Protection and strength for my son

by Mom (Oklahoma)

Dear Lord, please watch over my only son. Please bless him with protection, security, and a sense of your strength at times when he is without his family trying to make a name for himself in this world. Please bless him with a chance, opportunity, or a break to help him realize his dream with success.

Lord, you know how truly hard it is in the heart to physically let go of a child so they can find their own way, on their own terms without the always physical presence of a parent, mentor, or guidance. I have wrestled long enough with my fear for him and put him and his life once again in your caring hands for his happiness and success.

I only want his happiness with his life, and if this is how he wants to achieve it then my support is unconditional… but he needs help in many ways to get this done. Please bless him emotionally, physically, financially, and most of all spiritually. Please guide him to happiness.

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