Who to pray to for love

A person who does not know love is considereddefective. And for society, and for yourself. People who are not capable of experiencing this greatest of feelings are one, the main mass simply does not want to work spiritually and teach their love heart.
But since to achieve the image of a successfulman necessarily enter into a conjugal union, then people who have reached the age at which people acquire a family, but who have not met their desired half, begin to suffer. And not only from the consciousness that they are alone, but also from the condemnation of society – sometimes secretly, and often very loud.

Therefore, young people make efforts to solve this problem, often in a hurry, just to avoid convicting others.

As a consequence, they turn to fortune tellers andsorcerers, although it is known that such services are always from the category of dangerous ones. But this danger is poorly realized when a person is being pushed by ill-will (and even interference in career development, in other official and personal matters), which is difficult to bear.
Fortune tellers and sorcerers of different ranks and names promise to apply to them for help to solve their problem: there is, it is said, a very effective prayer for love.

The client is given a text and the person sincerely believes that this sorcerous text will really help to find happiness.

And the sorcerer demands that the client does not haveno self-interest in relation to the future spouse. That is, you should not ask the sorcerer to help find a spouse so rich that he does not notice the daily spending, so that you can live almost free and so on. But no prayer for love will lead anyone to a spouse willing to play a silent walking wallet, and yet – the role of an ideal sexual partner.

But if the thoughts of a person are really pure and he sincerely searches for someone with whom a real durable family will be built and children will be born, he will not need a prayer for love from the sorcerer.

Looking for a rich man who supposedly does not know where to spend money, is meaningless. Even the rich want to love and be loved.

Prayer for love will prove effective only when, without any sorcerers and other psychics, a person begins to ask God to send him a meeting with a suitor for a long and happy life.

Oh, All-Good Lord! I ask you, accept my love, which fills my soul, my faith, which always lives in my heart. In all I submit to your holy will.

I pray thee, O Lord, guard me from pride and despondency, doubt and temptation. Give strength to prayer, faith and patience. Bless, Lord, my labors, lead troubles and sinful thoughts.

For all, Lord, Your will, please, prinodi to an honest marriage in love and respect. in fulfillment of the law and Thy purpose, for Thou hast said, Holy Father: It is not good for a man to be alone.

Humbly I pray, O Lord, from the heart of the unblemished and pure, of the honest and pious wife, of living with him in faith, harmony and love.
Thank You, Lord.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. And now, and ever, and for ever and ever. Amen.

Such, out of the heart, the outgoing request to God isa really strong prayer for love: such appeals reach God and He sends a long-awaited meeting. Moreover: real marriages are made in heaven and expect that people who put on strange clothes and settle in skilfully draped rooms will be able to change destiny according to your wish – at least, naively. Even if these Dodgers have some kind of power, then this unbecoming power and for their services will have to be paid not only by bills, but also by their quiet future.
It is better to pray to God and ask Him through the saints. It is well known which saints help in what needs most likely. They should be praying. Thus, priests, for example, recommend praying for the bestowal of a kind marriage to the prince Daniel of Moscow, the holy apostle and evangelist John the Theologian, the holy and righteous Peter and Fevronia, a model of happy long-term family happiness.

Very quickly, other saints respond, eithernominal, that is, whose name is a man, or glorified by many miracles. Thus, unmarried girls very often receive the fulfillment of the desire to marry after they have read for some time the prayer of the Matron of Moscow about love. It is very good to visit the Andronikovsky Moscow Monastery, where its relics rest, but the saint hears requests for help, regardless of where the person is.



Here’s a joke: A priest is giving a homily based on Jesus’s command to love your enemies.

“Now,” he says, “I’ll bet that many of us feel as if we have enemies in our lives,” he says the congregation. “So raise your hands,” he says, “if you have many enemies.” And quite a few people raise their hands. “Now raise your hands if you have only a few enemies.” And about half as many people raise their hands. “Now raise your hands if you have only one or two enemies.” And even fewer people raised their hands. “See,” says the priest, “most of us feel like we have enemies.”

“Now raise your hands if you have no enemies at all.” And the priest looks around, and looks around, and finally, way in the back, a very, very old man raises his hand. He stands up and says, “I have no enemies whatsoever!” Delighted, the priest invites the man to the front of the church. “What a blessing!” the priest says. “How old are you?

“I’m 98 years old, and I have no enemies.” The priest says, “What a wonderful Christian life you lead! And tell us all how it is that you have no enemies.”

