Words to my unborn grandchild

Last week, your dad sent me some incredible pictures of you when your mom was at the doctor’s office. I was so awed upon seeing you that all I did was just look and was unable to speak. I wanted to say something but my emotions and heart were at a different place from my conscious mind, let alone the ability to transfer those thoughts onto paper. When I saw you, I saw the future of both your mom and dad’s families and I knew at that moment what was meant by the words joy, blessing and faith.

How lucky you are being born into a world that has made more technical advances in the last quarter of a century than any other time in history. Dad must have taken your pictures on his cell phone then emailed them to me — I think. You’ll probably laugh someday and say, “well what other way do you share pictures grandma”? You have a point there, incredible babe, but remember connecting devices via USB ports are still confusing to me.

I’ve thought about you and it’s been hard for me to fully express in words what I feel in my heart because the excitement that you are almost here is still a lot for me to process. But give me a chance little one because where there is love there are no barriers.

When I saw your face that day for the first time, I wondered if you will have your mommy’s beautiful blue eyes or your dad’s brown eyes. And would you have your mom’s dark hair or your dad’s dark strawberry blonde hair? And would you be tall like your dad or somewhere in between? As far as I’m concerned, any combination of the above will be just perfect.

Incredible babe, as I write these words to you, I pray you grow and develop within the warm, watery world which is your home right now. But once you leave and enter the world outside, you will face a sea of language to be learned and many skills that require patience and time to master. But I know someday you will contribute a lot to society because you posses enormous creative potential to shape the world around you. I know your parents will make sure that you receive both a great secular and Jewish education. You come from a fabulous three thousand year old tradition. Just think about that for a moment little one, three thousand years of collective history, learning, and survival despite the odds sometimes. You see amazing babe, “we are never alone in our struggles.”

Believe in yourself and try to be positive even when things are not going well. Negative thinking and a poor attitude are really the only reasons people can’t move ahead-not lack of ability. Be sensitive to the feelings of others and try not to judge or criticize your peers.

Once you are born, you will have a very busy year or two ahead of you with so much to learn and master. But amazing babe, I look forward to your first smiles, first steps, and first words and first kiss.

In addition to my note, I have two very unusual and special gifts to give your parents when you arrive. The first gift is a bib and the other is a hand knitted sweater made by your great grandmother. Both gifts were never used and in fact never made it to your daddy for some reason. A long time ago my parents lived in Alaska which is where I was born. I didn’t spend much time there — only four months. But when your dad was born, for whatever reason, my mother forgot to give us a bib that she brought back from Alaska and that she was saving for her first grandchild. Don’t worry, it was never used as I mentioned and is tucked away in a cedar chest waiting to finally be given to you, her first great-grandchild. When I think about this bib from Alaska, I think how extraordinary life can be at times. Even though your great-grandmother is no longer here, her memory lives on both spiritually and physically through these items.

Incredible babe, even now I’m looking at little denim clothing, stretches and mobiles. I know when you are finally here; the thought of you not existing will seem incomprehensible. You will fill an empty space in my heart that I didn’t even realize was there before. I’m not rushing or anything little one, but boy am I ready to meet you after all this time.

Copyrighted by Davina Klatsky


I have been knitting a yellow blanket, careful not to show any preference as to sex. Grandchild, whether boy or girl, I want you with a greed, a longing I have never felt so strongly before, even with my own children.

I want to love you and to supply in your life a special place. To be like a playhouse near your home, a place not without rules or standards, but different and smaller and less demanding than home. I want to sing with you and talk with you and read to you—as my mother did with my children.

I want to give you so much: time, toys, warm clothes, attention. I realize, however, that the most important gifts I can offer I have given you already, through your father, my son. Penny Allen, Bountiful, Utah


Dearest Unborn Grandchild,

I am about to meet you in 5 weeks or so, and I am so excited! You will be my first grandchild, and I have no idea if you are a boy or a girl, but that really doesn’t matter to me as long as you are born happy and healthy. I do have to admit I kind of hope you are a girl, only because I had 3 boys and having a little girl would be nice. But if you are a boy that’s fine too because I’m tough and I’ll be able to handle you because I’ve already raised three!

I never thought that I would get to this stage of my life, where anticipating your arrival is almost as exciting for me as waiting for your dad to be born was. You are already near and dear to my heart, and I am already dreaming of how I can remodel our house and yards to make your life more fun and happy: A new grass area in the backyard so you can roll on the grass and play, a new playground area so I can watch your happy face smile down at me and say “grandma, look at me, I’m going down the slide now!”, a new lawn in the front, the same place that your dad played when he was growing up, on the same patch of earth that he and his brother fought and cried over.

Oh yes it will be fun. I promise to be a fun grandma, I’m going to read you stories like I used to read to your daddy, and when it’s time to go to bed we will play “shoot out the lights”. I will give you an imaginary slingshot and you can aim it right at the lights and we will play at shooting the lights out before you close your beautiful eyes and drift off the sleep. I will bring out the fun puppy books that I used to read to your daddy, and we will pray every night before you go to bed. Together you and I will have lots of fun, and when your mom and dad are not around I’ll probably let you get away with things that they might not approve of, but as you will learn, that’s what good grandmas do. They spoil you and give you things that you won’t get elsewhere!

