Prayers to have a baby girl

Are you trying to have a baby or do you want to conceive a child? The proceeding prayer for a baby will help you in this season of frustration and helplessness.

God’s original intent is for man to have an intimate relationship with Him and to procreate and subdue the earth. As such, deep into a man’s heart and spirit is the desire, yearning, and longing to have a partner and build a family together through their children. Father God put this built-in propensity of mankind to relate, commune, love, be loved, and multiply.

For the majority of the population since the beginning of time, there is a desire to find a spouse, marry, and bear children. However, statistics show that a number of married couples are incapable of procreation thereby denying them of the enjoyment of having their own kids.

The Scriptures is replete with many examples of parents particularly women who were barren, infertile or unable to have a child. Like for instance, Sarah, the wife of Abraham way back in the Genesis account. God spoke and promised to Abraham that he will become the father of many nations and his descendants will be as numerous as the stars in the skies and the sands on the seashores. Many years have gone by but the promise seemed elusive. Out of desperation and frustration, the couple devised their own scheme to bear a child, Ishmael through Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant. But, God’s promise of a child (Isaac) happened when they least expected it.

Then there’s Rebecca, the lady who agreed to marry someone (Isaac) whom she has never seen nor met initially. She was infertile for twenty (20) years until Isaac declared a prayer for a baby for her and she was able to bear the twins—two nations — Esau and Jacob.

Rachel, the second wife of Jacob also was barren but God opened the womb of her older sister Leah, Jacob’s first wife when Leah was not loved. Later on, Rachel bore Joseph and Benjamin.

Who have not heard of the beautiful story of Hannah? His husband Elkanah had another wife Peninnah with children and year after year when they worship God and sacrifice at Shiloh, Peninnah will irritate and insult Hannah for being barren. Until one day, Eli the high priest saw her thinking she was drunk for being down in heart and whispering to herself. In reality, Hannah was uttering a prayer to have a child. It happened and the child became the Prophet Samuel who anointed King Saul and King David.

In the New Testament, Elizabeth the cousin of Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus was also well advanced in age without any child. God granted her desire and gave her John the Baptist, the preparer for the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.

These women are much like you and me longing to have a child. Many years passed by and it seemed that God has forgotten them and His promises to each one of them. They never wavered nor faltered and better yet, they persevered in faith believing and trusting in God.

You may be married right now and you may have known the Lord for many years or decades. Day by day, you and your spouse are constantly and consistently praying to God for a baby and yet nothing is still happening despite all efforts, sacrifices, and untainted devotion.

Do not lose hope, keep on asking, knocking, believing. Do not just hope but expect things from God.

Do not pray wishes, do not pray dreams. Pray the word of God as exemplified by the characters in the Bible who waited patiently for not only years but decades and God came through for them in due time.

God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. (Isaiah 55.8) Sometimes, God moves in mysterious ways but be assured that He makes all things beautiful in His time. (Ecclesiastes 3.11)

For couples praying and trying to have a baby, it is best to allow God to cleanse you from all unconfessed sins. If we cherish sin in our hearts, the Lord will not hear or listen to our prayers. Do a spiritual inventory of thoughts, meditations of the heart, words, actions, habits and even sins of omission. God will be pleased if we come clean, pure, and holy before Him in love in all areas of our lives. Here’s a prayer for removing generational sins.

Begin thanking the Lord for the child. We can call on things that are not as though they were. (Romans 4.17) Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen. (Hebrew 11.1) Bless the Lord for all His goodness, attributes, and character. Declare, believe and live out the promises of God for you and your family. Meditate on the passages of Scriptures or the stories where God was true to His word and delivered His promises.

Bless your life, your bodies, and everything concerning you and your spouse. Bless your reproductive and sexual organs to be able to conceive or bear a child. Lay hands on your womb and continue to believe God for a miracle. By faith and in the supernatural, cancel all the diagnosis of the medical professionals that you or your partner were barren or sexually dysfunctional. God can turn around all those negative pronouncements and make His power real in your life.

For the practical side of it, maintain and achieve a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, exercise, sleep, wake up, and eat on time. Do a research on the sexual and reproductive aspects. Lessen, if not remove, stress and pressures in your life. Put everything in balance, rhythm, and harmony – intimacy with God, spouse, career, business, ministry, finances, time, relationships.

You may pray this prayer to have a child—

“Abba Father, thank You for giving me hope and expectation that one day I will conceive and bear my own child. Your ears are not closed to my prayers and you know the deepest desires and intentions of my heart. I love You, Lord and it is You who put this longing to be a mother/father and consummate our marriage through the gift of a child. I repent for the many times that I almost gave up and felt frustrated, lonely, and miserable… for doubting your promises, power, and wisdom in the dark days of our lives. I let go of all the stress, pressures, fears, pains, shame, and grief associated with this yearning to have a child and I put this in Your hands.