“All the bastards have died!”

Most of us, sadly, go through life with, for better or worse, and no matter how hard we try, a few people we may feel are our “enemies.” Or, more broadly, people seem to hate us. There are people whom we’ve offended and to whom we’ve apologized, but who refuse to accept our apologies. There are people at work who we’ve angered, who are jealous of us or who have set themselves against us. There are people in our families who hold a grudge against us for some mysterious reason that we can never comprehend. And there are people who seem to dislike us or wish us ill for no good reason. It’s a sad part of human life.

And it’s a hard part of life. And sometimes, when we hear Jesus telling us to love our enemies, it seems to make things even harder.

In the Gospel of Matthew (5:38-48), Jesus contrasts what his disciples had heard in the past with what they must practice as his followers. “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye.’ But I say to you offer no resistance to one who is evil,” he says. “You have heard that it was said that you must love your neighbors and hate your enemies. But I say to you love your enemies.” Jesus is trying to move the disciples beyond what they knew into a realm of practice that will help them follow Jesus, to live according to a new law, the law of love.

But there’s a problem: it seems impossible! How are we supposed to love our enemies sincerely? Are we really supposed to pray for … whom? For people who hate us? For people who work against us? For people who want us to fail? It seems almost masochistic — a surefire recipe for psychological disaster.

A few things might help us understand what Jesus means. Now, I’m not going to water down these passages, but as in all the Gospel narratives, it’s important to understand the context of Jesus’s comments, and how they may have been understood in his time.

For example, when Jesus talks about someone turning the other cheek, many Scripture scholars feel that he’s talking about a particular act. The Gospel of Matthew specifies that the “right cheek.” This means the blow comes from the back of the assailant’s left hand, and therefore constitutes an insult not a violent assault. So some scholars say that when Jesus says the “other cheek,” the idea is that when you’re insulted by a slap on the cheek you should turn away and not retaliate. It’s not so much an invitation for someone to keep hitting you as it is for you not to retaliate. So that may help us understand things.

Likewise, the word Jesus used when he talks about loving your enemies is not the same word that is used in other discussions of love. In ancient Greek, the language of the Gospels, there are three words for love: first, philios, which was a kind of fraternal or friendly love (and where we get the word Philadelphia) and second, eros, a romantic love.

But the word Jesus uses here is the third kind of love, agape, a sort of unconquerable benevolence or invincible goodwill. We’re supposed to agape our enemies. Jesus is asking us to agape people no matter what they do to us, no matter how they treat us, no matter how they insult us. No matter what their actions we never allow bitterness against them to invade our hearts, but will treat them with goodwill.

So it doesn’t mean that we have to love our enemies the same way that we speak about “falling in love” with someone or the way we love our family members. It simply means we must open our hearts to them.

And pray for them, too. In my experience, it’s easier to agape someone you dislike (or who dislikes you) when you pray for them. Because when you pray for them, God often opens your heart to seeing people the way that God sees them, rather than the way you see them. And you can often have pity for people who may be filled with anger toward you.

But even when you understand all these things, and even if you read Scripture commentaries, these remain difficult things to hear. Even harder to follow. Loving your enemies and pray for those who persecute you is hard. In my life I’ve found it probably the most difficult thing to do as a Christian. Many years ago, for example, I lived with another Jesuit who simply refused to talk to me. He despised me. And I couldn’t figure out why and efforts at reconciliation failed miserably. No matter what I did, nothing changed his attitude.

Over the course of many years, in light of that experience, and in light of meditating on the Gospels, I realized three things about loving your enemies.

First of all, some people may simply dislike you. So it’s useless to try to “get” them to like you, much less to love you. It’s useless to try to change them. You can be open to reconciliation, but you have no control over whether someone will reconcile with you. Part of this process is embracing your own powerlessness. Letting go is paramount.

Second, turning away from insults, hatred and contempt and “offering the other cheek” is emotionally healthy. Now, some schools of psychology say that you should always give vent to anger (rather than let it fester) but always responding with vituperation or vengefulness is rather a childish thing to do. Only a baby gives vent to his or her anger all the time. You can acknowledge your anger, perhaps express frustration you have in a calm way, but you don’t have to respond in kind.

Basically, and to put it less elegantly than Jesus, if your enemy behaves like a jerk toward you, there’s no reason you have to act like a jerk toward him.

