Prayers of endurance

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  • Through It All
  • 2001
  • EP

Hardcore from USA

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Through It All – Prayer Of Endurance (2001) Forgive Me / This World

Through It All

01:53 192 Кб/с 13

Prayer Of Endurance

Through It All

00:41 192 Кб/с 11

Through It All

Through It All

01:12 192 Кб/с 14

Not My Wil But Yours

Through It All

01:01 192 Кб/с 8

Stop And Think

Through It All

01:25 192 Кб/с 12

Send Me

Through It All

01:03 192 Кб/с 7

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by Lebang (Taung, North West, South Africa)

Lord Jesus,

I pray this day that your hands of reassurance may touch my aching heart.

I long for your healing touch as I am in despair.

All things that thou had blessed me with are withering away like leaves in the midst of winter.

I ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for me as the paraclete for all things with the breath of life.

Lord Jesus your word says that “all things happen together for the good of those who love the Lord”.

I Thank you Lord for being one of the billions of creatures who bow down to your holy name Today.

May this Prayer and the prayers of all souls who are in prayer at this moment, reach your ears.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who answers Prayer,

Amen, and Amen.

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