I bless You Lord for You are in full control and dominion over everything great and small. Nothing is hidden from Your sight and You have the ability, authority, and majestic power to do what I cannot do for myself, my spouse, and our future and destiny. I completely entrust our lives in Your hands knowing that You know what is best for us. I come to You now reminding You of Your wonderful promises to me and my family. No good thing will You withhold from those whose walk is blameless. Those who put their hope and trust in You will never be put to shame nor disappointed. That if I abide You and Your Words abide in Me, I can ask for whatever I wish and it will be granted to me.

I bless our bodies that we can produce and conceive a child. I bless our sexual and reproductive organs to function to the way God originally intended for them to function. I bless my intimacy and union with my spouse to be clean and pure before the eyes of God and that out of our love for God and love for each other, a child will be formed and this child will bind our love for each other and he/she will be used by God for his kingdom.

Thank You Father God for giving us your Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to save, heal, deliver, and restore us. Jesus Himself was born to an earthly mother and it was such a joy for Mary to conceive and bear Him, the Savior of the world. Grant me this same privilege and joy to conceive and bear a child in Your own perfect time. My sorrows will turn into joy (John 16.20), my wailing into dancing. (Psalm 30.11) This is my prayer for a baby, In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.”    

There is a story of one young lady trying to have a baby and cannot conceive a child properly. She became pregnant but after 6-8 weeks of conception her body will produce anti-bodies killing the baby in her womb. It happened twice. So, for the third baby, the ob-gyn advised her to inject in her stomach daily for nine months of conception so that the baby will live. She did not heed the doctor’s prescription but just believed God for the baby to conceive well. She visited a local Christian Healing Rooms for prayer and the baby was formed and born normally without any injections whatsoever. Right now, she has two children aged 3 and 6 months both healthy and without any disability or deformation.  Not that we are against medicines because sometimes you will need the medicine but always remember that it is the Lord that does it!

If God can give a child to Sarah, Rebecca, Hannah, Rachel, and Elizabeth, He can do the same for you. Every time you feel frustrated and losing hope, return to this prayer for a baby and you will find encouragement.  It is God’s will.  Always remember that EVERY story in the bible of barrenness where prayer was applied it was answered with conception.  Did we say EVERY?  Yes, EVERY person in the bible who prayed for a child received it.  We serve a God who is no respecter of persons which means if He will do it for those women in the bible He will also do it for you. Be patient, have faith and believe God.

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Increase Your Chances of Having a Baby Girl

The Shettles Method of gender selection is one of the most common methods that couples use when they are trying to have a baby girl. In this article, we will be giving you the basic overview of this approach. However, if you would like more information on the full method, you can purchase the book for further details.

Landrum B. Shettles developed the Shettles Method to help couples improve their chances of conceiving a baby of the sex that they preferred. By following the Shettles Method, couples can increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl.

Of course, it’s important to remember that the method isn’t 100% accurate. However, it does have a 75% to 90% chance of successfully helping you conceive a child of the sex that you and your spouse prefer. Some ways to influence the sex of your baby based upon this method is with regard to ovulation, the timing of your intercourse, as well as the sexual position that you use to conceive.

Knowing the Timing of Ovulation is Important

The theory regarding sex and sperm is that boy sperm are more “fragile”, meaning that they won’t last as long as girl sperm will. So, the key to conceiving a girl is to properly calculate when your ovulation will occur for a few months since pregnancy rarely happens on the first attempt. The best and most accurate ways to determine when you are ovulating can be done through charting, examining and charting your cervical mucus, or even purchasing an ovulation prediction kit. When used together, you will only give yourself a better chance of conceiving a girl.

However, it’s important to note that ovulation predictor kits can only give you an accurate predictor of ovulation 24 to 36 hours prior to ovulation itself. The problem with this is that if you’re trying to conceive a girl, you should have stopped having intercourse days before ovulation occurs.

Having Intercourse at Precise Times

Unprotected intercourse should occur up to three to four days before ovulation when you want to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. If you continue to have intercourse up to ovulation, you will then be decreasing your chances of having a girl.

Three to four days before ovulation, your cervical mucus and general vaginal environment will increase in acidity. Girl sperm tend to thrive in such an environment whereas boy sperm do not. If you notice that your cervical mucus is slippery with a consistency similar to raw egg whites, you must be careful. This is a sign of a more fertile and less acidic environment that is more favorable to boy sperm as opposed to girl sperm.

Using the Proper Position for Intercourse

While the position that you use for intercourse isn’t typically considered to be the most important factor, it is still extremely important. The Shettles Method suggests that to promote conception of a girl, you should use sexual positions that allow for shallow penetration. Because the entrance of the vagina is more acidic than the rest of the vagina, it is also recommended that ejaculation occurs as close to the entrance of the vagina as possible. A couple should use the missionary position with the woman on the bottom for the best chances of conceiving a girl. Also, a woman should avoid having an orgasm since the muscle contractions from having one can draw up the boy sperm into the proper place for fertilization.

