Stop praying for my grandpa

by Brittany ()

My grandpa was recently in the hospital for open heart surgery he was recovering great and then last night he had something happen to him in stopped breathing in his sleep. The nurses told us that they thought he had had a stroke. but then they weren’t for sure anymore. they ran cat scans and everything they could not figure out what it was another nurse said that it may be blood clots in his brain.. then another one says it may be because he has had no sleep and the medication is messing with him… but he does not know anything he doesn’t know where he is.. he doesn’t know who i am.. he is seeing things that aren’t there… would everyone please please please pray for him and his family.. he is very loved and needed… we need him his name is pete.

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@woodmuffin: Please stop praying for my grandpa u are making him too strong. He broke out of the hospital & cops say their tasers don’t work on him 🙁

stop praying for my grandpa

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