Third, loving your enemies and praying for those who persecute you is liberating. Too often we can find ourselves in pitched battles with the people who hate us, always seeking the upper hand, always noting who’s up and who’s down, always analyzing every slight. You see this in families and even in office environments, where people are trapped into cycles of vengefulness. It wears both parties down and dehumanizes everyone involved. I’ve seen couples, for example, whose marriages are utterly destroyed by the inability to forgive; the two become like scorpions in a jar. Jesus is offering us a way out of all that.

So what Jesus is telling us is hard, but it’s not impossible. And it’s necessary, too, because ultimately he is inviting us not only to forgiveness and charity but to something else: freedom and happiness. So you have heard that it was said, and you have heard that it was said to you by Jesus, who wants you to be happy.


man not to have known the love, it is considered defective.And for society, and for himself.People who are unable to experience is the greatest of the senses – the units, the primary weight just does not want to work spiritually and train your heart of love.
But as for the acquisition of the image of a successful person is required to enter into marital union, the people who have reached the age at which people take on the family, but did not meet its desired half, begin to suffer.And not only the knowledge that they are lonely, but also the condemnation of society – sometimes tacit and often very loud.

why youth is making efforts to solve this problem, often slowly, if only to avoid the condemnation of others.

As a result, they turn to fortunetellers and sorcerers, although it is known that these services are always of the discharge of dangerous.But this danger is poorly recognized, when a man and then pushes the ill (and sometimes interfere with career development, and in other work and personal ma

tters), which is hard to bear.

Fortune-tellers and wizards of different ranks and titles promise to appeal to them for help to solve their problem: there is, say, a very effective prayer of love.

Client issued text and one sincerely believes that this magical tekstovka really help find happiness.

And sorcerer requires that the client did not have any vested interests in relation to the future spouse.That is, do not ask the wizard to help find a rich husband so that he did not notice the daily expenses to live could almost still free and so on.But no prayer of love will not lead to anyone’s wife, willing to play a silent walking wallet, and another – the role of the ideal sexual partner.

But if the thoughts a person is really clean and he was genuinely looking for someone with whom to build a real and durable family of children will be born, that he does not need to be a prayer of love from the sorcerer.Search

rich man who allegedly did not know where to spend the money, it is meaningless.Even rich people want to love and be loved.

Prayer for love would be effective only if, without any other wizards and psychics, one begins to ask God to send him to meet with the restriction for a long and happy life.

O All-good Lord!Please, accept my love that fills my soul, my faith that always lives in my heart.In all I submit to the will of Thy holy.

I beseech Thee, O Lord, keep me from pride and sadness, doubt and temptation.Give me the strength to prayer, faith and patience.Bless the Lord, my works, take evil and sinful thoughts.

In all, O Lord, Thy will ask prividitsya an honest marriage of love and respect.pursuant to the law and designed for thee thy says Holy Father is not good for man to be alone.

humbly pray, O Lord, from the heart without blemish, of the honest and pious wife, life with him in faith, harmony and love.
Thank you, Lord.
In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.And now and ever and ever and ever.Amen.

This, coming from the heart to please God and have a really powerful prayer of love: such appeals reach the God and He sends the long-awaited meeting.Moreover, these marriages are made in heaven, and count the people, hung on the weird robes and seated in skillfully draped rooms, will be able to change the destiny according to your wishes – at least, naive.Even if the Dodgers have some kind of power, the power of the good, and for their services not only have to pay bills, but its peaceful future.
better pray to God and ask Him through the Holy.It is well known what kind of saints in which the needs are likely to help.And they should pray.So the priests, for example, recommended to pray for the gift of a good marriage Orthodox Prince Daniel of Moscow, the holy Apostle John the Evangelist, a holy and righteous Peter and Fevronia, the model of a happy family many years of happiness.

respond very quickly and the other saints, or name, that is, the person whose name is, or glorified by many miracles.For unmarried girls often receive fulfillment of a wish to marry after they read a prayer while Matrona of Moscow about love.Very good visit Kolomenskoye Moscow monastery where the rest of its power, but the saint hears requests for assistance, regardless of where the person is.


I remember the weeks and months surrounding Valentine’s Day – particularly during my time as a single woman. Walking through the stores, you notice that the string of lights and row of trees have been replaced by red hearts, chocolates and flowers. Couples seem to be everywhere – holding hands, sharing flirtatious glances, and sneaking in passionate kisses. The sting of being alone can seem even harder to handle when everywhere you look love is in the air – except the air you’re breathing.

