Strong prayers for help

by May (Marikina)

GOD, Thanks for being always there at my side.

I know i am weak but God i know you can show me and help me to be strong enough and i am in agony i can’t easily adjust myself to the new person..

I know God I’m not bright but I’m trying to be.

I can’t speak and write English fluently, that why my classmates, teacher and my friends laugh when they see me..

it’s hurt and when they avoiding me..
that’s why i don’t have friend in my classroom. and i don’t want to push my self to those person who doesn’t accept me..

But thanks God because you gave to me my Family they always there for me.. but..
please God I’m confused what I’m going to do?
please always stay there and guide me for what I’m doing,
I’m afraid,.

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Belief in higher powers was born a long time ago,the dawn of humanity. For thousands of years we exist on this Earth, conquered the ocean abysses, the expanses of the cosmos, the depths of the soil. And still, as soon as there are situations that are out of control, we raise our eyes to the sky and begin to pray warmly and earnestly for help. For mankind has never invented anything stronger than a prayerful word, sincerely converted to God and holy martyrs. Because they can bring medicine, refuse technology, betray people. And only the Lord will always hear, stretch out his hands, support, save.

Prayer for the suffering

strong prayers for help

If you need any prayer about the sick,It is necessary to have a special collection. It not only collected all the necessary texts, but they are already distributed thematically, depending on which of the most effective ailments. The collection is called “Prayer Book”.

The table of contents indicates what should be read whena headache that occurs with deafness or migraine. Separately indicated are the first and second prayers for the sick – common to all suffering from bodily and spiritual ailments. Carry the collection with you, this is a real first aid for a variety of ailments. And even if you do not have those icons that are recommended in the “Prayer Book,” God and His helpers will not remain deaf to your needs.

“Save and Have mercy”

strong prayers for help

The Bible says that the Lord left people inas the main appeal to ourselves “Our Father”. Lines, most of us familiar with early childhood, can well be used as a prayer for the sick. Plus, a short but very capacious exclamation: “Merciful God, save, save and have mercy!”

Very good and effective psalm 90th of the Psalter. It is useful and should be read in any difficult situation, including any serious illnesses. In general, the Psalter is also an invaluable book that should be desktop in any family. Verses collected in it, you can call a miracle wand-zashchalochko with any vital “treb” (need). Therefore, any prayer about the sick from the collection is effective and acts stronger than any medicine.

Explanation of a miracle

strong prayers for help

It’s hard to say why this happens. Many things remain beyond human understanding. Probably, a big role is played by the Christian egrogor – the strongest spiritual energy, which, like electricity, charges every word in prayers. After all, they were pronounced by people for many years, countless times. Therefore, so much positive energy of faith and hope accumulated in prayer texts.

It is also the source of the miracle of majorityancient icons, monasteries and temples. For example, many believers have repeatedly observed that when a prayer is spoken about aching parents or children before the images of the Mother of God or the healer Panteleimon, the person embraces a special thrill, and then he feels pacification, calmness and confidence that everything will be fine.

The power of faith

Another important, perhaps, factor affectsthe effectiveness of our requests to the Almighty. This is sincere faith. In general, all the Orthodox miracles, including the first prayer for the healing of the sick, serve not only for the sake of health and better life, but also for strengthening faith, instruction in the true path, evidence of God’s power and might.

No wonder the Lord said: “Come to me, and I will calm you!”


Daily prayer for faith and courage helps us stand strong all day for February 24. As Christians, it is necessary that we are settled in our convictions, steadfast in faith and establish in the word of God. So that when storm shall come, we will stand and be unmovable. Rely on foundation of faith in your heart.

Bible Verse for Today

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.” (1 Corinthians 15:58)

We should be like a ship in a storm, solidly anchored. The wind may toss it to and from, but it won’t be troubled. We must hold onto what will hold us firmly in times of trials and temptations, in times of troubles, and in the time when challenges will surface. What can hold us firmly is putting on the whole amour of God. Ephesians 6:11 says, “Put on the whole amour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil”.

Unmovable means inability of something to move, it means no matter how you try to move it, it stands strongly. When you are unmovable, it doesn’t matter what the devil is doing. The foundation of faith that you build on the word of God withhold things together. Truly, different temptations will come. Things will come to push us away but we must anchor ourselves, our faith, and our hope in the power of God. We are very secure when such things come to push us off course. Bear it in mind today that you are unmovable, put on the amour of God and keep standing strong.

