grow in his relationship with you. Amen. Happy birthday, dear.

94. May God bless the works of your hands and make them multiply in multiple folds. Amen. Happy birthday, sugar.

95. I pray that you would be rooted and grounded in God’s love for you, as you minister to others. I ask that God would provide friendships which sharpen and encourage you. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

96. Holy Spirit, fill every crevice of my husband’s heart with the fullness of You. Enable him to keep in step with Your every move, and to crucify the desires of his flesh. Bring great fruit in his life as he obeys and depends on You. Amen. Happy birthday to my handsome husband.

97. May you start speaking what is edifying to those around you. You will build others up and use your words to glorify God. Amen. Happy birthday, baby boo.

98. May God help you to keep being an example to others in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. Amen. Have a blast!

99. As your soul prospers, you will be in good health and prosper. Amen. Happy birthday to you, darling.

100. Daily in this year, and the years to come, you will grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Amen. Happy birthday, sweetest.

  • Written By Olalekan Adebumiti.

Birthdays are a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate the gift of life.
Thus, sending a religious birthday greetings is the best way to convey our wishes to someone celebrating his or her birthday.
So here are some prayer messages to send to a special someone who is celebrating his or her special day.

My only prayer on your special day is for your life to be filled with the wonder and glory of His abiding love.

Happy birthday! May you feel His presence not only today, but all throughout the coming years of your life!

Every day is a great opportunity to celebrate God’s awesome works. Each day is a gift of God indeed and your birthday is a perfect day to celebrate one of his wondrous works, which is creating you! Enjoy your special day!


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Faith is said to be the seed of inspiration. Happiest birthday to someone who never stop inspiring me!

On your special day, I wish that your faith would make you even stronger. I love you and no matter what you’re going through, I will always be here for you. Happy birthday!

May you have an awesome birthday and may you feel God’s loving presence in every step along your life’s journey!

God’s love is truly never ending. Let us celebrate this day for it’s your birthday, which is a proof of God’s undying love.

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

On your birthday, may God warm your heart and lift your spirits. May He grant you peace not only on this very special day, but also in every single day of your life!

Happy birthday! Take God’s hand and get excited to celebrate ahead! The Lord has so many great things planned for you so welcome it with open arms.

Birthday Greetings for Facebook – How to Write Happy Birthday post on Facebook wall

The road of the faithful may not always be easy, and that is why God gave us a choice to go through life in our own way. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! It is just amazing how often God allowed our two paths to reconnect further down life’s journey, so let’s celebrate your amazing day!

I wish I would be there to celebrate this special day with you. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and I will always pray for your good health and that you will have a wonderful birthday!

Cute Happy Birthday Wishes for a Dog Lover with Images

I can simply greet you a Happy birthday on your special day, but I will not do that. Instead, I will shout it out to let everyone know just how amazing you are!

Remember that before you were born, He already planned your every step in life. Since it’s your birthday, get ready to receive His blessings in your life.

On your birthday, my prayer is for you to be able to reach your goal in life. Have an awesome birthday, my love!

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Happiest birthday to the most amazing person ever. I pray that you will continue to be an amazing friend to me and may you have so many more birthdays to come.

Hey, cheer up! It is your special day and a perfect time to celebrate! Remember that the Lord will guide you every single step of the way so there is no need to worry.

I do not need to remind you of the precious gift that the Lord has given you, which is the gift of life. I just want you to know that you have touched my life in the most positive way. Happy birthday!

May the Lord bless you with a life that is filled with so much hope and love. May His abundance continue to shower upon you all throughout the coming year, happy birthday!

Smile, since it is your birthday. You have all the things that you have ever wished to have. Enjoy it every day and continue to keep on praying so God will continue to bless you abundantly.

The 105 Best Birthday Quotes With Heartfelt Wishes and Messages

Birthdays are not only about presents, but it is all about His presence. So let’s celebrate and enjoy what He has given to us, a gift called life.

Rejoice and be grateful for the day that God made you. He has certainly made the very best gift ever and that is you. Continue to inspire others with your kindness.