I remember praying a lot when I was single. At least I called it prayer. But in reality it was, more or less, venting. I would cry out to God in my frustration. When would it be my turn? When would he send me love? How much longer did I have to feel alone? I wasn’t there to discuss the matter with him, I was there to tell him what I wanted. he needed to know.

Looking back at my time as a single I see God’s grace all over my story, and the path he had paved for me. But there are so many things I know now, that I didn’t know then. If I could go back to those discussions with God, I would spend less time venting to him and more time listening. I would have invited him to shift my heart and open my eyes to what he was doing. If I knew then what I know now, here’s what I would have prayed:

1. Pray for Trust. One way I would have prayed differently is asking God to help me trust him more. We talk a lot about trusting God in the Christian life, but do we do it? I know I said I trusted him, but deep down I was afraid that maybe he couldn’t be trusted – that maybe he needed a little advice and direction about my life. As I look back, I see how much I missed out on life because I was worrying, analyzing, and planning, instead of resting in assurance of his perfect plans. The mark of trust is believing that God’s plans are so much better than anything we could come up with on our own – and believing that he is good. Trust is a necessary skill when it comes to finding love. If we’re unable to trust a perfect God, how much harder will it be to trust the fallible human being he one day places in our lives? I had so much to learn about trust back then, and so much I’m still learning.

2. Pray for Fulfillment. Deep down there was a part of me that believed I would feel fulfilled in the arms of my spouse. But if I knew then what I know now, I would have sought to be filled while standing alone. While there are so many things a healthy relationship can do, there are so many things it can’t. It can’t bring purpose, security, or healing. It can’t bring ultimate joy or perfect contentment. I would have prayed to rely on God more and more each day, because I would have known that a life that is filled to the brim will eventually overflow that kind of love onto the people God brings it’s way. I would have asked God to fill me with more of him, instead of simply asking him for things that could never actually fill me up.

3. Pray for Discernment. I made many poor choices as a single. Partly because I didn’t really trust God, and partly because I allowed life to just happen. There were so many doors I shouldn’t have walked through, and so many doors I should have slammed shut. Instead, I lived in the mentality of “whatever happens, happens” and “maybe it’s meant to be.” What I didn’t realize is that God grants wisdom to those who want it. He gives us the ability to choose right from wrong, and to make healthy choices even when life offers us unhealthy options. I would have prayed for more discernment as I made choices in my life and relationships, rather than letting my life and relationships control me.

4. Pray for Healing. We don’t spend very much time looking in when we’re focused on finding a relationship. In my book, True Love Dates, I call this process “dating inward.” And I truly believe it’s one of the most important steps in finding love. We get so fixated on what we want in a relationship that we fail to focus in on who we are and what God is doing in us. If I could go back, I would have asked God for more healing as I examined all the inner-workings of my life. I would have addressed my insecurities, my fears, and my selfishness. I would have asked him to heal the parts of my life that only he could. What I didn’t always understand was that the best relationships are made up of two healthy people. I would have started working on me while standing alone.

5. Pray for Love. It’s so important to pray for love. God made us for relationships; we’re wired that way. But rather than be so consumed with finding love, I would have asked God to help me experience more of his love. What I didn’t know then is that knowing God’s love is the greatest way to understand earthly love – and to learn to love yourself. There is so much I could have learned about love as a single, by allowing God’s unconditional love to penetrate my life and my relationships. I would have asked him to help me receive more of his love in my life, because at the end of the day, the definition of true love can only begin there.

So many times we seek God in prayer with our “list.” We assume that prayer is for him, and is our chance to tell him what we want and need. While there is value in that, even more so it’s important to understand that prayer is actually for us. As much as God wants to give us the desires of our heart, more so, he wants to change our heart. To fill it with love, trust, and wisdom. To pour down fulfillment, peace, and faith and make it more like his. And when our hearts are truly aligned with his, we’re destined to experience life abundant – no matter what our relationship status.

Debra K. Fileta is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Relationship and Marital issues. She, her husband and two children live in Hershey, PA. She is the author of the new book True Love Dates (Zondervan, 2013), challenging young men and women to do dating in a way that is psychologically sound, emotionally healthy and spiritually grounded. Visit www.truelovedates.com and follow her on Twitter to get your dating questions answered and to learn more.

Publication date: February 11, 2014


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