Daily Prayer for faith and courage helps us stand Strong all Day

Dear Father, I thank you for the anointing of the Holy Spirit that’s at work in me, guiding me in the path of truth. I’m established in righteousness, steadfast and unmovable in the Lord. I am filled with the knowledge of God, in all wisdom and discernment.

Today Lord, I stand on your word alone and I shall not be moved by any situation I face. You are my rock and my salvation. I overcome temptation today by you word and I declare that I am strong in you. Amen.

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strong prayers for help

There is no sadder story in the world than the story ofa woman who can not get pregnant. All tears are weeped, seven circles of hell are passed through various examinations and cures, and the long-awaited pregnancy does not come. And when official medicine is powerless, and the attempts of traditional healers and healers to remain fruitless attempts, it’s time to turn to yourself, to the most powerful force of women’s energy and faith. Only a woman who does not lower her hands and believes in the power and wisdom of her body, is able to create a miracle that a little heart will be hammered under her own heart. Strengthen the faith will help prayers and conspiracies, collected the most positive feedback and thanks.

The magic of conspiracy to conceive a child

To conceive in the most hopeless cases and become happy moms, many modern women were helped by the most powerful conspiracies for motherhood:

strong prayers for help

The Old Slavic plot of Forty Nodes

To ancient Slavs life seemed longrope-road, on which the past and the future left their traces in the form of knots. And if you only had to put up with the knots of the past, then the nodules of the future could be talked about, so that they formed into the necessary happy events. Pregnancy is one of those “knots” that the wise Slavs were able to “tie” with the help of conspiracies. For the “40 knots” conspiracy you will need a long natural thread of red color and strength of faith, which will help to “tie” the pregnancy.

Starting from the first day of the new moon, and duringnext forty days, tie a knot, accompanying the magic action with the words of the conspiracy: “The knot tightened firmly to the nodule, knotted the knots, the fetus in the uterus conceived. Red knots yes are strong, дитяко it is healthy and reddened! Tie-do not untie. Lord, bless, Prisnadeva, help! Amen! “Tying a string, imagine a picture in which you see first the joy of seeing two strips, and then – how your tummy with every week (with each knot) becomes all rounder, and rounder. Experience this process with your soul, like an accomplished fact.

strong prayers for help

Watch for the fact that during the ritual threadwas reliably hidden from the views of others. Let it be stored only in your known place. On day 41, shift the amulet with knots to the highest place in the house (chandelier, mezzanine). When the pregnancy comes, give a little thanks and dig into the ground.

Strong plot on a young moon

Pronounced at night on a new moon, stroking your belly:

“The Lord Almighty, our Father, You gave usred sun, gave the moon white face, the stars are bright, the clouds are white, the trees are mighty, the wind is tender. So give it to me, the servant of God (name) of the child! Just as the moon is young today, so let the child in my womb begin to grow, Amen. “

Orthodox prayers for conceiving a child

strong prayers for help

Orthodoxy is wary ofmagical conspiracies. If they inspire you with fear, then it will be better and more effective to seek help from prayers, miraculous places and namolennye icons. They ask for the gift of motherhood from the Lord God, the Virgin Mary, the Holy Matrona of Moscow, the saints Joachim and Anna, and others.

Prayer to the Theotokos

  1. They say “Unexpected joy” before the icon.

    “O, Most Holy Virgin, the All-Glorious Son of MatiAll-good, hailstones to the Patroness, all who are in sins, sorrows, troubles and diseases faithful to the Intercessor and the Intercessor! We praise this prayer of prayers from us, unworthy of your servants, to You exalted: and as old as a sinner, you did not despise all times for an honest Thy Icon of Thy prayer, but the unconcealed joy of repentance You granted, and by Your intercession to Your sinner’s zeal for the forgiveness of the sinner and now do not despise the entreaties of us, unworthy of your servant, but pray to your Son and our God, and to all of us, with faith and affection, in a purposeful manner, Your obeisance, for whom the unaccustomed joy gives the gift: yes, in heaven and in heaven earth and they behave like the firm and unshawful Witness of the Christian race, and this is more important, they praise Tya and Thy Son with His original Father and His Essential Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen”.

  2. “Blessed Mother, Mother of God, have mercy on me,(name), and receive my prayer, with a hearty affliction to You exalted, I implore You humbly, grant healing from my sufferings, which hinder the conception of children. Amen”.

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