Happy birthday! I pray that God will continue to shower you with his loving grace!

Delight yourself in God and He will surely give you the desires of your heart. I truly believe that the reason He made you is because you are all what I desire for in life. Happy birthday!

The 55 Romantic Birthday Wishes for Wife From Loving Husband

God has given you life and you carried on from there. Thank you for coming to my life and I am just so proud to be a part of your amazing journey. May you have a wonderful birthday because you deserve nothing but only the best!

Faith, hope and love. You all have them, and you wear all these so humbly and never fail to pass them on to others. May God continue to richly bless you not only on your special day but also in every single step of the way!

Today, in the most special of days, take God’s hand and allow him to guide you into the most exciting and joyful ride you’ll ever take in your life. Happy birthday!

The Lord has made you unique. You truly are one of a kind, full of generosity, kindness and limitless possibilities. You’re certainly the best thing that has happened to me.


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The Lord thought about me when He made you. No wonder why we are so perfect for each other, because indeed, His ways are always perfect.

God does not count the money that you have in your bank nor the candles you blow on your cake. What matters is the love you have in your soul, which is exactly what you have. Thank you for your unconditional love, happy birthday!

My prayer on your birthday is for you to be forever happy and that you follow God’s will for your life. May God continue to bless you and may you have so many more birthdays to come!

Thank God for the gift of life. I am so lucky to have you and I look forward to celebrate many more birthdays with you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! I pray that today will be one of the happiest days in your life. May God continue to bless you!

There is no greater gift than God’s gift of life. Therefore, I did not bother to shop for any gift for your birthday. May you enjoy my heartfelt wishes on this very special day!

birthday prayer for husband and father

On your special day, take time to think of the things that have happened in the year that passed. There might be some challenges along the way, but God has truly blessed you with so many amazing things that no other person will deserve but you. Happy birthday!

I know I am not showing you my love as often as I should. I am forever grateful that God is there to back me up. Enjoy your day, happy birthday!

A lot of people will choose to bless you on your birthday and that includes me. May the goodwill, kindness and generosity of others shine upon you today! Have a blessed birthday!

birthday prayer for husband and father

God choose to help those who will help themselves and those who will celebrate more birthdays, God will make sure they live longer. Happy birthday!

Life is a wonderful journey and God is usually the destination. Let us celebrate that day you were born and started your journey. Happy birthday!

May God’s amazing blessings be with you on this special day and for the coming years ahead! May His blessings continue to flow in all areas of your life, and may you have a blessed birthday ever.

birthday prayer for husband and father

Happy birthday and I pray that God will continue to guide you in all the things that you will choose to do.

As the dawn breaks and another day will unfold, may it provide you with real hope in what the future will hold! I pray that you will be happy not only on this day but for the coming days ahead. Happy birthday!

Rejoice for God has blessed you with another year in your life. Since its your birthday, take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life and for the many blessings He has showered upon you. May you have a blessed birthday!

birthday prayer for husband and father

Here’s a toast to celebrate another year in your life. I pray that you’ll continue to live a healthy and joyous life.

A life that’s well lived will always be a great reason to celebrate. God is in heaven now and doing a happy dance.

Here’s wishing you the most amazing birthday. May God’s heavenly face shine upon you not only on this special day but for the rest of the days of your life.

birthday prayer for husband and father

Happy birthday, may the Lord continue to bless you! Thank you for being the greatest friend I have.

I pray that mercy and goodness will accompany you today and for the rest of your beautiful life. Happy birthday!

It really makes me so happy to be celebrating your birthday. I pray that God will continue to bless you and may He wrap his mighty arms around you for protection not only on this day but for the rest of your life.

birthday prayer for husband and father

Happy birthday! My prayer is for God Almighty to never stop blessing you. May you see more remarkable days like what you have today!

I pray that your special day will be as awesome as you are. Happiest birthday to you my dear! May you always be showered with so many blessings in life!

May the Lord continue to give you enough strength and wisdom to go through life smoothly and surpass all the challenges that you will face ahead! Stay blessed, my friend, and enjoy your life to the fullest!

birthday prayer for husband and father
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