Someone please help me financially

Mother with Financial Hardship

I’m a soon to be divorce mother of 5 kids, whom husband has left for a
new family he created with a new baby. I have been left to raise my 3 and my

sisters 2 kids alone. I’ve been evicted 5 times within the last 4 years. My
Ex does not pay me any child support at all. He does not keep a job to even

get caught to pay the child support. My sister’s kids loss there mother to
Lupus when she was 38 years old. I have been struggling just to pay my rent

every month. Right now we are about to be put out of our house due to me
losing my job again for the 4th time. Every time I think I have found a good

job, they have budget cuts and I loose my job. Right now I’m about $50,000
in debt. I can’t even get a credit card or even a nice car. I have been

struggling for a long time. I try to always do the what’s right and I just
keep running into dead ends. Wow I never thought my life would be like this.

My sister didn’t have any money saved or money saved in her Social Security
for her survivors(children) so I don’t get any financial help from anyone.

I’m out here all alone. Raising 5 boys is very hard and very rewarding, but
very expensive. If anyone can help me with just making it through the year

it would be AWESOME. I need HELP PLEASE! I need money like 4 years ago.
Right now I’m unemployed and have put in over 100 application. I just don’t
know what to do! PLEASE help me please!

I need wedding vows please help

Skills: Writing

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Speeches should be impactful, remembered, and above all else, they should be well-written for maximum effect on your audience no matter how big or small. This is something I do not take lightly. With my creative mind More


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Being an old romantic, I believe I can help in this respect. A quick “interview” and I can have those done for you pretty quickly, no sweat.


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Wedding vows should be romantic, sentimental and express your innermost feelings for your one and only. A day to remember with vows that hold your hearts forever. Yes, I could write your wedding vows because I can feel More


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I am an experienced writer. I would love to help you work on your vows. I would just need to know a few things about your mate and how you feel about them


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It doesn’t let me go lower than 250. Wouldn’t charge that much. I just got married and know the types of things to be said


Hello, I am a playwriting student at Fordham University. Not only do I have a passion for writing, but I am also a hopeless romantic. You can tell me some things about your fiancé and I will be sure this will be the mo More


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I understand that you don’t want the regular vows said at weddings. I can write vows totally different from the usual, and make them sound personal and meaningful. I write poems on various subjects, including love. So More


I promise to care. To never stop investing myself in this thing that we hold so dear to the both of us. To stick with you every step of the way. To always listen to what you have to say, and to always take your opinion More

I have no money, house,car, and trying to get back to Georgia so me and my daughter will have a home and I will have a job. But I know the struggle so if there is anything else that anyone needs help with that I have to help with I would love to help…

Bed, table, furniture need to get rid of quick
1 Tobruk lane, Dianella.
Call 0892**** or 0893****

Backpack carrier IRON for kids from 6 monthes. Max weight of child – 10 kg. Made in Poland. Looks like new. All the information is on pictures. If any questions – ask me.

IPAD looks like a new one. Less than 2 years old, comes with a box and a case. Photo in attachment. Used very carefully. Without any warranty, but it works good now.
Give away not far away from Kem.
Write if interesting in it.

Want to work for pay I live central Phoenix Az I have done office to concrete work

Are doctor’s required by law to inform you of cysts on your kidneys or is it a common thing for people to find these things out from reading their medical records.
Also what can I do about it if it’s not right?


April132018my son in law Nolan Mansfield wrecked his motorcycle and is a coma ,dai state is what they call it his body is responding but not him yet. They are moving him to San Francisco from enloe in Chico CA this next week …my daughter is lost she’s…

I’m 49 y/o homeless female with a terminal illness. I am awaiting ssi benefits but have no income at the moment. I need help getting a place to live and transportation . I can than focus on my health and be able to get to my dr. appts. Any help with…

I’m homeless now due to my BF having had a brain aneurysm and a stroke at the same time and he was in a COMA and came out of it thank God but he doesn’t speak ,walk, or for that matter not to much else they’re working with him though but it’s been 5 …

Hello, I am a father of e children with a hard working wife. My health has declined over the past few years that has made me have to have numerous surgeries and I have been off work many times because of this. We have been evicted from rebtal properties,…

I’m not on here to ask for money, cars, houses or anything major….all I NEED, desperately, is a laptop to start my own business in web design, graphic arts, interior and fashion designs. I tried starting up on my phone, but I can’t make my designs…

I am homeless with my 3 year old son I have no job he needs clothes I am at my rock bottom please can anyone help

So we’re low income and I got a free couch that had a cousin broke and now there’s wood piping out. Not good. And I can’t afford one. Can someone help us out? We would be very grateful.


I need help becoming employed and emancipated. I also need someone I can become roommates with so please help me soon as possible. I also have three dogs and any baby stuff can help unisex/gender neutral things if you can… Also forgot to mention I…

Hello my name is Kenneth Rodriquez
942 Harrison Ave
Schenectady NY 1230**** Am having a lot of problems here my electric they want to turn off I owe 1500 dollars I would appreciate it if anyone can am a senior citizen and a
Please can so…

looking someone who could be trusted and also in need of cash to help me out in this tight situation contact me for more detail and I promise you would be greatly rewarded . send me a private message if you’re seeing this and interested okay. please its urgent ….

If anyone is in need of items for their family or themselves then I have some information that may be useful.

I’m not rich or have much but I am willing to help what I can help with…
Food, clothes, someone to speak too, etc.

For people who have no money to pay for work. Anything I wiil help you only for free. Ask me, if you have problems with your furniture – you need to repair it, or , probably you need hepl of professional plumber. But I can help only in my town Love. Thanks for attention….

Youthful retired and full of energy woman desires to donate my time in any type of service that would be the most needed.

Our community of charity and people , where you can help others if you want, or get free help. You need to leave your post. Direct assistant programms for needy and poor people, for kids.

If you wanted of helping others in need, or you are homeless and ask to help me and do not know what to do, or need free meals, or looking for salvation army or goodwill industry, welfare, charity, want help.
If you ask yourself – how can I help people, or can someone can help me financially – here is your website.

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