Best of luck!

From eating particular fruits and veggies or adding certain types of meat and dairy products to your diet, to adopting certain positions while having intimate relationships, solutions on how to have a baby girl naturally are widely available online.

A simple search can give you dozens of suggestions and alternatives, some of them sustained by scientific data and others based on statistics and personal experiences. Still, it’s always a good idea to try several methods and mix them, if you’re really interested in getting pregnant with a baby girl.

How To Have A Baby Girl Naturally: Eat Pudding

A first tasty and enjoyable tip for those of you wondering how to get pregnant with a girl refers to eating more pudding. Why pudding, you might ask? A first reason would be that, when prepared correctly, it provides high amounts of calcium, this nutrient being the most important for conceiving a female baby.

Then, because it’s a very accessible solution and even if it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get pregnant with a girl, it’s still a nice addition to any pre-sex meal. So why not take advantage of this desert and add it to your menu more often?

How To Make A Baby Girl: Avoid Sex After Ovulation

Female sperm, or the sperm carrying the X-chromosome, is known to survive in the vaginal tract longer than male sperm, which carries the Y-chromosomes. Male sperm is more lightweight and more fragile, and usually survives for two days or so, while female sperm can live inside the vagina for up to 4 days.

This means that if you have sex few days before ovulation and then avoid having intercourse, the chances for male sperm to survive and fertilize the egg that is released at ovulation drop considerably after 2 days.

On the contrary, female sperm that survives inside the reproductive tract is quite likely to find its way to the fertile egg and to fertilize it, giving birth to a female baby. Unlike the previous method, this one has slightly higher chances to be successful, so make sure to try it as well!

If you’re not sure when your most fertile period is and when exactly are the eggs released by your ovaries, make sure to learn about the signs of ovulation as this is also very important for knowing the days you should avoid having intimate contact with your partner.

How To Conceive A Baby Girl: The Hands And Knees Position

Most couples know the missionary position is excellent for conceiving girls while the doggy style or other positions that allow for deep penetration are better for giving birth to male babies than to girls.

But this doesn’t mean you and your partner should only use one position – your intimate life would get quite boring after a while! So another recommendation for those of you wondering how to have a baby girl naturally is to use the hands and knees position.

Just like the missionary one, this one allows for shallow penetration, which means sperm is placed closer to the vaginal entry and has to travel more to reach the ovaries and ovules. Given that male sperm dies faster than female one, this position can considerably increase the odds of having a female baby.

How To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Eat More Seeds

Seeds are rich in vitamin E, zinc, glutamate which reduces anxiety and helps one relax, as well as oleic acid, which not only lowers bad cholesterol levels but also creates a proper environment for the sperm carrying the female X-chromosomes.

Still, note that seeds, although great sources of antioxidants, minerals, fibers and vitamins, are quite rich in calories. Pumpkin seeds for example provide 560 calories per 100 grams, so you shouldn’t have too large amounts of these foods if you want to keep your weight in normal limits while trying to conceive.

Ways To Get Pregnant With A Girl: Take Calcium Supplements

Of all minerals and vitamins out there, calcium remains the most important one for carrying a healthy pregnancy and giving birth to a baby girl. This nutrient is always recommended to women looking for the best way to conceive a girl naturally as it’s the one that ensures a proper internal environment for the female sperm.

Calcium also prevents health issues like osteoporosis and ensures a healthy development of the baby’s bones, teeth, hair and other organs, so even if you fail in conceiving a girl, if you do add this mineral to your diet, you’ll give birth to a healthy boy.

Best Way To Conceive A Girl: Avoid Using Lubricants

If you often rely on over-the-counter lubricants for making intercourse more pleasant, it’s time to stop using it, especially if you’re planning to have a baby girl and you’re searching for the best ways to have a girl baby.

It’s scientifically proven that male sperm dies faster when the vaginal tract lacks fluids so a drier reproductive tract will support better the traveling of female sperm, which is larger and less fragile.

On the other hand, when you use lubricants, you increase the amount of bodily fluids inside the vagina and make it easier for the lightweight sperm carrying the Y-chromosomes to reach the ovule and fertilize it, so you’re more likely to have a baby boy.

Best Way To Have A Girl Baby: Avoid Standing Sex

When having sex in a standing position, chances for the heavier female sperm to reach the ovules are considerably reduced, while the male sperm which is a lot lighter and swims faster through the bodily fluids has better chances to reach the ovules and fertilize them.

Thus, if you’re looking for an enjoyable and affordable solution to how to get pregnant with a girl, talk to your partner and few days before and after ovulation, try to adopt only positions that would allow the heavy female sperm to travel towards the ovules.

Remember not to have sexual contact right after ovulation as we already mentioned this increases the odds of having a male baby instead of a female one.

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