I’m just so excited that you are coming soon! This will be a new rebirth – for both you and I. Your birthday will always be a special day for me, and when you get bigger the parties will get grander and the spoiling will get worse. You will cry to me please – please grandma can I have this or that, and honestly, if I have the money and you’ve been good, you’ll probably bat your eyes at me and get your way.

That’s because you are special to me and I already love you even though I don’t know you yet. Because you are the great grandchild of my parents Alan and Mary Campbell and you have that wonderful Campbell blood in you. I know you are going to be one tough little Irish cookie! I only wish that your great grandparents could have met you, they would have adored you as much as I do. They probably would have spoiled you even worse. But the wonderful thing is that you have their wonderful legacy of love that they left behind, that has filtered down from me- to your dad- and now to you. A legacy of love. And if you manage to get some of Grandpa Joes fighting spirit in you we will butt heads – and then you will probably run to him to get your way when you don’t get it with me!

And on the question of love dearest grandbaby- one thing I want to tell you is that LOVE is the most important thing in the world. With love all things are possible, with love all things can be conquered, all mistakes healed and all things made right. Love never fails. People may fail you but Gods love is always there, waiting for you, everyday and at every moment. All you have to do ask God into your heart and He will always be there with you – no matter what else happens he will always Love You!

And as for your grandpa and I, we will always love you too- because that’s what good grandparents do- they love you unconditionally- through good times and bad, rich times and poor times, naughty times and sad times.

So littlest one, I am so happy you are coming to meet me soon. I can’t wait to see you. I can’t wait to see if you’ll have your daddies eyes, your mothers lips, your grandpas fingers or your grandmas nose. Who knows? You might even look like your great grandpa (and he was quite the ladies man!) or you might just look like your very own self and not look like any of us!

But that doesn’t matter, because we want you to have your own looks, your own thoughts, and your own identity. Maybe one day you might become the president of the United States and you’ll look back at this letter and say “Yup, that was my grandma”. She was one heck of a lady and she sure loved me through thick and thin, all the way to the presidency!

My point being grandchild, anything is possible for you if you want it bad enough. There are no mountains you cannot climb, no things that you cannot do if you just put your mind to it, and try your best. Whether you are the president, a ceo, baker, carpenter or work at McDonalds, as long as you are happy that is the most important thing in life. Enjoy what you are doing and find your purpose and passion in life, because that will help you have a reasonably, and perhaps, exceptional time in this life.

And grandchild, when you get old enough, I hope you love me enough to come and see me when I get old and I am no longer well enough to roll around in the grass with your or shoot out the lights with you. Because some day I will be old and it will be harder for me to spend time with you, so please remember that nobody except your mother and father will ever love you the way I do. You only get a grandma once in your life, so please love me, because I will always love you, no matter what.

I can’t wait to meet you sweetheart,

Love Grandma


Dear Baby,

Well, it’s April now. Your birth month. You’re nearly ready to make your grand entrance.

So, sweet grandchild, let me tell you what will happen when you get here. Prepare to be snuggled and cuddled and cooed to, and love, love, loved.

I gotta tell you, you are most welcome. You will have a big brother who’ll always be there for you. OK, so you’ll fight a little, but he’ll be your biggest supporter and your go-to-guy. Then, there’s mom and dad. How they’ve wanted you. I’ve watched you grow so big inside your mommy she can hardly walk. Your mom and dad have been working so hard to make sure you will have the very best life. And you’re not even here yet. Just wait til you see how they love and care for you in May, then more in June. Imagine this: it will be more and more every day for the rest of their lives! Really. I know it’s hard to believe, since they already love you unimaginably .

There’s more! Grandmas and grandpas and great-grandparents, and aunts, and uncles, and cousins and great-aunts and great-uncles. And that’s just your family. Then there’s friends. Oh my gosh. You are surrounded by oodles ‘n oodles of people who already care for you.

There are so many people I wish you could have known, baby. Maybe you met them on your way here? What beautiful people there have been in your mom and dad’s lives. You wont get to meet them, but their inspiration is still felt by the people around you, so in a round-about way you will know them.

What will you be like? Who will you be? Borrow a little from mommy and a little from daddy. But most of all, I know, you will be you. I can say with some certainty you will be independent. I’m pretty sure you will be considerate and loving, intelligent and thoughtful, creative and articulate. I know these things because that’s what you live with.

Most of all, you will be you. My little unborn baby grandchild, your entire life is still ahead of you. A blank canvas for you to paint your life on. You are not limited to being mini-Tracy or mini-Dean. Amazing as they are, and as much as you will learn from them. You will be you, and I can’t wait to get to know the person you will become.

Love and hugs and kisses
Grandma Di

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

-Dr. Suess
You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own.
And you know what you know.
And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.
You won’t lag behind, because you’ll have the speed.
You’ll pass the whole gang and you’ll soon take the lead.
Wherever you fly, you’ll be the best of the best.
Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.
I’m sorry to say so
But, sadly it’s true
That bang-ups and hang-ups
Can happen to you.
On and on you will hike, And I know you’ll hike far
and face up to your problems whatever they are.
You’ll get mixed up of course, as you already know.
You’ll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go.
So be sure when you step.
Step with care and great tact
And remember that Life’s a great balancing act.
Just never forget to be dexterous and deft.
And never mix up your right foot with your left.
Will you succeed?
Yes you will indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)

April 4
So sweet baby, today is the day! I’ll meet you within hours. Your mama and you are working together at this very moment. Soon. Love you.


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